Film Review

By TransFormers PH member Ryder Aquino

I'm sorry, I don't have the power to make a spoiler-free review, so if you haven't seen the movie, TURN AWAY NOW!

Watched the movie 2 times in yesterday, so goes to show what a major geek I am for spending 500 bucks on one movie. But hey, the was TRANFORMERS. The ultimate childhood nostalgia movie for guys my age and above. It was worth it.

Funny thing happened during my first viewing, because before the movie started and while I was waiting at the lounge, a guy stormed out of the theater and proclaimed to everyone (in a most dorky fashion): "Transformers sucks! Megatron is killed by Sam Witwicky"... Bummer right? Anyway, that guy kinda summed up what I would experience at first viewing. Although I didn't think it sucked, I was slightly disappointed.

On first view, I felt the pace at the start was very slow. It was all about Decepticons being evil, and Sam and his world. The latter I didn't mind, cuz' Shia is a terrific actor, but damn, I was like... Where is Optimus?! It was only until the middle until the rest of the Autobots came, and the other Decepticons like Starscream and Megatron only for the final battle.

But later that night on 2nd viewing, I was surprised to actually stop nitpicking and just enjoy what's there. It was much more fun the 2nd time around for some reason... since I knew what was gunna happen, the pacing felt faster and enjoyed all the scenes even more as I looked for details I may have missed on 1st view.

So, without further adieu, here's review proper! (Sorry for the long intro!) I'll use a new format now, in bullets just to see if it looks more organized!

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The wRong:

* Optimus Prime is a wuss. Ok, ok, yeah it was cool he decapitated Bonecrusher... but against Megatron? He got his arse kicked to holy hell by Mega. He barely used his gun, and in the end, only tripped Mega and wanted to commit suicide. Good thing Sam was smarter and used the damn killer cube on you know, the enemy.

* Jazz dies in vain. So Megatron stomps on him and tears him in half. That's it? Couldn't he have died heroically saving Sam? I'm ok with having casualties because it makes Mega even more of a badass, but there was absolutely no dram to the death of this Autobots... and he was one of my favorites!

* Military guy directs battle to the city. So they're trying to hide the Allspark right? Why do it in the city where you know, thousands of people could die (and probably did)? They had the whole freaking desert to put up a last stand, but no, it was 'cooler' to fight in the city. Yeah I admit, seeing the bots in that environment was cool, but logically, it dumbfounded me.

* The Soundtrack. Where in the heck was the classic Transformers theme? Not even the new MuteMath version was there, and I watched the ENTIRE credits. Instead, they closed the movie out with Linkin Park. Geeze. Oh, and there was no orchestral score to speak of, as nearly all the key scenes were told in rock music. This is fine in the short term, but if I decide to watch this movie 5 years from now, those songs will feel so dated... as opposed to original score music ala 'Pirates'.

* Devastator. Were my eyes deceiving me? Was that tank named 'Devastator' or 'Destroyer' when Frenzy was summoning the Decepticons? Isn't he supposed named 'Brawl' like it is in the toyline? For goodness sakes, need I say what a travesty this is and ruins the Constructicons being introduced in succeeding films? *Sigh*

* Barricade. He was called in the end.... he obliged and was shown going to the city... then he never showed up. Why? Beats me. Probably pussied out cuz' Bee kicked his ass earlier.

* The Decepticons in general. Wow, they were so underdeveloped. They were like mindless tyrants. There was NEVER any character development scene with ANY of them. They also missed the boat on the Starscream vs. Megatron conflict that was very famous in the cartoons (Scream wanted to be the leader of the Cons). I think they had one scene, and 'Scream just got bitched at and took it like one. Frenzy (the little guy) seemed more 2nd in command than 'Scream.

The Right:

* The robots. They look AWESOME. Seamless CGI, I need not expound how cool they look and move. Before, I thought the designs were terrible... Prime having flames, Starscream and Mega looking funky... But watching it, it was breathtaking. They went with an alien-ish look for them, which suites their back-story, so it's all cool.

* Shia. This guy is the next Leo and Hollywood 'go to guy' if he already isn't. Look out for him in Indy 4 sometime in the future. If there was someone to replace Tobey as Spidey, this is the guy. He pulls of the 'everyman' role so well it's hard not to root for him.

* Peter Cullen. No one can ever play Optimus Prime other than this man. From the opening narrative, it was so welcoming to hear that classic voice just like the old cartoon. Now, is it just me or do all the 'holograms' they use as dummy drivers look like him (big moustache)?

* The little guys. This movie is filled with small roles, which the actors who played them did a superb job. From the car salesman, Sam's parents, the military guys and the hackers, they all did a great job as supporting cast members.

