Transformers Phils / Toysoldier MEET-UP 12.01.2007

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A Grand meet up to all GI JOE, Transformers and Toy Soldiers collectors, fanatics and hobbyist.

Transformers Philippines, the premiere and pioneer Transformers club in the Philippines joined with Toy Soldiers 1:18, organized a one of a kind grand meet to all autobots, decepticons, cobra and joes lovers!

Meet the members of the club, swap your toys, buy and sell your toys, join the club - membership is free, share your ideas and reviews about the toy community, and also sip hot coffee and choco.

for inquiries:
email :
text : 09179493307
look for Mark Cerbo aka MagnusJam of Transformers Philippines

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Event Info
Transformers Philippines and Toy Soldier 1:18 /GI JOE GRAND MEET UP
one day only
Transformers Philippines and Toy Soldiers 1:18
Time and Place
Saturday, December 1, 2007
12:00pm - 3:00pm
Starbucks, Megastrip Bldg A, SM Megamall
Julio Vargas St.Ortigas City

Contact Info


Local Toy Stores began TF toy restocks

im reporting that all our local toy stores had just starting to restock lots of TF movie toys and Im happy to see it, and it seems that its an early Christmas to all TF fans. Too bad that I just bought a new toy last week and forgot to bring lots of cash to buy leader class toys. at the end of the video i'm shamelessly tried to activate that cyberstomping bumble bee toy ahhaahhaa

click here to see photos
Local Toy Stores began TF toy restocks


Transformers in Marikina City

Its a transformers theme, means a transforming city. Now I should see these 40 robots myself in Marikina City.


transformers is the theme for this year's marikina christmas festival. it launched on november 23rd. marikina's seven-week christmas festival celebrates the transformation of the once-backwater community into one of the most competitive and multi-awarded cities in the philippines.


this is just one of the forty robots that you will see in the city. this is part of the christmas festival with the transformers as its theme. thanks to the welders of the engineering department of marikina city

READ MORE AT the blog post of Biyaheng Pinoy - Transformers of marikina city


AME Gakuensai anime event Photo Coverage

Another big bang of Anime, Manga and Cosplay at the AME GAKUENSAI
comic artist in costumes! People with bunny and cat ears, mysterious costume beings, fan art, doujinshis and japanese pop culture. All of these can be found at the event of University of the Philippines - Anime and Manga Enthusiasts, is the first ever recognized collegiate anime organization in the Philippines and the AME event is one big anime school fair.

read more and check out the 2 photo event coverage album

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at 1pm
Funny fight scene of Ultraman, Wild Force Power Ranger and Spider-Dan of kiko Machine band

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Glass House Graphics

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Cosplay photo shoot Read more »


Transformers toys number 1 for boys wish list

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BOYS Top 10 Toy Wish list

1. Transformers

2. Video Games

3. Nintendo Wii

4. Cars (generic)

5. Spider-Man

6. LEGOs

7. Thomas the Tank Engine

8. Xbox 360

9. Elmo

10. Remote Controlled Vehicles

According to Reuters' Barbie rules girls' wish-lists but boys go high-tech

NEW YORK (Reuters Life!) - Barbie has held onto her crown as queen of girls' holiday wish lists for the fifth year but boys are going more high-tech, according to a poll of must-have toys.

The poll of 7,982 U.S. consumers by the company BIGresearch showed Barbie remained the most sought after toy for girls, with the rival Bratz dolls in second place, generic dolls in third place followed by Dora the Explorer and Disney Princess.

But for boys there was a bit of a shake-up in the annual list with last year's favorite, TMX Elmo, losing out to Transformers, the autobots made popular by the movie of the same name.

Transformers are now making a big hit and even that Christmas is coming, toy shelves of all toy store in Manila are now beginning to restock. Just like yesterday, Tons of Barricade and Bumble Bee pop outs last Wednesday and fans went to their nearest toy store just to grab some and complete their collection. I really believe that the Transformers toy will be the number 1 top wish list for boys and adults, One from the local toy store attendant said "Mommies are now looking and asking for Transformers toys for their kids, and now they ask where to find more of the Leader Class and Voyager class toys."

Transfomers toys attract boys because of its hi-tech design and it is one of the most treasured toy of all time. As an adult during I write these, Transformers are still one of my child hood wish list and now I fully understand today why these transforming vehicles to robots are one best seller and make kids go hyper everytime they see a robot.

Having 2 toys for a price of one is a great deal for parents. And kids can play the toy either in robot form or in their vehicle alternate mode. But these toys are not suitable for a very young age like 6 yrs old below, because projectile weapons are harmful to them, but for a responsible buyer and a parent, it will be better to take out the projectile and keep it away from them. Even me I used to remove the projectile weapons and keep it in my box, because sometimes people like to play my toys and unaware of the projectile thing popping out from their weapons.

