Manila International Gift Show 2005 Day 3 Event

12.23.2005 - Its early and MC just got off from work. Hectic days are here again and ready for a 24 hour wake-up call, but its a one day event not to worry about as he said. As JoeShred and MC meet-up. He was pretty much exhausted from his night shift duty.

Our booth is this big.

The funny thing is these guys are quite a riot when setting up a booth as they went on there way to Pilgrim Paladin's place to pick him up with the rest of these stuff. I on the other hand was at the backseat as MC got off once we pulled over at Pilgrim's place. Pretty much the crazies about having this chronicled is different from MC's stories.

Wanna drop by?

I suggested that I tell the story instead, and he agreed. I didn't stay long though the story of these guys are really funny. Heer0san complains a lot. He was the earliest when we got there. The funny part is he's got his toys up for display. The rest of the guys didn't bring any, but the two 10 pound tarpuline the size of a billboard add, and a tarpuline stand would do just fine. Not to mention the walking cinema Azrael is very envious about.

For now my story had to cut this short. I'm off to work, and let the other guys continue there coverage for this event. I can't say that the huge tarpuline made a difference.

If you guys are interested in joining the high speed transformation contest drop by there booth. I'm sure you'll have fun not only to look at the displays, but to take home the prize. Don't forget the final round's at 3-4pm.


5th Toycon plug in @ Manila International Gifts Show



Transformation Speed Contest @ Manila International Gifts Show



Cosplay Contest @ Manila International Gift Show


Rules for Cosplay Contest for the Manila International Gift Show
Dec 28, 2005
SM Megamall, Megatradehall 2-3

1.Individual cosplay contest
teens/kids/adults are allowed to join

2.Registration for Cosplay will start at 10:00 AM, December 28, 2005 Manila International Gift Show regular date, and end of registration will be at 4:00 PM.

** real live weapons and harmful props are not allowed **

** Kids below 12 yrs old (or any age if necessary) should be accompanied by their parents or guardian during registration and catwalk.

At the Registration, contest participants must fill up a form with their name, and character portrayed in their costume and later they will be given their entry number.

3. Cosplayers who signed up before 4:00 PM will be the official contest participant for the Manila International Gfit Show Cosplay Competition.

4. Cosplay CatWalk presentation and judging will start at 5pm. Cosplayer who are not present at the Cosplay Catwalk will be disqualified.

5.At the Cosplay Catwalk, each cosplayer contest participants can present their costume to the judges and to the public for only 1 minute on stage.

6.Judges will select 10 semi finalist and later will be presented at the finals for the grand winner.

7. Criteria for Judging are
50% = Accuracy and Craftsmanship
40% = Projection and Stage Performance
10% = Audience Impact

8. Manila International Gift Show Costume Play Contest winners will be:

1st place
2nd place
3rd place

gift packs and goodies prizes will be given by the event sponsors to the winners.

for inquiries you can email us at


ToyCon 2K6 Preview @ Mega Expo 2005

Clicking the image to enlarge.

Collectibles Unlimited will be at the Mega Christmas Expo 2005, and will be presenting the Philippine Toy, Hobbies, and Collectibles Convention plug in's in preparation for the upcoming 5th Toycon next year.

Mega Christmas Expo will be on Dec 9-11, 2005 @ SM Megamall, Megatrade Hall 2

There will be activities and programs on Friday and Sunday, organized and themed "Toycon PH hour" by our group. New programs will be launched and a teaser of what will come up for the 5th Toycon Philippines.

Please check the following schedule of the event by clicking the image below to enlarge.
The Complete Guide

Take Note: The video game challenge is not yet finalize.
* Indie & Fan Film Showing : Enjoy and watch these fan made films, local and foreign.
* Comic Art and Drawing Exihibit by Guhit Pinoy
* Cosplay talk by RG Guanzon and a cosplay partner
* Special film showings by the TransFormers Philippines
* Cosplay Show : Costume play afficionados showing their best dress/costume art

ENTRANCE FEE - Php 10.00 pesos.


TF MEET-UP 11.20.2005 Report

11.20.2005 - The TF MEET-UP continous without a hitch as we bring you this month's latest activities. Though we got less photos this month the show continued with the screening of Galaxy Force and the start of a our re-run on Beast Wars to commemorate its 10th Anniversary.

TF MEET-UP Attendees

We also featured Brave Robots this month like Bong Mera's Exkaizer DX and Heer0san's prized Raijin Oh DX. Since we have limited time exchanging stories of other Brave robots and screenings more photos will be up next month as Christmas nears in a few days time.

You can view the galleries of photos of toys featured HERE and the guy's group shot HERE.


TF MEET-UP 11.20.2005 Announcement

11.17.2005 - The next TF MEET-UP has been announced. For more detailes and info about the mini-event go HERE for further details. By the way its FREE ADMISSION folks.


Fantastic Four 2 To Open Same Day As The Transformers


Twentieth Century Fox has just pulled one of the stupidest "strategy" moves I've seen in a long long time. They've just announced that Fantastic Four 2 will be released on July 4th 2007. Why is that so stupid? Well because Dreamworks has already announced that they are going to be releasing The Transformers on that exact same day!