* The 'Sound'. You all know it. And it was spread out throughout the movie, although not every time they transform. That sound is such a nostalgia trip, I'm glad they put in the movie.

* BumbleBee. Who didn't fall in love with the personality of this car? From playing the right station at the right times, taking a whiz on Sector 7's over-the-top general, and kicking ass on one leg, Bee is the reluctant hero everyone loves.

* The Allspark. If there was one change I liked from the cartoon it was this. Gone are the lame glowing pink blocks. Instead we get this uber powerful device that seems to be a fusion of the Autobots matrix and the energon cubes. Plus, it turned a Mountain Dew vendo evil. That alone makes this thing cool.

* Megan Fox. Sure her acting didn't blow me away (it was serviceable), but her killer abs and sexy body did. She's the non-CG-Eye candy in this flick, God bless her.

The veRdict:

It took me two viewings to like the movie. Maybe the first I was still a pricky fanboy seeing Michael Bay bastardize my childhood memories of my beloved robots with all this 'visual flare' stuff. But after the 2nd view, I just sat back, tried to put my brain in anti-nitpick mode, and just enjoy the human scenes and the glory of these metal titans. The story isn't the greatest or most epic, but it was a good starting point for a movie franchise and the way thing ended, it looks as if we're in store for sequels (yay)! Transformers makes a triumphant and visceral splash on celluloid, but it's flaws keep it from attaining 'classic' status reserved for greats such as the original Star Wars, LOTR, and the first Matrix. All right DreamWorks, ROLL OUT those sequels!

Film Rating: 4 1/2 Stars ****1/2


Review: Transformers Live-Action Movie 1

from owner and TFPH member, Laibeous Lord

If you were born and grew during the days when Television Networks showed countless of Transformers series, you will definitely be awed by this new Live-Action Movie. Transformers Live-Action Movie 1 premiered nationwide in the Philippines, and region-wide here in South-East Asia and Australia yesterday, June 28, 2007 Thursday. Almost all of the movie houses have nothing but Transformers showing, and each and every cinema have long lines and seats all booked weeks ahead. Guess what? There are not much kids, the generation who never had the chance to watch the original Transformers cartoons on the TV. Most are adults, working adults.

Here’s my review of the first Live-Action Movie of Transformers.

Before you continue reading, there are some SPOILERS here.


As any Transformers fan will expect, we want to see instant action. The first few scenes of the movie is simply that, “action". But it is only a “teaser” of what’s to come in the rest of the movie. I like how they started this movie, a way to keep the movie goers more excited instead of getting bored because we are expecting action already.

Then after that and before the complete action part, is where all the drama and the plot were explained. But once again, to keep everyone from getting bored because we want to see the best action parts like the Megatron vs Optimus Prime, they inserted funny lines and comedy ‘actions’. As example, the Autobots team were hiding from Sam Witwicky’s (played by Shia LaBeouf) parents, Bumblebee was hiding under the roof of entrance door, then Optimus Prime appeared to be seating on the whole house (I will not mention the other Autobots present). Then there was Bumblebee playing classic songs to reflect Sam’s desire for the (leading) girl of the movie Mikaela Banes (played by Megan Fox). Mikaela at one scene, walked to go home alone because Sam’s car (Bumblebee) won’t start. After a few tries, Sam’s car started with the song “Baby Come Back…” Mikaela smiled (and was impressed!), of course thanks to Bumblebee it was all his doing (guys, if you are courting a girl, find a Bumblebee car!) (10/10 rating)

The CG is great, they did it very well. This is the first thing anyone will notice in the movie. Everything was smooth and fluid you will not even think of the Autobots and Decepticons as nothing but CG Animation. From their movements to their fighting scenes, together with the humans on the same scenes, as in “humans” with an ’s’. (10/10 rating)

The plotline, as we all know, when something Japanese is adapted by an American group, the story becomes very different. Also, personally, it is only right to create a new storyline. In this live-action movie, the story has similarities with the original cartoons, with the original parts being that they arrived on Planet Earth because the Decepticons wants to turn Earth into a new Cybertron through the use of the ancient technology that created the Transformers. This technology can turn any machine on Earth it comes to close proximity into a Transformers, like for example, a Mountain Dew vending machine turned into a wild Transformer attacking every human (though without a faction yet - ie newly born who is confused and doesn’t know why ‘it’ exists), I’ll call this the Mountain Dew Bot. Of course there is Starscream, we all saw him in the trailers, but as usual, Starscream is Megatron’s ever unreliable right-hand, but I will not spoil you with the proofs of Starscream’s unreliability. (10/10 rating)

