Chill out at TF Fan Screenings!

05.28.2006 - ToyCon 2006 is a few weeks away and Transfans Philippines has been prepared long enough just to relax and chill in this month's rendition of our regular TF Fan Screenings. Thanks to Migi, Feox, and returning Transfan DeathConvoy in the most recent Fan Screenings yet. We have shown a partial of My Little Transformers and the first six episodes of the 3rd season Beast Wars. Things are heating up. We won't spoil you those Generation One tidbits.

The next big event is coming in the form of the 5th Toy Collectibles Convention as one of the major players this year. We've been to the yearly even since 2003, and lot had changed along way including the faces behind the Transformers Fans Philippines organization. So far to sum it all this month's regular TF Fan Screenings is just hanging out talking about the upcoming convention, and a few barrel of laughs. Wait until next month as the next one would be held in the outdoors. Some thing different right?


TF Fans Screenings 04.30.2006

04.30.2006 - How can you missed this opportunity? I guess the question is where are the other people who promised to go? We got a lot of food and drinks stand by to cater a dozen, but nobody showed up? I guess there where all shy and missed the opportunity to find the prized egg. Well where looking for it, but we haven't found that elusive catch.

Azrael's back and he's devouring the food we have set for the coming visitors. He's pertaining himself to be Unicron and we have planet Cybertron here in the Philippines about to be eaten by Azrael playing a role play. Next Fan Screenings the egg is still up for grabs, and hopefully there's enough chaotic madness to find that plus more fan films and TF marathon series feature for you to catch us again.


TF Toy Review: TF Cybertron Downshift

Category: Other
Name: Downshift
Series: Transformers Cybertron
Faction: Autobot
Size: Deluxe Class
Packaging: Blister bubble package
Release: 2006
Variations: US release only

Toy Review by: Mark


Another non-show character in the form of Downshift who has the face of Wheeljack. His profile say that after the Powerlinx Battles has learned alot of experience from his mentor Hot Shot. Personally his profile was well written, but I follow the Japanese continuity. Downshift for me is a seperate character from Wheeljack, and would say he is his twin brother.

Vehicle mode:

Downshift painted in green and black with grey lines on both side. This muscle car resembles a cross between a mustang, and the car from the 70s TV show Starsky and Hutch. The car's roof looks more leather-like texture, a black hood with engine, and the windows sports an orange tint. The headlights are also colored orange, and the rims with disc brakes comes in detail. The only thing that disappoints me with this toy is theres a tiny smudge on the right side of the door in the side mirror. His attack mode looks like you have to attach both of his weapons, but not the way I expected. Like from other Autobots that would look good on them. In Downshift's case he looks like he came out from the old Madmax films, when you attach both guns on both sides of the car. The cool part in his vehicle mode is that the Cybertron Key port, where you attach to reveal his special feature is hidden at his back window.


Open the the doors and then split the rear part of the car as it goes down. The driver compartment folds down as it reveals a sprint loaded head. You open black panels on both legs to reveal his feet, and folding both tail light to show the heels. Unfold both arms from the doors to show both robot fists and you have a menace looking Downshift.

Robot mode:

The robot mode looks tough but the weapons are not self contained like in Excellions' vehicle mode. He has two blaster with minicon ports, that can be mounted in both his shoulders or carry it. His eyes are painted gold, and both of his ears are translucent just like the window tints in his car mode. The not-so good part is his head has limited rotation, and he does not have hip movement. Although he has limited joint in the head and the middle part of his body he can still have a good action pose. This toy that I got like I said earlier looks unfinished with the smudge on the door, and now in his robot mode with a unfinished silver paint not applied in his left shoulder. All in all he's bot mode looks menacing it just that someone who's painting this toy was in a hurry to go home.

Toy Gimmick:

Force chip reveals sneak-attack capture claw, which can be used also in his vehicle mode.


Blister bubble packaging same as any TF Cybertron, which has the shape of the two factions. This time around the map/product catalogue is from the Jungle planet. One of the four maps to complete, and form a large poster map that consists of planets, where the other transformers came from.


Two Rifles, two missiles, Earth planet chip, instruction manual, and Jungle planet map/product catalog.

Overall Rating:

Brutish looking muscle car that would remind me of Fast and the Furious, Gone in 60 seconds, and other car related fils that you can think of. His robot and car mode are excellent. I can't say anything against the unpainted and smudge part of the toy itself. I must have gotten a lemon, and I dont know if anyone got a perfect Downshift. But overall he gets a good 8/10 robot points.


TFPH's Egg-nergon event

Mark Cerbo's group TransFormers Fans Philippines on its 2nd event for an Egg-citing, Egg-nergon event.

Free Image Hosting at
Az with the new toy "Primus, the Cybertron planet that transform into a giant robot"

Free Image Hosting at
film screening....Beast Wars Marathon

at the egg-nergon hunt!
Free Image Hosting at
my catch! a Blue egg-nergon. contain inside are candies and a small TF toy.

Free Image Hosting at
Mark and Joeshred..hunt for the golden egg for a golden prize!

Free Image Hosting at
whoa!!! more eggs.....

Free Image Hosting at
Mark Santos got time out for searching the he uses a fog light for the hunt

Free Image Hosting at
Megatron heats his egg

Azrael will eat Cybertron!!!

more pics here

and here



Transformers Philippines REVIEW

"Transformers Philippines is the Vector Sigma of Pinoy TF fandom" - Ruel De Vera,

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"The Place where TF is Alive and kicking!!!!" - D.A.R.K. Corp Alliance


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