Optimus Prime Costumes & Cosplays

check out this photo of a costume player Optimus Prime, last seen in San Diego Comic Convention. its the state of the art costume, nice materials and paint job, with blinking lights and it can transform!

But check out the local version of this Optimus Prime costume, last summer here at the recent 25th anniversary event of Filbars in Glorietta.

TFPH boys Martin, MC, & Azrael strike a pose with the leader of the Autobots


October 2004 TFPH Meet Up

Here are some photos from last Sunday's TransFans Philippines MEET-UP held at our Kamias venue.

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The TFPH gang is back!

One Day visit in a toy shop
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Transformers Energon # 28

by: Ruel de Vera

And so the "Mutiplicity" storyarc goes on. After the shocking events of last issue, "Multiplicity Pt. 3" picks up a whole slew of events happening simultaneously. As Thurst leaves Cybertron to travel with the Cybertronian contingent to Earth, Demolishor is sent to investigative ghostly events at an Energon ore processing plant when he is attacked by an invisible assailant. Meanwhile, the Terrorcon clone army continues its ruthless assault on the Earth cities as the outnumbered Autobots (and Thrust) make a brave stand against hopeless odds. In Canada, three Autobots stands guard while a mysterious object falls from the sky--bearing Scorponok.

Inside Unicron, Megatron awaits impatiently while Optimus Prime, trapped
by Unicron's interior defenses, must decide whether or not to revive his
age-old arch-rival. In Turkey, only Strongarm is still standing after the
ambush by Mirage, Slugslinger and Sharkticon. But they may have overlooked the fact that a human named Kicker can take care of himself. Alpha Quintesson and Avalon excitedly and nervously await the fulfillment of their long-laid plans.

Just when the Autobots on Earth are about to be overrun, a mysterious
figure emerges from hyperspace, and comes out firing--it's Megatron! And
appearing from behind a fallen Demolishor, shimmering into solidity, is the resurrected Starscream.Keeping in step with the great plotting found in the "Multiplicity" storyarc, scribe Simon Furman keeps a whole cauldron of oil boiling this issue, with conflict on every front. Furman's writing is getting better with every issue, the plot getting more complex and busier, all welcome developments in what had been a lollygagging Dreamwave title. Now things are really hopping--and things look like they're only going to get better.

Alex Milne's art is uneven this issue, more inconsistent than in issues
past. His robots are still fantastic, but the coloring seems a little off. Even in the heat of battle, the bots look like they have all received a new coat of Wreck-Gar's wax. The proportions are all mixed up. And the humans looks worse now. Not only do they all look alike, they all look yucky.

But Milne gets great mileage out of the first action appearances of
Energon Megatron (what a pinup) and Energon Starscream, as well as a
continuing gallery of Autobots of varying looks. Art quibbles aside, "Multiplicity Pt. 3" is a busy, rousing read that promises even more shockers in the future. Bring it on.

Reports from Vector Sigma:

1) With this appearance of Starscream, only Demolishor remains in his old
Decepticon form, though after this issue, that remains to be seen.

2) Looks like Furman and Milne have decided to stick with this look of
Councilor Avalon, despite the visual contradiction from early issue of
Energon. Just one question: If this is Avalon, what does Levitacus look likenow?

3) We get a very good look at a whole buncha Energon Autobots in a midst of a fight: Landquake, Perceptor, Cliffjumper, Jetfire, Bulkhead, Rodimus, Be achcomber, Hotshot--plus a good old Armada helping of Red Alert, Hoist and Decepticon Thrust.

4) A curious little note: Guarding Base Site I are three Autobots: Energon Ironhide, Armada Overload and--Dropshot. Yes, the Triplechanger (BWTF's Ben Yee said it first: he's based on a Takara G1 prototype that turns into a horse and a jet--you can see him in the Japanese Generations book) who was cut in half by G1 Bludgeon in the Armada "Worlds Collide" storyline, apparently survived that encounter (coincidentally, Overload with with him when that happened as well). It's always nice to see these quirky characters survive--though let's see if he survives this encounter. Tha fanboy in me actually wishes Takara would do a limited run of this guy, even if he's kinda dorky, because he's so square he's cool.

5) This issue works on something that has become more pronounced in Furman's writing--that the humans should stand up for themselves. Kicker does it and apparently Rad is ready to do just that.


More Takara Reissue Rumors!

Posted by Professor Smooth at
RUMORS: From the people who brought you the "Takara to Reissue more
Gestalts" rumor comes "More Takara Reissue Rumors." I've heard from
more than one person that Takara's Special Edition reissue of
Predaking will lead to more reissues outside of the Transformers
Collection line. The gestalts may find there way into the line, but
so may other fan favorites. On the short list of figures Takara
might be looking to throw at fans are the City Formers, Metroplex
(Metrotitan), Trypticon, and the Maximus family (Fortress and

The odds of a Fort/Grand Maximus reissue seem rather slim at the
moment. Takara's not doing to hot financially, and (believe it or
not) two foot robot toys are not exactly cheap to manufacture.
However, they have recently busted out the Maximus mold to produce
the Robotmasters' Lucky Draw Brave Maximus, so the possibility is

Would the same fans who are turned of by the 150 dollar asking price
of Predaking be willing to drop 200 dollars (or more) for Fortress
Maximus? How about Grand Maximus?