The art and design of the Transformers were a mixture from the different series. Example, Megatron’s art and design is “Galvatron", not really “Megatron". Then Optimus Prime is so colorful, showing us that they took every color Optimus Prime had in the different cartoon series. Bumblebee on the other hand is still yellow colored (tip: watch out every yellow colored car and how the Decepticons will react to it), but in this movie, Bumblebee is of the newest design, not the original Volkswagen Beetle car (tip: there is this scene wherein Bumblebee hit the Volkswagen Beetle car besides him, really hard - what’s that? A subliminal message from the producers? Were they supposed to use the Beetle model but Volkswagen don’t want to?) And Starscream, the art and design was from the original Japanese Anime, not the American cartoons. (10/10 rating)

Japanese? Yes, there is another message in the movie wherein Sam said, “super advanced robots, it’s from the Japanese". Two meanings here, first is that Sam is trying to explain to his new girlfriend Mikaela about the Transformers. Second, is to put an end to the never ending debate about if the Transformers franchise is originally Japanese or American. Well, Transformers IS Japanese. It was only popularized by the American “version” (its the same with Power Rangers, it is also Japanese but was popularized by the American adaptation).

Sounds? Very well done. From the BGMs (Background Music), to the sound effects, everything fits in the movie and the scenes. (10/10 rating)

Each character was also played well by their respective actors. They chose the right actors for the characters, which gave us a very well done action movie of the year.

Overall, I give this movie a 10 out of 10 stars. You MUST definitely watch this movie.

Oh, be sure to watch the very last scene from the movie… this scene is shown during the ending credits, so don’t leave early. The proof that there is a highly potential “Transformers Live-Action Movie 2″.

Now go, watch the movie, I will not spoil you anymore. That’s more than enough. For me, I’m going to watch it again this Sunday, and then watch it again on July 4. And hopefully, the 4th time as a treat from our company.

Visit the Official Live-Action website: Transformers Live-Action Movie 1.

I found out that the pirated copies being sold here in the Philippines two days before the Philippine Premier could have come from Italy (according to the vendors of the pirated Transformers Movie), where the movie premiered on June 21, 2007 Thursday, one week before the Philippine, South-East Asia, and Australia Premier. They chose to premier the movie a week earlier than the US release to avoid piracy, but it all failed.

UPDATE: Transformers Live-Action Movie 2 given a Green Light! Read it by clicking here.


Transformers merchandise to be launched

By Alex Villafania, hackenslash Reporter

A FEW days before the opening of the Transformers movie, local merchants are all ready to cash in on the potential blockbuster of the year. On June 29, several companies will be introducing several lines of Transformer-themed products.

The launch of the Transformers movie merchandise launch will be held at the SM Megamall in Mandaluyong City. Most of the items would be action figures from the movie and from the previous cartoon series, clothing lines and similar items.

Apart from the merchandise, the event will also have several side events such as trivia contests, diorama exhibits and collections.

In an interview with hackenslash, Transformers Philippines event organizer Azrael Coladilla said the launch would be one of the big movie highlights of the year thanks to a 23-year-old cartoon franchise that made an impact among Filipinos.

In fact, the recently introduced toy line from the movie have been selling out in such stores as Toys “R” Us and Toy Kingdom. Among the most sellable characters are the new movie versions of Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Megatron and Blackout.

“It’s going to be a big blockbuster that can compete with other movies. Of course we can’t say it’ll beat the other franchises but the Transformers movie will surely be a hit for both the fans of the original cartoon series and first-time viewers,” Coladilla said.

Already, local websites are abuzz with information regarding the upcoming film, directed by Michael Bay and produced by Steven Spielberg, particularly the Transformers Philippines online forum, the largest and most prominent Transformers-related forum in the country.



Transformers movie showtimes and schedule in Philippines

Now showing in these theaters
Alabang Town Center Cinema 1 Muntinlupa
Alabang Town Center Cinema 2 Muntinlupa
Alabang Town Center Cinema 3 Muntinlupa
Alabang Town Center Cinema 5 Muntinlupa
Ali Mall Cineplex 2 Quezon City
Ayala Center Cebu Cinema 1 Cebu City
Ayala Center Cebu Cinema 2 Cebu City
Ayala Center Cebu Cinema 3 Cebu City
Cinemagix C2000 - 3 Pangasinan
Eastwood Cinema 1 Quezon City
Eastwood Cinema 2 Quezon City
Eastwood Cinema 3 Quezon City
Eastwood Cinema 4 Quezon City
Ever Gotesco Cinema City 2 Manila
Ever Gotesco Commonwealth 3 Quezon City
Ever Gotesco Ortigas 5 Pasig City
Festival Cinema 1 Muntinlupa City
Festival Cinema 2 Muntinlupa City
Festival Cinema 3 Muntinlupa City
Festival Cinema 5 Muntinlupa City
Festival Cinema 6 Muntinlupa City
Gateway Cineplex 1 Quezon City
Gateway Cineplex 10 Quezon City



Prime's Burger King Commercial

Link "... Talk about dull Daniel". It coul have been a TransFormers Movie meal toy from 1986, but the commercial would sold any Pinoy TransFans with such originality. Thanks to MEKI22 for sharing this funny video. Here in the Philippines the meal toy was released by Jollibee, which was based from the TransFormers Legends figures slightly bigger, and you thought it was a bootleg toy found in Divisoria.

