jin_saotome's Meantime Real-Watch Tutorial

jin_saotome shared to us his tutorial on making a real watch Transformers

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Ben Templesmith in Manila

got this invitation from Fullybooked.


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FULLY BOOKED invites you to meet BEN TEMPLESMITH, the visual genius behind the up-coming, much-awaited horror film, "30 Days of Night."

Australian commercial artist Ben Templesmith is best known for his horror-themed artwork in "Fell" (Image Comics) and "30 Days of Night" (IDW Publishing). He has been nominated for multiple Eisner Awards for his groundbreaking comic work.

Ben has an instantly recognizable signature style, a great departure from the clean linework in most mainstream comic books. In "30 Days" he established a modern definitive vampire look that has been frequently imitated.

Sign up for the exclusive artists' workshops and talks!

October 30
Meet and Greet Ben Templesmith, 6PM at the Forum, 4/F Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street

November 3
Artists' Den Forum with Ben Templesmith and Art Jam, 2-5PM at the Forum, 4/F Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street

Book signing, 5-7PM at Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street

November 4
Limited Portfolio Review (Limited slots available. Deadline of registration is October25, 2007)
11AM -12 noon
2 - 4 PM
5 - 7 PM
at the Forum, 4/F Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street

November 5
From Concept to Film: An Exclusive Artist Workshop with Ben Templesmith, 2-5 PM at
De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde
School of Design and Arts Campus
950 P. Ocampo St., Malate Manila
(Open to all and free of charge. Limited slots available, deadline of registration is October 19, 2007)

To register, please call Fully Booked Customer Service at 858-7000 or email


Movie Bumble Bee artwork

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penciled by Harvey Tolibao (penciler of Starwars : Knights of the Old Republic)
and now here it is..colored by TFPH member Emanz

check the hi res here


Artists' Den in UST (comic workshop and exhibit)

Artists' Den in UST (comic workshop and exhibit)

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UST Accountacy Journal

a pause from numbers

A Literary and Art Lecture
workshop and contest

Venue : Velayo-Sycip Multi Purpose Hall
AMV College of Acountancy bldg,
University of Sto. Thomas

Speakers for Arts. (9am-5PM)

Sept 19 - Gerry Alanguilan (Comics Story Telling) , Ariel Atienza and Lyndon Gregorio ( Comic Strips )

Sept 27 - Wilson Tortosa ( Cartooning and Comics)

for other inquiry - email Dorothy Cay-an at

Contest will start at the afternoon, after the lecture.

1st prize - P1000, plus gift item
2nd prize - gift item
3rd prize - gift item


GXCon: 1st Philippine Console Gaming Event


GX-Con is the first-ever console gaming convention in the Philippines presented by GamEX Magazine. Kindly mark your calendars on October 7, 2007 at the SM Megamall Mega Trade Hall 3 at exactly 10:00 am as we bring you a never before seen gaming con for all gamers out there. Ticket price will be at Php 100.00.

Get to play your favorite consoles, compete with other gamers, and win prizes. We have lots in store for you. Various bands from the anime community will be there to perform music from your favorite games. Watch out for NeOtaku, Do’ahou, Progeny, Trance, Armada, PPF All Star, Ethereal Anthem, and Harap sa Likod. Also we will be having contests like: Name that Tune, Game Trivias, Tournament Finals, Individual and Group Cosplay, and many more.

We will give out consoles and games to lucky ticket holders during our raffle. So if you want your very own Playstation 3 or Xbox 360, see you all there!

For updates and details, Pls. visit GamEX official site at:


Tekken 5 tournament and meet Haruki Suzaki, the game designer for Tekken

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When: September 29, 2007 (tournament starts at 1PM)
Where: SM Mall of Asia, Entertainment Mall, 2nd floor (activity area)

:bulletred: Get to meet Haruki Suzaki, Main Game Designer for tekken!!!
:bulletred: Watch the tournament
:bulletred: Join the Drawing contest (register in the venue at 10AM)
:bulletred: Take photos with Tekken Cosplayers
:bulletred: Win prizes in the raffle!!!

news source found at ~syeri:iconsyeri:


Open Letter From SM IMAX for Transfans

// heres a flash news from our blogger friend and TFPH compadre.

posted by



I just got the reply from SM IMAX management regarding the Transformers movie in IMAX and here it is:

Hi! Good Day!

Thank you so much for the kind interest...In regards to Transformer being shown to IMAX Theatre, unfortunately, we wouldn't be able to show it soonest...

Anyhow, we'll keep you posted..

For your kind info and understanding.

Hoping to see you soon here at IMAX Theatre

Have a great day ahead!

fatima san diego

theatre manager

I want to apologize for the info I released in my blog regarding the Transformers IMAX experience. As a responsible blogger I should at least confirmed it to the theater itself if it is true. I know that hundreds (or even thousands) of Filipino Transfans become very excited of the news I post here in my blog. But unfortunately Transformers will not be shown in local IMAX theaters soon.