"Christmas for me is early, just bought lots of new Transformers toys and other toy lines." Mark Cerbo, Transformers Philippines founder told me that last night.

What about you ?
What's your top 10 toy wish list ?


The Real Bumblebee Sighted.

1.22.2007 - This past weekend after seeing Beowulf on IMAX I thought about going to the last day of this year's Auto Salon 2007 held at the newly built SMX Convention Center.

The venue was held at all four halls at the ground floor of the convention center. Attracting visitors generating a buzz, that this is one of most festive car shows this year.

Most notably what was the most surprising sight of that day was seeing a reall life Bumblebee classic camaro. The one depicted in this year's hottest movie by Michael Bay.

Parked in the far corner of the convention center away from the lights & glamor of the center stage. This `78 Camaro doesn't need any introduction.


Transformers Movie Blackout Bootleg

reported by : malkeig

I have here a good imitation of Blackout. The differences are the coloring, no small scorponok, and no push thing to rotate the rotor. The way they transform is almost similar. so if you are low on budget but like to have a blackout transformer, then you can get this as an alternative.

This is the original toy.

This is the Blackout imitation.

Here is what box looks like:


discuss it here : Topic: Transformers Movie Blackout Bootleg


The 2nd Annual Toys and Collectibles Christmas Fair 2007

its time to save money and be a good kid to Santa Clause.


The 2nd Annual Toys & Collectibles Christmas Fair 2007
December 21-23, 2007
Megatrade Hall 2
5th Level The Summit Mega B, SM Megamall
EDSA cor. Julia Vargas, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila

event starts at 10:00AM to 9:00PM

From the organizers of the Annual Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention brings you a grand collectibles sale and bargains happening this December 21-23, 2007. Great items like Anime, Comics, Toys, Cards, Games, Dolls, Action Figures, Cars, Collectible items and Memorabilias will be put in display for sale by people from various hobby shop and collectors.

For booth inquiries just proceed to:
Vtoyz Hobby Shop
Stall no.80 Blue Lane, Shoppesville, Greenhills.
look for Vic Yap or Tina

or you may contact us at 0917 9802643

or email us at





Upcoming TakaraTomy releases

posted by Heer0san

Thanks to Fan2Fan for posting in their pre-order section. Here are some of the upcoming TF toys TakaraTomy will be releasing:

Allspark Power TF Movie Arcee (Black ver), Landmine, Insurrector & Stockade
Screen Battles 01 - Desert attack; 02 - Final Battle; 03 - First Encounter; 04 - The Capture of Bumblebee
Music Label Convoy iPod Speaker (G1 colors)
TF Movie Transcan Optimus Prime (not shown) & Bumblebee figure

Thanks also to Tim Formas of for the news.

more photos and discussions at NEWS: Upcoming TakaraTomy releases


Insights on Transformers:A Good Example Of Teamwork

posted by Vince

Though I am a fan, I can't afford to watch the movie in cinema either because of no budget or time doesn't permit me. I got to watch it last night. I'm not making a review but I'm drawing out my insights from the Transformers.

Transformers is one good example of a teamwork specifically the Autobots. They are balanced, key players that is crucial in any kind of team.Allow me to evaluate each of them.

Optimus Prime:The leader. He is an ideal leader in any group. He shows compassion like a parent and leads the group with dignity.He is not the leader who bosses around like some leaders.Here's a comparison on bosses and leaders. "The boss says 'do it', the leader says 'let's do it'."

Jazz:A loyal follower.An Autobot who follows duty and willing to sacrifice his life for the cause. Never questions his leader because he trust his leader's judgment.

Ironhide.The brave one.He may be trigger-happy but he shows courage in battle which is an asset to the team.

Ratchet.The counselor:Provides advise to fellow teammates.The conscience of the team which is why an ambulance or any rescue vehicle suits him.

Bumblebee:The bestfriend.Friendship is essential to any type of team.It boost up morale to the team.

discuss this and more at


Pinoy custom All Spark

made by a friend named allentongski


Discuss this now in our forum
at Topic: Pinoy custom All Spark


TF Toy Review: TFTM Game Longarm

review by Mark Cerbo aka magnusjam

Name: MA-15 Longarm
Series: The Movie
Packaging: Re-seal able Card
Release: 2007
Manufactured By: Takara
Variations: Longarm (Hasbro, 2007)
Accessories: Instruction Manual (In Japanese), TakaraTomy Product Catalog, Orange Translucent Missile
Notes: Japanese version slight difference how they sealed the packaging.