The commercial is one funny scene on this one. Can't wait for the Burger King toys to come out? Let's just cross our fingers and hope they roll out!


TransFormers movie - short review after the premiere

Here's a short review, fresh from the movie premiere, lucky boy- Boyet shares to us his experience during the premiere of the Transformers movie, perhaps the 2nd movie review here in the local to hear a good response after watching it.

written by:
TransFormers Council

i was fortunate enough to be invited at the earliest premier of the transformers movie. just got home from the movie.


there was never a dull moment. its like watching armagedon but with robots.

the scene with the human's dialogue was humorous. there was also some humor when optimus prime was introduced along with the autobots.

the movie was rated G or general patronage so there were children in the movie house. they were cheering whenever optimus prime and the autobots transforms. its so awesome to watch.

there were few dull moments and the action and robot carnage was non stop starting from almost half of the movie.

arcee is not in the movie and i like it when bumblebee "lubricates" his enemies.

it was the best summer movie of the year so far for me.

here are some pictures

red carpet premier with some celebrities

i was also fortunate enough to watch the movie with a celebrity named shaina magdayao and her sister. there were also several celebrities like piolo pascual and garry valenciano.

this is the TF movie ticket premier shown june 27 at around 7pm at the new trinoma cinema in the philippines.

this is the scene where everyone was clapping. when optimus prime appeared and transformed for the very first time. people was cheering for the awesome special effects.

the best moments in the movie was the transformation of the robots. it was so well done.


Transformers Contest on June 29th event

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Be Transformed and live up the Transformers legacy
with the exclusive and authentic Transformers movie merchandise in a must see event yo wouldn't want to miss...

June 29, 2007
Event Center SM Megamall
Bldg. A, ground floor

Presented by Empire Multimedia Licensing Corp, Transformers Philippines and SM Megamall. In Partnership with EPSON and PSICOM Publishing
Sponsored by SM, Toy Kingdom Express and SM Cinema
Media Partners are The Philippine Star, Gadgets Magazine, The Manila Times, The Daily Tribue, Business World, Tower Sports, Fudge Magazine, Jam 88.3
UNTV, Creative Voices Productions and HERO TV

for more details on the event visit the event website at


On the Spot Transformers Art contest

1. Everybody can join, amateur and professional artist can join
2. Draw your best action scene or pose of any Transformers characters or scene from any series and generation or movie.
3. You can bring your own drawing materials (pens, pencils etc.)
4. You can bring your own reference material
5. You have one hour to finish the drawing.
6. Contest will start on June 29th at 5:30pm
7. One winner will receive a prize

Transformers speed contest
Participants will be on stage competing for the fastest to transform the Transformers toy from vehicle mode to robot mode. The fastest transformers speedster will win !

Trivia Contest
Hourly trivia contest for all event visitors. Answer the trivia correctly on stage and you will win a prize.

Transformers Auto Show
Bring your best Transformers toy at the event, in their alternate mode only (vehicle mode ), the toy can be customized, originally appeared from the package, diorama
Or in its stylish repaint, or vintage style. To participants, pls. Include a calling card size label with your Name, Entry name, Description, website or group name.
Lets start Pimpin’ your TF. Contest start at 10AM-6PM

Transfans shirt contest

The coolest and baddest tshirt of Transformers marching at the event and on stage will win a prize! Tshirt can be from a customized shirt or commercially release shirt. Present your entry by wearing it ! Contest start at 5:00PM

Act Optimus Prime and Megatron Contest
Come up on stage as your favorite Transformers leader by voice acting them.
The best quote line or dialogue from any series or movie will win.

Coloring Activity for Kids
The best and colorful entry will win. Contest will start at 10am-7pm at the activity area.

Transfans air guitar contest

Be a rockstar for a day, rocking the tunes from the Transformers movie soundtrack.
By playing it in air guitar style ! Contest will start at 7pm.

for questions and inquiries, you can email it at


Win a Transformers TSHIRT ! from CTC

from our media partner

click here


Transformers movie ring tone and alert tone

Transformers Philippines will be sharing a series of Transformers movie audiblef Optimus Prime that can be used a ring tone or a alert sms tone for your cellphone.

all you have to do is visit this page for the list

or click here to download it, all in WAV files.

the decepticons must be stopped

i am optimus prime

megatron is in my sight

prime roll out



Web Banners

This one just came in, thanks to Paramount and Dreamworks webmaster program.