Again my apologies. But still hoping Transformers will soon hit our local IMAX theaters. Let us cross our fingers and continue to hope.


TF Toy Review: TF Movie Scorponok

review by : chrysophylax

discuss it here

[image] [image] [image]
Name: Scorponok
Series: Transformers Movie (Deluxe)
Packaging: Deluxe Carded
Release: 2007
Manufactured By: Hasbro (Takara as MD-04)
Variations: Repackaged in Desert Attack boxed set with Qatar SOCCENT Special Forces mini-figures
Accessories: None
Notes: NA

Toy Review by: chrysophylax

Scorponok, as he appeared in Michael Bay's Transformers movie is a robot scorpion. Scorponok is the only Decepticon in the movie that did not transform although the toy does; the tech specs state that Scorponok prefers his alternate mode. Screenwriter Roberto Orci indicated that this Scorponok is conceptually closer to the Beast Wars character than the original; he does bear a noticeable resemblance to the McDonald's Transmetal Scorponok figure. He is symbiotically related to Blackout.

Alternate Mode:
Robot Scorpion similar to Zoids Death Stinger.

Not much. Just swing legs down, flip face down, swing arms down and stand.

Robot Mode:
Standing robotic scorpion


The scorpion mode is as accurate as you can get without becoming overloaded with detail and sharp edges and small parts which would make transforming an impossibility. The robot mode is obviously a mere afterthought since, after all, this is Transformers so the toy needs to transform. As usual with Hasbro's offerings of late, the toy is cast in dull metallic plastic and does not evoke the realistic die-cast metal feel of Transformers of old. The toy has an action feature that allows it to spin its drill claws like in the movie when the toy is rolled on the ground. Another action feature is the ability to attach to the Voyager class Blackout toy and again, activate the drill caws. The third action feature is the spring loaded stinger at the tip of the tail which allows it to shoot forward as in the movie.

The Score:

Skill Level: 3 Advanced Conversion
Alternate Mode: 3
Robot Mode: 1
Gimmicks: 4

Overall: 4 out of 5 Robot Points

Special thanks to...
My girlfriend JDR who bought this toy for me and helped me with the photos.


Mobile Phone Transformers

Mobile Phone-transformer - The best home videos are here

UFO Mobile Transformer - Funny video clips are a click away


TFPH mentioned in CNET asia



Back Track: Your most memorable episode?

Topic : Post your your most memorable G1 episode in this thread, that you can still recall and give your insight before & now.

Heer0san : Siyempre, my most memorable eps are the 1st apperance of the Dinobots (SOS Dinobots), then Dinobots first fought Devastator (Heavy Metal War)

Soundwave : My Favorite Episode..."The Key to Vector Sigma"

magnusjam : The introduction of the Aerialbots & Stunticons. ;D

This is the part where Megatron stole the key on there way back to Earth, and the only way they could activate Vector Sigma is having Alphatrion "hack" his way.

Unfortunately it cost A3 a price by loosing his physical body, and merging with Vector Sigma himself.

... Thought I recall it in detail but that particular scene I remember.

zaptheman : When they introduced Jetfire / Skyfire.

I guess that episode really stuck because it's the first time you saw someone actually switch sides because of personal conflict.

I wish I had a Classics Jetfire.

RandimuS PrimE : My favorite and very memorable episode would have to be the one where Optimus Prime tumbled the side of a cliff. Then, after that, he had a hard time transforming and I remember him being stubborn and didn't want any help from his fellow Autobots. That was one of the earlier episodes (from season 1 I think....) And it really tells us what kind of a leader Optimus is.

popazrael : introduction of the dinobots ! aahahha

How about you dear blog readers???


Photorama : topnotch97 corner!


Cobra Commander: So what's this I heard you wouldn't be coming back for the movie sequel?

Jazz: Whaaa??!??! Really!?!? Sons of %$&^!!! I'm so gonna kill Michael Bay!!! That b$st@rd!!!

photo and caption by:
New Spark


TransFormers Philippines Meet-Up 09.15.2007

Pilgrim Paladin and yours truly where at Comic Odyssey stayed until 5PM. Nobody was around so we went ahead for a Toy Hunt in Greenhills.

See the photos...

Pilgrim tries to disarm Longarm.

Toy hunted.

Ransack GTS.

Axle issue of Ransack.

So we decided to have one more as an...





TransFans! the Vector Sigma has spoken and ye shall have a TransFormers Philippines Meet-Up & Fan Screening at IMAX in SM Mall Of Asia.


Post your comments, suggestions, and interest to go to the screening of TransFormers @ IMAX!

Don't forget to VOTE FOR THE DATE & TIME your are available to go to this screening with the rest of the members. :D

Read more here


Transformers in SM Mall of Asia IMAX

here's an interesting report from our TFPH buddies.

thanks to Bleau and Joriben.

