boxing with Megatron

now is youre chance to fight with the good guys!

A and D - punches
S - uppercut

arrow keys - left and right


new Transformers movie TV spot - Bumblee Bee speaks

thanks to [avatar] Heer0san

The spot was aired on Nick at Night. Thanks to drive-by and zell583 of for the heads-up.


new Transformers movie TV spot - Vibration

Watch it here

Fight for the Future!!


new Transformers movie TV spot - Declare

watch it here


Megan Fox and Killer3 Pontiac

watch it here


Sighted: TF Movie... Notebooks?

05.28.2007 - School season si about to start here in the Philippines, and we see a lot of merchandise gets made for it. Courtesy our man Rainer reported TF Movie related notbooks seen in one of the National Bookstore branches.

We saw a couple of notebooks that has prints in the front and back. There where others like the ring binds, that has Frenzy on the cover or Megatron getting his solo notebook cover. They go for PhP 12.50 pesos each, maybe you should start grabbing one for your writing purposes.


Transformers the Game - Site Update!

Here's a cool update sent to us by Activision. I guess my role as a decepticon is needed once again to destroy those autobots once and for all hahaaha - Destron PH

Visit the homepage

Decepticons - the Battle for the AllSpark is well underway
and World domination is just around the corner...

TRANSFORMERSGAME.COM has re-launched with new features that make the Battle more exciting than ever!

  • A new four-tiered ranking system is in place allowing you to advance in rank, gain power and build status. As you advance you’ll have more and more battle actions to choose from. Before each match, you'll be able to choose which battle actions you want to take into battle. The number of actions you can take into battle depend on your rank. For more information, click on "Instructions" and check out the "Ranks" heading.
  • Enhanced animations will make the Battle experience more real than ever before.
  • Our new message forum allows you to talk strategy with your teammates or discuss the video game with the rest of the community.
  • The AllSpark Special Access section will be rolling out exclusive content such as screenshots, developer blogs, G1 content, movie toy images and movie stills. Only the team controlling the AllSpark can access this section!

Join the Battle because the stakes and prizes get bigger each week. In the coming weeks we'll be giving away game consoles, a trip to BotCon and an HDTV!

As of 4PM PST on May 25th, the Decepticons lead the Autobots by less than 400,000 points. It's a close battle, still anyone's game. So Decepticons, in the words of Megatron, "Show no mercy."


Lil Formers - Galactus, Unicron and Pluto

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art by MattMoylan


Post your Pic by promoting the TransFormers movie

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check out the gallery pics here


Mechanics of the game:

1. send us your photo your kind of way in promoting the movie.

2. wacky shots can be fun, be creative and original

3. send your photos to, deadline will be on June 14, 2007

4. One winner will receive an exclusive goodies on June 16 at the Philippine Toycon.


First Impact.

05.25.2007 - Japan's not far behind in promoting the upcoming TransFormers Movie. They have started there own promotion known as TransFormers First Impact, which will be launched on June 2nd as part of the worldwide release of the producs coming your way.

Check out Japan's TRU site further details of the event happening right HERE.


Taiwan Poster revealed

got this from, every week and month as the movie release nears, we always get new out for more this June


Sneekpeek: Avengers Transformers Artwork

05.24.2007 - ComicNewsI's Jack just reported a sneekpeek on the the upcoming TranFormers/Avengers crossover series.

Get a glimpse of the upcoming series surely you don't want to miss out and for the full details check it out right HERE.


Happy Birthday to our TFPH Founder

Happy Birthday to Mark Cerbo

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Bug him! and greet him!
bug him at his blog and multiply hahhahaha


TF Movie Toy Site at TakaraTomy!

05.23.2007 - TakaraTomy the first wave of TransFormers Movie products listings Autobots MA-01 Optimus Prime to MA-08 Longview and Basic Optimus Prime. Decepticons listed as MD-01 Blackout to MD-06 Power Up VT6 and Basic Starscream.

See also downloadable movie character wallpapers for your PC and deskstop. The first wave of assortment will be availalble at retailers in Japan on June 2. See the full details check out this link HERE.


6th Phil. ToyCon 2007 contest

check out the TransFormers Fan art contest and the TransFormers speed up contest.

for info visit



ToyFare #119 Scans 05.18.2007

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Check out the whole gallery here, thanks to DESTRON PHILIPPINES for the scans


TF trailer in Shrek 3 movie is different

Optimus Prime

I just read this on the net and it means that if you want to see a completely different trailer of the TransFormers you should see Shrek 3 in theaters haahah.

i know its funny, but its the brilliant gimik they just did in marketing the event.
I just remember the old days during of Matrix and the Animatrix.

read the news here


TransFormers movie - Hi Res version trailer

got it from


Now Im excited to go home and watch it in my own PC.
I'll try to convert this to quicktime, in order to maintain more of the size and quality

Check out the last part of the trailer after the credits, theres a funny scene there with Optimus Prime.


TransFormers Philippines on TOP 50

TransFormers Philippines website is now on Top 50 for promoting the movie worldwide.
we are on the top over 922 Transformers website and Transformers Philippines is the FIRST EVER TF WEBSITE for the PHILIPPINES that reaches the top of 50.

I checked the TF website listing and there are no other Philippine website and this website is dedicated to all Filipino and all Transformers Fans.

the website TransFormers @ the moon is the top 1 TF website who market and promote the movie to all fans.

to all visitors and supporters, thank you and more excited grabs coming soon!

rock and Roll out !