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As the world eagerly awaits for the biggest and much talked about movie debut of Transformers on June 28, millions of Transformers fanatics from practically all walks of life can only be fortunate to have their favorite league of transfiguring robots loaded with exciting and explosive line-up of events, fun-filled activities, trailblazing merchandises and other great surprises to celebrate the comeback and the undying legacy that is Transformers.

In the recently concluded MTV Movie Awards, the world’s largest television network had given Transformers a stump of approval after being chosen as the Best Summer Movie You Haven’t Seen for 2007, placing Pirates of the Caribbean and Bourne Automatic behind the pack. The Transformers live action movie brings the battle of the two warring robots of Cybertron, the Autobots and the Decepticons to Earth leaving the future of humankind hanging in balance.

Transformers originally featured the heroic Autobots headed by Optimus Prime and their main opponents, the Decepticons with Megatron as the leader. Transformers are best known as an intelligent machines that are able to transform and reconfigure itself into innocuous form such as car, aircraft or animal. There have been a number of popular spin-offs based on the original Hasbro toy line including the widely read Transformers Marvel Comics series and animated TV programs that began airing in 1984.

Consequently, the equally awaited market release of Transformers licensed products will be officially launched on June 29th at Event Center of SM Megamall Bldg. A. The whole day event aptly dubbed as The Transformers : Transform and Roll Out! the Movie Merchandise Launch will feature an art exhibit, drawing & trivia contest, video game demo, panel discussion for hobbyist and Transformers collectors, stage performances, movie promotion and a whole lot more! The Transformers thrilling live action movie is directed by Michael Bay with Steven Spielberg as executive producer.

for more details on the event visit the event website at


Transformers movie - Transform and Roll out, the merchandise launch

click image for hi res version

Be Transformed and live up the Transformers legacy
with the exclusive and authentic Transformers movie merchandise in a must see event yo wouldn't want to miss...

June 29, 2007
Event Center SM Megamall
Mega A, ground floor, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong

Schedule and programming will be posted here soon
so log on and subscribe to


Transformers Cybercon

- Huge Museum type of display showcases
- More TF toys from all generations (more G1 and vintage displays and toys from food chains and other promo. Plus more concepts)
- DVDs, comics, books, cels, replica and statues
- Exclusvie Interviews and Tributes
- Character(s) of the Month
- TF cosplayers
- Photo ops
- General Motors committed to display their cars
- DCPH's display of die-cast car collectibles
- Advanced ticket selling (promos/deals will be announced by Solar-UIP
- Celebrity guests
- bring your kids, brothers and sisters... there will be surprises for them.
- Games and Prizes
- more surprises from other trade partners

Date: June 23 and 24 (this Saturday and Sunday)
Venue: 2nd Floor, Shangrila Plaza in Edsa


TransFormers movie - new tv spot

whooho!!! new footages and scene from the movie. wow! Spaceship Megatron is one bad ass ship!


Toy fans ‘transform and roll out’ to ToyCon 2007

check out the article and interview with TFPH co-founder and ToyCon PH organizer, Azrael Coladilla. Thanks to Alex and Inquirer hackenslash for the feature!

By Alex Villafania, hackenslash Reporter


WITH only two weeks left before the opening of the highly anticipated “Transformers” movie, comic fans, collectible fanatics, hobbyists and casual geeks were treated to the year’s biggest toy and hobby fare, the Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention 2007 (ToyCon).

This year’s ToyCon at the SM Megamall saw the biggest number of exhibitors and sponsors, many of whom are involved in the preparation for the opening of the live action flick “Transformers,” which will be shown on June 28 in the Philippines, almost a week before the worldwide premier showing.

The ToyCon website even offers video streaming to highlight this year’s activities.

“It’s more of a Transformers event than anything else but that’s OK because everyone loved the cartoon series and the toys that came with it. Many of the hobby shops that sold Transformers merchandise already ran out of some stock,” according to Azrael Coladilla, head of the organizing committee for ToyCon.



Thank You! for coming at the 6th Philippine TOYCON


thanks to all for supporting and coming at the 6th ToyCon
congratulations to Action Figure Philippines, Transformers Philippines and Toy Soldier for being part of the biggest toy convention in the Philippines and the amazing team up for this event.

- Az
Collectibles Unlimited


New Transformers Animation Information and Logo

Here's a preview pic of the upcoming Transformers Animated series unvieled at a 2007 Licensing Show.


