Encore, Henkei, & Other TakaraTomy Sighted.

It would be surreal but its true TakaraTomy products the Japanese released Transformers has been sighted in local stores. The vintage reissues of Jazz, Ratchet, and Ironhide from the Encore toyline goes for PhP 999.75 pesos.

The Transcans of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee from the Transformers The Movie toyline goes for PhP 1,299.00 pesos. The Japanese version of TF Classics/TF Universe known as Henkei had Deluxe Class Grimlock (PhP 700 pesos) and Voyager Class Optimus Prime (PhP 1,200 pesos). There's the Transformers The Movie Leader Class Megatron (PhP 999.75) and Voyager Class Ratchet (PhP 699.75) on sale that had the TakaraTomy sticker on the box now all over the place.

Let's hope Playkit (The local distributor) continue bringing not only the Hasbro releases, but TakaraTomy editions.

Sighted also are the TF Universe Ultra Class Storm Cloud (repaint of Powerglide) and Silverbolt. TF Universe two-pack box sets, but sold out are Deluxe Class Sideswipe and Silverstreak. As well as the rumored TF Animated Swoop which was no longer in sight.

Check out your local department stores for these newly released Transformes. Prepare a long Holiday season as more are coming!


Transformers Philippines Meet-Up @ Foldabots Launch 11.15.2008

Transformers Philippines Meet-Up @ Foldabots Launch 11.15.2008 ( today)

Okay Transfans we've been having a long vacation already. Its time we have a meet-up again!

Here's the event...

... Let's support our fellow Transfan Jomike Tejido and his Foldabots Toy Book Launch!!!

Rock & Roll Out!

* if you are attendind, you may text or call our hotline operator "MagnusJam" at 0917 9493307


The 3rd Annual Christmas Toys and Collectibles Fair 2008
"there's always a good side in every bad guys"

Christmas time is definitely the time of the year for Toys. As the demand for gifts and toys rise during this season, people look all around town for the best bargains, the best finds and the most sought after toys of the year.

That is why Collectibles Unlimited in partnership with the SM Megatrade Hall proudly bring you the “3rd Annual Christmas Toys and Collectibles Fair” in line with the SM Megamall’s “Christmas Toys & Gift Show”. Now on its third year, the Christmas Toyfair features the best selection of kiddie toys, dolls, action figures, die cast cars, licensed merchandising and high end collectibles this side of town.

The event will also be highlighted by toy exhibits and an art gallery of the best local comicbook artists, raffles and games. Another highly anticipated activity is the live auction where kids and collectors bid for highly sought-after items and win them for way below their actual value. Toy collectors will have a 3 day toy show of their collections featuring the rarest and vintage toy collection, comics, action figures, and also they will feature the upcoming toys for 2009.

This year’s Christmas Toyfair will be held at the SM Megatrade Hall 2, from Dec 19 to 21, 10: 00 Am to 10:00 Pm. For inquiries, please call the Megatrade Hall at 634-7617 or 633-1697. Visit the event website at or

Receive Email alert and newsletter about Toy Con events, by subscribing and send a blank email to


For Booth inquiries and sponsorships.
send email to
or call Mr. Vic Yap at 0917 9802643

or visit Vtoyz Hobbyshop in Blue Lane, 2nd floor of Shooppesville, Greenhills
P7,000 for a Booth Fee per 2x2 sqm. space

** cosplay event and contest to be announced soon


Pretender Robots in Revenge of the Fallen

We got this heads up from TFW2005 that there will be a female character in the movie named Alice who transforms in to a humanoid robot. A transformer who hides in a human shell also known as Pretenders.
The TFW TF2 Insider has confirmed that the character of Alice, as played by Isabel Lucas, in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, is a Pretender. For those not familiar with Transformers sublines from the 1980s, Pretenders are Transformers that are hidden inside a shell that acts as their disguise. In the case of Alice, the shell will be an attractive human woman while the inner robot is best described as a hybrid of the Frenzy robot design from the first movie. The Pretender Transformer will have an arm that transforms into an energy weapon, a long tongue, and a scanning tentacle.
So we will be seeing a female android like character in the movie. This is interesting. Let's hope this concept will work out good for the movie.


First Look: Masterpiece Grimlock

The most anticipated TransFormers masterpiece toy. Here is the prototype photos I got from More photos after the jump. Enjoy.