Preview: Transformers Galaxy Force

The latest issue of Newtype and Animage the official next series of Transformers has been revealed, Transformers Galaxy Force. With animation by GONZO studio, an animation studio that has brought you anime titles such as Vandread, Gravion, Hellsing & Final Fantasy: Unlimited.The new series is in mecha 3DCG, This series is expected to air from January 2005. Shown as follows are some character design of the 2 major characters in the series.

Anime ArtGalaxy Force Convoy

Master Megatron
Galaxy Force Convoy and Galaxy Force Megatron


Transformers G1 # 8

by: Ruel de Vera

The odd thing about "Infestation" (last month's issue) and this issue's
"Extermination" story is that they represent a departure in Dreamwave
techniques. The creative team of James McDonough, Adam Patyk and Don Figueroa had previously distinguished themselves by crafting somewhat complex storyarcs of four issue or more, usually with some subplots included that would continue into the next storyarc.

But with its compact, close-ended nature, "Infestation/Extermination"
instead resembles the structure of an 1980s Sunbow/Marvel Transformers TV
episode. In fact, aside from one scene depicting possible changes in the life of fan favorite Bumblebee, virtually the entire issue is focused on the weird events in San Desto, California. When last we saw them, Bumper had been captured by the emerging Insecticons, and the sibling team of Sideswipe and Sunstreaker seemed to be at the verge of the same. At another part of town, Jazz and Earth Defense Command's Commander Marissa Faireborn were similarly surrounded by an Insecticon clone army.

Now, the Autobots, through their own means, try to fight and survive. They discover that the Insecticons are building a hive and are controlling the townspeople using Bombshell's cerebro-shells. Through a vintage TV effort, the Autobots manage to turn the tables of the Insecticons and survive the buggy experience. While there are a few twist and turns, "Inesftation/Extermination" is by far one of the weakest arcs so far in terms of writing. Everything is so linear and predictable that's is actually a surprise just how predictable the issues are.
One gets the feeling like these two issues were just traditional "fillers" between big stories, a breath between deep dives.

While it was nice seeing the Insecticons back (who doesn't like these creepy crawlies, after all), there's only so much of them we can take. This arc might be a breather after the tumultuous events of the last Jetfire/Sunstorm epic, but perhaps we expected more from this talented team.

That being said, I do like the fact that this storyarc was chockful of
little winks to TF continuity and fandom. And well, it was admittedly a funthrowback.But the real action seems to be reserved for next issue, as Shockwave and (see that familiar outline) a certain Decepticon leader seems to be back.

Reports from Vector Sigma (formerly Hardcore TF tidbits):
1) Jazz's comment, "I've never seen Decepticons that have a chewy center" seemslike a funny reference to how easy it was to dispatch the Insecticon clones, a phenomenon that happened even back in the Sunbow cartoon.

2) There's something weird going on with the word balloons for Faireborn. In some panels, they're translucent, almost to the point of being unreadable.

3) The scene where Fairebon and Jazz have a conversation while Jazz is in his alt mode is another reference to cartoon continuity. Jazz talks to Marissa through a pop-up screen that shows Jazz's robot face, something we've seen as lately as RID. Later on, we have a scene where Bumblebee talks to Spike while in alt mode, but this time he doesn't have a pop-up screen, just a glowing orb, just like in the Sunbow cartoon.

4) In yet another reference to traditional G1 trivia, Sunstreaker deploys his shoulder missles while Sideswipe uses his alternative hand weapons. Similarly, the two tone down the machomecha banter and get to business with characteristic grimness, something the two warriors do when under fire.

5) Again, in classic TF tradition, the Insecticons are spot on. Shrapnel uses his electrical powers and speaks in that "sibilant" repeating manner. Bombshell uses the infamous cerebro-shells and even has a conversation with Shockwave reminiscent of Bombshell's prickly dealings with Decepticon leadership. It actually reminded me more of Beast Wars Tarantulas dismissively talking to Megatron. Also, aside from the clone army, the Insecticons (the originals) are shown rising from eggs after recharging or something. That, and the scene with the hive, is "Alien"-cool. The ribbing Sharpnel gets about seemingly handing control over to Bombshell is obviously something that will be revisted later on.

6) By the way, I think it's nice seeing Jazz drawn consistently with this
shoulder-mounted weapon, something that was missing in past comic appearances. He even gets to use it this ish.

7) Bumper the heroic Autobot. Pretty cool for a figure who gained fame for being a production oversight. Bumblejumper's one of the big boys now.



Transformers Philippines REVIEW

"Transformers Philippines is the Vector Sigma of Pinoy TF fandom" - Ruel De Vera,

"Transformers Philippines online forum, the largest and most prominent Transformers-related forum in the country." - Alex Villafania, Hackenslash

"Collectible for the Big Boys" - ANC Dateline

"theyre doing a great job having a site, an egroup, and especially holding screenings." - Jomike Tejido, artist and Kzone Foldabots creator

"They can help remember and, ultimately, relive the days when robots had the ability to control their bodies in order to resemble other objects" - Gadgets Magazine

"The Place where TF is Alive and kicking!!!!" - D.A.R.K. Corp Alliance


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