The series is slated for Spring 2008. Thanks to and Drew Eiden of for the news.



Fanclubs comic strip by Lyndon Gregorio

Here's a funny strip created by our friend and creator of Beerkada, Lyndon Gregorio.
Starring Lyndon and Mark (our puny leader hahaha), Its the issue of so-called rivalry in groups
hanging around and effecting the whole physics -er what? what did I say? I think I need more coffee... anyway. congratulations to Transformers Philippines and Cybertron Philippines for promoting the TF fandom here in the Philippines at the 6th ToyCon. hmm..Now im thinking of making a new club and I will call it Robo and Tech Philippines ahahhah.

for the original post of this strip visit here


Interview with Floro Dery

TFPH : How are you? and whats the big news about Mr. Floro Dery?
Floro Dery: How am I? Definitely, I'm not getting younger, hahaha .... Nothing big news about me, and also nothing big about me from the top of my head to the sole of my feet.

TFPH :Aren't you with the hype of the release of the live action film ?
Floro Dery:Nothing excites me anymore, except the coming Armageddon. But I'm going to watch the movie to see if Transformers move to a higher evolutionary stage.

TFPH :Regarding the designs, how important to you each concept for TF ?
Floro Dery:Well, I consider all my creative designs important because I spent time and effort on them.

TFPH :When was the last time you got an interview?
Floro Dery:I got interviewed recently with the valiant , Randy Valiente .

TFPH :How old are you when you did those concepts for TF?
Floro Dery: Isabel is younger when I did the concepts for Transformers movie, Honestly, my age is nearly out of the calendar when I did the designs.

Joey Dery, brother of Floro Dery hang out at the TransFormers Philippines booth

TFPH : How do you come up of the character Unicron and where it get an idea of the concept?
Floro Dery: Since Unicron is a villain and because I was fooling around at that time, I decided to make him look demonic with goatee, horns, bat-like wings and eagle talons for feet. I got the idea of Unicron from the planet Saturn and Satur.

TFPH : Who is the TransFormers character you where motivated to design the most in the series or in the movie?
Floro Dery: I was motivated to design Unicron because it was a joke for me.

TFPH : Why the name "Unicron"? does it symbolizes something too?
Floro Dery: Actually, the original name was "Ingestor," but the writer changed it to Unicron when he saw the design, probably because of the "horns."

TFPH : What major characters that you given much attention in designing it?
Floro Dery: Again, Unicron.

TFPH : Do you have any worst design in mind or least character in your roster?
Floro Dery: I don't like Wheelie.

TFPH : How many TF characters have you done? and how many that didn't make it in the animation?
Floro Dery: A lot. Just a few did not make it in animation because of mechanical breakdown, hehehe ....

TFPH :Who's your favorite TF character?
Floro Dery: Hot Rod and Sharkticon.

Luis Dery, brother of Floro Dery, at the Floro Dery Art Exhibit at the 6th Philippine Toys, hobbies and Collectibles Convention 2007. Also he accepted the award for Floro Dery here in Manila, Philippines

TFPH :How long does it take to design one TF character concept ?
Floro Dery: A minimum of 30 minutes to do a good rough design.

TFPH :Someone told me to ask you about the human character Carly, from the TF movie classic, who is this Filipina model that you used for reference for her character ?
Floro Dery: Carly was modeled after a young pretty Filipina girl I met by chance at a bus stop. She posed for me but I forgot to ask her name. I tried looking for her everytime I was waiting for a bus, but I never saw her again.

TFPH : Any other works before and after TF ?
Floro Dery: If I enumerate my works before and after Transformers, it will be like a big pack of haystack. But go to my website to see the list of my works. here's my web address:

TFPH :Which character is the hardest to design, from toy to animation and vice versa.
Floro Dery: Unicron for both.

TFPH :Any idea who created the autobot and decepticon insignia?
Floro Dery: I'm not sure who created the insignias for autobot and decepticon. My strong suspicion is it was designed by a Korean animator who was working at the studio at the time.

TFPH :Are you familiar with the new generation of TF series? Any idea which modern art style that still follows on one of your designs?
Floro Dery: I'm no longer familiar with the new generation of Transformers series.

TFPH : Do you have any backside story or trivia behind the characters of :
Unicron, Galvatron, Cyclonus, Rodimus Prime, Arcee, Planet Junkion, Wreckgar, Sharkticons and the Quintessons.