TransFormers movie : NEW TRAILER

Thanks to Yahoo! Movies for that update, Its just a big surprise while I take my morning Ice tea,
its cool to see these bots in action, especially when they mentioned transformers from the TV SPOT trailer.

Its good to hear the old transformer sound and Michael Bay didnt let us DOWN! hohohohooh!

Is that Megatron smashing Optimus Prime on top of the building?



Youtube Links:

Watch out for the HI RES of this trailer which will be shared to us soon by the officials.
we will place a download link here soon.


Where did we get some cool stuff ?

maybe some of you are asking where d heck did we get all these info? images? updates?
well, thanks to Paramount and their webmaster program for adding us as one of the official member to promote the movie in our way.

so here I'll paste their old message from last year.

1) We can post the film site's link on other sites.

2) In terms of the point system: at this time, we have not decided what - if any - special designation the point system will have. As of now, it is just for webmaster internal use. Once - if ever - something more than that is assigned to the point system, we will let ALL webmasters know via a blast. As for now, the point system is just that; there is no "special treatment" in place.

3) New Content: The only approved and available content is that which is currently offered on the site. As new materials come forward - i.e., character bios, short synopsis, posters, video, etc. - webmasters will be made aware via a blast. We would add new materials if we had them, and when said materials are ready, word will be sent. Thank you.

4) INTERNATIONAL RELEASE DATES will be made available once they are determined. With the film almost a year away, those dates have yet to be 100% confirmed. Once they are, please see the site for that info or look for a blast in your inbox. Thank you.

5) Is there anything (specific) we can do to help the movie in any way? Either in person, or as fan site? ANSWER: CONTINUE TO SUPPORT THE FILM AS YOU ARE.

Thank you.

Site Administrator
Tuesday, July 25, 2006


TransFormers Game : Battle for the Allspark REVIEW

Video Review:



Transformers the Game - Site Live!

Here's an email from Activision

Believe me! the game is very addicting hahahahah, its fun coz its FREE
- Azrael TFPH

Visit the homepage

Decepticons -- the Battle for the AllSpark has begun!
Choosing sides was just the beginning...

TRANSFORMERSGAME.COM is now live with video game information, trailers, character bios, screenshots, developer diaries and more. Visit the site now and join the Battle for the AllSpark, the unique multiplayer web game where you rack up points to get exclusive access to special content. Select your robot and engage in one-on-one battles in real time to build status, talk smack, and win great prizes!

As of 11am PST on May 11th, the Decepticons lead the Autobots by 1.3 million points. Join up Decepticons – it’s time to defeat the Autobots once and for all!


Transformers has been nominated for the MTV Movie Award’s “Best Summer Movie You Haven’t Seen Yet”.

here's a message from Paramount Pictures

2007 MTV Movie Awards

Transformers has been nominated for the MTV Movie Award’s “Best Summer Movie You Haven’t Seen Yet”.

Make your choice and "vote online":

You can also text “MOVIES” to 22422 from your cell phone.

Tune-in on June 3rd to see if Transformers takes home the Golden Popcorn.

Roll out.


Optimus Prime movie Lunchables Wallpaper

posted by skywalker from the Pinoy Toy Kolektor Forums

there are 5 BG's for each character, just change the number 01
near the end of the file name to get all of them. you need to
play the puzzles to unlock these, but here you are bro's,

other characters are: megatron, starscream, ironhide,
blackout, bumblebee, barricade and ratchet.

again, just retype the names and the numbers. these are the
biggest wallpapers. to get the smaller ones, replace the 1600
with either 800 or 1024.

enjoy, fellow PTK bro's!


More TransFormers movie still images

posted by Heer0san

More Still images from the movie this time with CGI Bots images in the scenes. Thanks to for the heads-up.

[image] [image] [image]
[image] [image] [image]
[image] [image] [image]
[image] [image] [image]
[image] [image] [image]

Here's some hi-res images of CG Bots Optimus Prime, Blackout, Bumblebee, Starscream, Frenzy, Ironhide, Jazz and Megatron. Images came from Lunchables promotional site.

[image] [image] [image]
[image] [image] [image]
[image] [image]

Thanks to PWThomas of for the images.

Post your comments here


Twisted Toyfare Theater presents : Michael Bay: The Transformers Collection!

source :

here's one wackpy comic by the ever loving people of Twisted Toyfare Theater presents

(Click on pages below to view full-size image)


The TransFormer Fan In You.

05.10.2007 - This year there's more to celebrate besides the upcoming live action movie, which is less than 50 plus days from now. You think your the biggest fan of transforming cars since Henry Ford ate all that peyote in the desert?(we dare you to look it up). Smorgasborg Productions is calling you out! They want you to submit your videos to showing why your're the biggest TransFormers fan!

The winner will win cool TransFormer prizes, get recognized in the upcoming documentary Transform Me, and even get a spotlight in ToyFare! But your deadline is June 1, so get cracking, and see the Website for more details!



Transformers Philippines REVIEW

"Transformers Philippines is the Vector Sigma of Pinoy TF fandom" - Ruel De Vera,

"Transformers Philippines online forum, the largest and most prominent Transformers-related forum in the country." - Alex Villafania, Hackenslash

"Collectible for the Big Boys" - ANC Dateline

"theyre doing a great job having a site, an egroup, and especially holding screenings." - Jomike Tejido, artist and Kzone Foldabots creator

"They can help remember and, ultimately, relive the days when robots had the ability to control their bodies in order to resemble other objects" - Gadgets Magazine

"The Place where TF is Alive and kicking!!!!" - D.A.R.K. Corp Alliance


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