Toy Review by: MagnusJam


Longarm did not appear in the movie in robot mode, but clearly he was the tow truck that Mikaela drove when Bumblebee was severely injured and could not walk. Basically Longarm is based in The Transformers The Game released to all platforms.

Vehicle Mode:


Disguised as a tow truck in his alternate mode. The vehicle resembles (loosely) Chevrolet Silverado pickup. Colored white with blue flame on the front hood. Has a black grille painted with detailed headlights.


A description of Orson's Towing in red lettering. There is also a small Autobot insignia on both side of the quarter panels. An amber orange light bar sits on top of the roof. A functional wrecker hook that can swing up and down. A detailed wrecker boom has marginal lift of 15 degrees.


The same quality of plastic used similar to Payload as you notice the wrecker bed with the steel plate look. A un-even rear part in alternate mode doesn't seem to sync preferring one side or the other. Basically sometimes a bit frustrating to even both parts together.


When it comes to scale side by side with the Camaro Concept (Bumblebee) its out of scale as a tow truck this was supposed to be a bit bigger. The wrecker boom can tow selected Autobot cars not only from The Movie toyline, but previous TF series as well.


Longarm has a bit of challenge when transforming the figure. But the difficulty is mostly focused on the upper body. What makes it to have a minor difficulty basically lies in his arms once you position them leveled to his shoulders. Entirely its a neat transformation without an automorph ability.

Robot Mode:

The head looks like a ski mask from Friday the 13th horror film mostly painted in white with black outlining. An Autobot insignia on his forehead, and has light piping orange eyes. Design on his chest mostly covered in steel plate.


Minimal orange paint on his thighs mostly retains his white color from his alternate mode. The wrecker assembly becomes a huge gun with firing orange missile, which is pinned to his right hand.


Well articulated joints to elbow and arms which is ball jointed same with his head. A bit of frustration is his huge rifle, which is permanently attached to his right hand to avoid losing it. The feet design what makes it more playable for an action pose.


So far best non-movie figure around with decent paint job. Menacing face added to that the light piping is orange tailored to his light bar and missile. Articulation and one scary look what makes this figure sought after by the fans who played the game.


Overall he could have been one of the perfect, though slight un-even parts when transforming to his vehicle form makes it rather a bit frustrating.

The Score:

Skill Level: 3
Vehicle Mode: 4
Robot Mode: 4
Gimmicks: 5

Overall: 4 out of 5 Robot Points

Special thanks to...

Blitzwing of who inspired me to review this figure for the local Transfans after his.

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NO Real Life Beast Machines in Global Fun Carnival near SM Mall of Asia


we went to Global Fun Carnival last night..
and theres no TRANSFORMERS attraction or any robotic like attraction..

it sucks whenever they posted that in their website and give false information that they do have a transformers like attraction.

the only attractions available are


and no transformers.

ok guys! sorry for the post here and update, but its quite a fun carnival even that they didnt really put a transformers attraction ehhehe, maybe copyright police freezes the operation.

I interviewed some staff in some attraction venues and they aren't aware of it and didnt have any idea what im talking about, means that they didn't really planned on having a transformers attraction.. and why would they put that in their website ? just to use Transformers to attract people ? hmmm. *call copyright police ehehehehe


Something happend to me this morning

click here to know more about this incident
and then click on the next photo of a big revelation

huhuhhhuhuhuhuhu !!!


Real Life Beast Machines in Mall of Asia

well...not actually a beast machines..

but it was titled Jurassic Transformers.

global fun carnival is located near SM Mall of ASia.
and it sounds cool to see a transformers-like dinosaurs added as an attraction

hehhehe.. might drop by there and check out the carnival


Transformers Animated 2008 New Clip

posted by :heer0san

Here's a new clip of the upcoming Transformers Animated with more Megatron and Starscream appearance in the clip.

Thanks to Roy Tan of for posting this clip.

Transformers Animated 2008 New Clip



Transformers Philippines REVIEW

"Transformers Philippines is the Vector Sigma of Pinoy TF fandom" - Ruel De Vera,

"Transformers Philippines online forum, the largest and most prominent Transformers-related forum in the country." - Alex Villafania, Hackenslash

"Collectible for the Big Boys" - ANC Dateline

"theyre doing a great job having a site, an egroup, and especially holding screenings." - Jomike Tejido, artist and Kzone Foldabots creator

"They can help remember and, ultimately, relive the days when robots had the ability to control their bodies in order to resemble other objects" - Gadgets Magazine

"The Place where TF is Alive and kicking!!!!" - D.A.R.K. Corp Alliance


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