Floro Dery: I told you about Unicron. But about Galvatron, my inspiration for him are those "stupid people". Cyclonus was a small time demon. Rodimus Prime is actually the old version of Hot Rod. Arcee is the naked mechanical equivalent of Princess Lea of Star Wars. The inspiration for the planet Junkion is a "trash" galaxy. I was inspired to design Wreckgar from a motorcycle I saw in the parking lot of the studio. Sharkticon is a shark. And the Quintessons was based on my cylindrical toy I designed a long time ago.

TFPH :Are you involved in the japanese animation production for Transformers Headmasters?
Floro Dery: Not involved.

TFPH :Can you tell us some trivias or story behind the Matrix of Leadership?
Floro Dery: The inspiration for the Matrix of Leadership is a thermonuclear bomb.

TFPH: If you told to create Unicron in your style, do you think he still be a planet? or something else? like a giant space crab perhaps.
Floro Dery: I was not told by anyone when I created the design of Unicron. In fact, the writer's idea is different from mine.

However, if I redesign Unicron again, I will make him bigger and like a galaxy.

TFPH : We didn't saw Snarl (the dinobot) in the animated movie, do you want to share with us on what happened to him?
Floro Dery: Probably, edited out. I'm not sure.

TFPH : Do you have any TF toys? or collection ?
Floro Dery: I still have almost all the Transformers toys. The are still in unopened boxes gathering dusts in my garage.

TFPH : Are you aware that Unicron, one of our favorite creations you've made, is now a toy. Did you like it?
Floro Dery: I am aware. They looked demonic.

TFPH : If youre going back home in the Philippines, what will be the first thing you will do here.
Floro Dery: God willing, I'll be going back to the Philippines. The first thing I'll do there is get off from the airplane, then I will inhale the polution, and then "bumunghalit" of of of.... what? Its up to you to think what "bunghalit" means hihihihih!....seriously, I may publish my art book, Its cheaper there.

the exhibit

TFPH: Thank you Mr.Floro for giving us a chance to interview you, many TF fans will be happy to hear your answers.

Interviewed by : Azrael Coladilla

Also check out Randy Valiente's blog site for a feature interview with Floro Dery
you can read it here

(interview is in Filipino Language)

Napakarami nating mahuhusay na artists noong araw na hindi na kilala ng mga bagong dibuhista ngayon ng komiks, lalo pa’t impluwensya sila ng mga foreign artists. Sa mundo ng international comics, animation at advertising, maraming nakakalat na mahuhusay na Pilipino. Isa na rito ang batikang dibuhista sa komiks noong araw na si Floro Dery.

Para sa kaalaman ng marami, isa si Floro Dery sa maituturing kong isa sa pioneers ng modern style sa komiks illustrations ng Pilipinas noong 1960s hanggang 1970s.


TOYCON LIVE in webcam - today!

Express Yourself LIVE
log on my blog post or at or


Floro Dery's TransFormers exhibit and interview

Visit the TransFormers Philippines, the Premiere TRANSFORMERS GROUP In the Philippines, booth area, for we are the curator for the one of a kind exhibit for Floro Dery.

check out the cool arts and concept designs that never before seen by fans and thanks for Mr. Floro Dery for sharing his art to us.

Check out too the interview that will premiere at the TOYCON event, all questions that had been bugging us for the past years has been answered.

How do you come up of the character Unicron and where it get an idea of the concept?
Since Unicron is a villain and because I was fooling around at that time, I decided to make him look demonic with goatee, horns, bat-like wings and eagle talons for feet. I got the idea of Unicron from the planet Saturn and Satur, Actually, the original name was "Ingestor," but the writer changed it to Unicron when he saw the design, probably because of the "horns." - Floro Dery
Also at the event a special award will be given to Floro Dery, arrange and from Collectibles Unlimited and TransFormers Philippines


New Poster

here :)


New Transformers press stills and promo art



TransFormers PH video blog - ToyCon update, after the meeting

updating you about Toycon and the Transformers movie toys.

look at my eye bags! haahhaahah

we are riding a First Class Jasper Busline going home to the far reaches of Planet Cybertron Cavite, I was laughing after uploading this, listen closely on the background music ahahahaha, looks like high school days are back! - Das Model song


Giant TF Movie Poster Sighted.

06.12.2007 - The live action movie directed by Michael Bay and Executive Producer Steven Spielberg is less than a month away in making history. As TransFormers will soon be immortalized in in the big screen.

As the toys goes sold out and the the comic books running out of copies along with the novels rarely seen in book shops. These past few days has been a wild ride, and you will notice the huge billlboard as you pass by Shangri-La Mall along Edsa via the Metro Rail Transit. You'll see a different light with Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, and Megatron images plastered in there wall. Now that's a sight to be hold for anyone who is a fan, since they came out into your tv sets back in 1984.