Yipeee!!! Transformers will also premiere in San Miguel Coca-cola IMAX in September 21st. Yehey! Panonoorin ko ito!!! Thanks to bleau72 for the great news. See the upcoming movies for IMAX here.

You haven't seen it all until you've see it in IMAX.



Transformers PH video blog - merging 3 worlds

merging the 3 worlds in one video blog, feat. Mark Cerbo, Michelle, Claire and me.

about Transformers DVD, IMAX, Comics, geek events and Taiwan popstar Jerry Yan and Ken chu


Transformers Too

click the image to read the strip
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comic strip by Lyndon Gregorio, creator of BEERKADA . you can view it originally here in his Deviant ART at :iconbeerkada:

Starring Me and the Transformers king! Mark Cerbo.
hahhahaha! yeah! we watched the advance screening of Underdog movie yesterday sponsored by HERO TV and Mark already spoiled me something about this strip when he met Lyndon in Megamall.


Transformers DVD Released October 16th


Disc 1:
-- Feature film
-- Commentary by Michael Bay

Disc 2:
-- Our World
-- The Story Sparks - Steven Spielberg discusses his love for the
franchise and early concept art for the film. Explores how the
writers adapted the cartoon into a live-action movie and why
Michael Bay is the perfect director for the film.
-- Human Allies - A look at how the actors were selected and their
experiences on the set.
-- I Fight Giant Robots - An exploration of the military training
that Josh Duhamel and Tyrese Gibson underwent for their roles
and the various stunts that the actors were asked to perform.
-- Battleground - A piece on the senior officials from the
Department of Defense and Air Force who consulted on the film
to give it authenticity and the key locations that the U.S.
government provided access to.

-- Their War
-- Rise of the Robots - Explores the interaction between Hasbro
designers and Michael Bay to bring the toy line roaring to life.
-- AUTOBOTS Roll Out - Michael Bay discusses working with Chevy and
its designers and the modifications that were made to the cars
seen in the film.
-- DECEPTICONS Strike - The film's military advisors discuss the
"toys" they allowed the production to borrow: F-22 Raptors,
Ospreys and A-10 Warthogs.
-- Inside the AllSpark - ILM's digital artists discuss the
challenges of bringing the TRANSFORMERS to life.

-- More Than Meets The Eye
-- From Script to Sand: The SKORPONOK Desert Attack - An in-depth
look at the making of this particularly epic and challenging
scene from initial storyboarding through production and visual
-- Concepts - Early sketch concepts of the robots.
-- Trailers

read more here


Robo Fiesta 08.26.2007

What: Robo Fiesta
When: August 25 - 26, 2007
Where: 3rd Level Shagri-La Mall

TransFormers Philippines was there to check out the exhibit and support the event.

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more photos here


Transformers Meet-Up 09.15.2007

Start: Sep 15, '07 2:00p
End: Sep 15, '07 6:00p
Location: Comic Odyssey, 3rd Level Expansion Mall Robinsons Galleria

What: TransFormers Philippines MEET-UP!
When: 15th September 2007
Time: 2PM to 6PM
Where: Comic Odyssey, Level III Expansion Mall of Robinsons Galleria, Ortigas City


TF MEET-UP for those who missed the mini gathering last September 15th.


REVIEW : Transformers Spotlight: Optimus Prime

Genre: Comics & Graphic Novels
Author:Simon Furman & Don Figueroa
TransFormers Spolight: Optimus Prime is a one-shot featuring the face of The Transformers. The Autobot Commander himself Optimus Prime. After the Escalation series Optimus Prime ponders about his future and he took Ark 32 to find someone who could listen to --Omega Supreme!

Filipino US based Don Figueroa does is again providing the art & cover. He has been sort of partly designed most of the characters that came out as a toy... TF Classics Jetfire, <="" /b="">, and TF War Within Megatron to name a few.

The story is action packed with Optimus Prime and Omega Supreme in action against the gestalt pretenders Monstructor.

Teletran Reports...

1.) Monstructor is a G1 combiner composed of five monster pretenders.

2.) Omega Supreme is huge so is Monstructor but in toy form the monster is as big as any Deluxe size figure.

3.) Features the six pages preview of Devastation after Escalation.

If your a big fan of Optimus Prime this ones for you, but the action is a bit short. It could have been a two-part mini series.

RATING : ReviewReviewReviewReview

Review by :



Transformers Philippines REVIEW

"Transformers Philippines is the Vector Sigma of Pinoy TF fandom" - Ruel De Vera,

"Transformers Philippines online forum, the largest and most prominent Transformers-related forum in the country." - Alex Villafania, Hackenslash

"Collectible for the Big Boys" - ANC Dateline

"theyre doing a great job having a site, an egroup, and especially holding screenings." - Jomike Tejido, artist and Kzone Foldabots creator

"They can help remember and, ultimately, relive the days when robots had the ability to control their bodies in order to resemble other objects" - Gadgets Magazine

"The Place where TF is Alive and kicking!!!!" - D.A.R.K. Corp Alliance


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