Transformers Animated The Game - Nintendo DS

Transformers Animated Series has now spun its first (and hopefully not the last) video game. It is the Transformers Animated The Game for the Nintendo DS handheld based on the latest Transformation Animated series.

transformersanimated the game

Transformers Animated The Game Box Art

The only playable character here are Optimus Prime, Bulk Head, Bumble Bee and Prowl. Each has its own distinct abilities which prompts the users to often switch between characters inside the game. These are some of the screenshots I've taken from the first part of the game which will further explains how the game play is like:

bulk head in ds game

This is the switch to Bulk Head in Mission mode. He is able to block enemy attacks and pounce through obstacles (e.g. breakable walls and doors). He can aim through objects and unleash his wrecjking ball for damage and unlocking doors. He can't jump though.

bumblebee in ds transformers animated the game

Bumble Bee's ability in Mission Mode is the stingers which is essential to destroy enemies and open up generators and lifts. Bumble Bee has the ability to jump to walls.

optimus prime in ds transformers animated the game

Optimus Prime can use his grappling hook to zip up or down through obstacles and use his giant axe to slash through enemies or throw it at them. He can also block attacks

prowl in ds transformers animated the game

This is Prowl in Race Mode. He can zip left and right to avoid other vehicles in the road and jump up through obstacles. He can also transform and shoot stars at flying or moving enemies. It is said that Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee can be used in Race Mode as well.

Some more screenshots from the game:

Here is a sample of its gameplay on the Nintendo DS Hand Held:



Our fellow Transfan Jomike is here to invite everyone for his book launch of his comics and paper toy that is called, Foldabots. Inspired from the Transformers, these paper robots change its look from robot to vehicle and animals.



WHERE: POWERBOOKS LIVE, Greenbelt 3, Makati
WHEN: Nov. 15, 2008, Saturday
TIME: 3pm- 5pm


FOLDABOTS are cut-out paper robots that can transform into animals or vehicles, and back!.
The best thing about it is that kids can make it themselves!

FOLDABOTS is an on-going monthly publication in K-Zone Magazine since May 2006. Pinoy kids have been creating the characters that shout Pinoy pride: Buhawi, the Phil. Eagle, Kidlat the race car, Ukay the excavator truck, Bangis the guard dog and many others!

It's a fusion of art, Filipino nationalism and toy-collecting where kids don't just buy toys, but learn to create them!

THE TOY BOOK also has 12 free AGIMAT POWER playing cards for hours and hours of fun!

YOU JUST GOTTA BE THERE, And be part of Foldabots history!

The event will be covered and uploaded in Youtube for the world to see!

GAMES! DRAWING CONTEST! PRIZES! plus Special prizes for early birds who sign up!

WHERE: POWERBOOKS LIVE, Greenbelt 3 Makati
WHEN: Nov. 15, 2008, Saturday
TIME: 3pm-5-pm

See you there!
Thank you.

Jomike Tejido
Creator, FOLDABOTS toys and Comics


TransFans @ Clear Black Halloween Party!

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What: Clear Black Night Party
When: October 31st, 2008
Where: Taste Asia, Mall of Asia, Pasay City
Time: 7PM
Photos By: Mark Cerbo, Carl Valenzona, and Aileen Apolo

The Event:

Come in sexy black for FREE and be part of the event as party philes from the blogging community as well known celebrities from different industry party out. Transformers Philippines has been in the blogging scene as the pioneering Fan Group for Transfans rocked the recent party.

See the images that transpired on Halloween Night!

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more photos at TransFans @ Clear Black Party!



Transformers Philippines REVIEW

"Transformers Philippines is the Vector Sigma of Pinoy TF fandom" - Ruel De Vera,

"Transformers Philippines online forum, the largest and most prominent Transformers-related forum in the country." - Alex Villafania, Hackenslash

"Collectible for the Big Boys" - ANC Dateline

"theyre doing a great job having a site, an egroup, and especially holding screenings." - Jomike Tejido, artist and Kzone Foldabots creator

"They can help remember and, ultimately, relive the days when robots had the ability to control their bodies in order to resemble other objects" - Gadgets Magazine

"The Place where TF is Alive and kicking!!!!" - D.A.R.K. Corp Alliance


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