TransFormers PH Video blog - Philippine Toy Launching of Transformers movie toys

Here's some of the footages and video blog on what we have at the Philippine Toy Launching of Transformers movie toys in SM Megamall


TransFormers PH Video blog - mtg Action Fig PH, Toy Soldiers

a meeting for toycon 2007
feat. Action Figure Philippines and Toy Soldiers, video blogging while playing around some TF real gear and downing bottomless ice tea.


Official Movie Adaptation Comics #1.

06.12.2007 - TransFormers Official Movie Adaptation Issue #1 was released sometime last week. They also released tyhe complete edition. If you don't want to to have the hassle getting each issue for the whole month of June.

Grab your copies now as first issue comes also in a variant cover for retailers release. Check out nearest comci shop to grab this first issue or the compiled book of all four.


TF Movie Toy Launch Coverage.

06.11.2007 - Cybertron Philippines in cooperation with Solar-UIP, Playkit, and Hero TV brings you the Philippine Toy Launch of the TransFormers Movie toys. The event is presented exclusively by Toy Kingdom. It was a one day event held at the ground floor of SM Megamall's Atrium A.

Activities of the event was for kids like the Hi-speed transforming contest, Drawing & Coloring contest, and Puzzle contest. You can also get to hang out with the eight foot Optimus Prime from Hero TV. There's also toy exihibits by members of TF toy collector group from Generation One to Present who mainly organized this event. You can browse over the images special thanks to Mr. Portable Ops for the coverage right HERE.


Lil Formers - Armada

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created by: *MattMoylan


TF Movie Toys: Sold Out.

06.10.2007 - As of today the TransFormers Movie toys has been sold out. News went out that the launch of the toys exclusively by Toy Kingdom has reached optimum success. It was reported that after the launch this recent sarturday reports of panic buying in collectible shops in Greenhills in San Juan and Makati.

The hot items that was sold is the Leader Class Optimus Prime followed by Deluxe Class Bumblebee (The Chevy Camaro 2008/09 Edition). No word if Toys R' Us has sold out on there items on both there Robinsons Galleria or Trinoma Mall branches. We'll keep you posted on re-stocks and the availability of the toys.


Hello Kitty is a Decepticon

art by pinoy artist : The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Now I wonder if Kero Keropi is an Autobot, and Little Twin Star are triple changers


TransFormers PH at 6th Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention

log on to for info

6th Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention
June 16-17, 2007
Megatrade Hall 2-3,
SM Megamall
10:00 am to 9:00 pm

Everybody marked your calendar and dont forget to attend the big convention of the year for toys, comics, anime and of course TRANSFORMERS.

TransFormers Philippines will be there to curate the 1st EVER !!! Exhibit of Master Illustrator - FLORO DERY, displayed are his character design and concept art from the G1 Series and Animated movie of TransFormers.

Also, TransFormers Philippines will be having a contest - TransFormers SPEED Contest, a contest patented and originally conceptualized by TFPH for fans here in the Philippines which you need to transform the toy and the fastest one will win the contest. The contest is free for kids and adults. The grand prize for this year contest will make your toy collection more valuable. Like the previous Toycon, TFPH gave away Unicron and Primus toys.
On its 3rd year, the contest is much bigger than ever.

TFPH will also have a booth filled with activities and freebies for everyone.

TFPH shirts will be given for FREE !!!
yes FREE, all you need to do is bring along a blank shirt at the event.

see you all next week and have a great TF year this year!

Rock and Roll out!


TransFormers movie toys - first toy on show in mall at Toys R US Manila

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A day before the Philippine Toy Launch of the movie toys, our fearless founder spotted the inhouse display of Transformers movie toys at Toys R US in Robinsons Galeria. It was the our own FIRST IMPACT to see and feel the toy invasion in Manila, Although that the toys are for display only, you have to wait till June 10, 2007, the day after the Philippine toy launch that will be held in SM Megamall on June 9, 2007.

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Price are displayed and I guess this will be our very first mall toy price reference for the movie toys.

more pictures can be found here

photos by Mark Cerbo,the imaginary cassette tape player that transform into a puny toothpick robot



Transformers Philippines REVIEW

"Transformers Philippines is the Vector Sigma of Pinoy TF fandom" - Ruel De Vera,

"Transformers Philippines online forum, the largest and most prominent Transformers-related forum in the country." - Alex Villafania, Hackenslash

"Collectible for the Big Boys" - ANC Dateline

"theyre doing a great job having a site, an egroup, and especially holding screenings." - Jomike Tejido, artist and Kzone Foldabots creator

"They can help remember and, ultimately, relive the days when robots had the ability to control their bodies in order to resemble other objects" - Gadgets Magazine

"The Place where TF is Alive and kicking!!!!" - D.A.R.K. Corp Alliance


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