Are the people over at Fox totally insane?!?! Do they actually think that Fantastic Four 2 has ANY hope at all of standing up toe to toe against a Transformers movie?!?! Have they totally lost their minds?

Let's see... on one hand we have one of the most anticipated live film projects of my generations time (Transformers), and over on the other hand we have a sequel to a film that made $153 million (not exactly MASSIVE blockbuster numbers) and disappointed most people who saw it. Hmmm... who would win that weekend? Hmmmm.... it's almost a toss up... oh wait... no... no it's no toss up... Transformers will kick the crap out of Fantastic Four 2 if they open on the same day.

Dear Good Folks at 20th Century Fox:

Do yourselves a favour and blink. Take Fantastic Four 2 off the July 4th 2007 date and move it 2 week earlier or later. You'll make money with this film... but if you go toe-to-toe with the Transformers you'll sink like Hoffa in a NY river.

Maybe they're trying to play chicken with Dreamworks and think they can get them to move off the date first. If Dreamworks is smart they'll stay right where they are. They're going to make a crap load of money on that weekend with or without Fantastic Four Moving off it.


TransFormers movie changes

from: according to increasing numbers of supposed "G1" characters are becoming victims of "reimagination"...

Soundwave [G1 - Cassette Desk] who played the role of spy with his cassette Transformers will now inexplicably become a helicopter?!?!?
Ratchet [G1 - Ambulance] the repairman and essentially "doctor" to injured Transformers will now become a firetruck?!?!?
Jazz [G1 - Martini Porche 935] will become some other generic sportscar - presumably because Porsche won't allow licencing of Jazz's original form.
Arcee [G1 - Cybertronian Car] will become a motorcycle (which she does in, surprise, the crappy 2004 "Transformers: Energon" remake!)


TFPH website on update

yo guys!!

TFPH is undergoing major face lift
pls bear with us..

you can still surf and read the articles and archives of TFPH

Mabuhay! TFPH !


Toy Fest 2005 Award To TransFans Philippines

11.08.2005 - Presented by Kidz Station to TransFans Philippines for the support of Toy Fest 2005. This trophy is awarded to Transfans Philippines for supporting and promoting Kidz Station's very first Toy Fest 2005 held on September 24 & 25, 2005 at the Rockwell Tent.

Toy Fest 2005 Appreciation feat. RM G1 Convoy & Micromasters Hot Rodimus

**congratulations for the mighty team up of all members for managing the booth last Toy Fest. I know everyone waiting for the group show and gimik for the upcoming International Toycon 2006.


TF MEET-UP 10.16.2005 Report

10.16.2005 - The first TF MEET-UP since last August 2005 was a success. Introducing a new activity namely the Armada challenge was great. I don't know about you, but Heer0san was the one with the controls.

Special thanks to Feox and our youngest member Dexter for joining the fun once again, and we'll have another one the 20th of November 2005. For those who missed out the happenings you can browse on the photos HERE and HERE.


TFPH at the 2005 TOYCON PH

for more info on the event visit or

Transformers Philippines booth has the crowd.



Cris' challenge for the FIRST LEVEL.


Sean Salazar on the FINAL LEVEL on stage.


Sharivan's turn to take on RAMPAGE.


Kekachu of Deviant Art is next.


The finalist for the High Speed Transformation Contest.


This time with their prizes.


The toys on display at the TF booth.


Transformers Philippines 2005 Toycon roster(incomplete).

Thanks to all who came to this year's Toy Con espcially who dropped by at
TransFormers Philippines booth. Congratulations also to the winners of this
year's High Speed Transformation Contest.

Check out the first few photos taken on the event and more to follow...


The stage is set.


The booths are ready.


The TF Phils. boys are still packing the giveaways.


The entrance is secured.


The ribbon cutting begins...


The Storm Troopers from Star Wars Philippines are coming...


Emperor Palpatine's marching to invade...


Toy Con 2005 with event host Cholo.


Audience area.


The Transformers Philippines booth.


BT-02 Lambor's 100% clone

posted by: Mark Cerbo

This month's Hottest Bootleg Pick for May doesn't come from Deadlock's stuff, but it came from me.

If TFPH has started again the interest in collecting Bootlegs and Knock Offs. This might be a break through in cloning technology.

The first Philippine premiere of BT-02 Lambor's 100% clone... We dare you to see --Yellow Lambor.

This will be something to look for... Enjoy the preview.


TFPH MEET-UP 04.17.2005 Photos

posted and pictures by: Marc Cerbo

Transformers MEET-UP photos are now available for viewing. Special thanks to all who came and more TF MEET-UP gatherings to come!

For now here's the photos from last April 17, 2005!

The man of the hour-- Joe!

Break dancin' cassette just like the way we first broke the news!

The faces of Transformers Philippines -- We Rock!

Devastatingly Cool! Joe's mini-statue!

This month's featured TF Collections!

The TFPH guys are all here! NOTE: Azrael's latest jewelry?!



Transformers Philippines REVIEW

"Transformers Philippines is the Vector Sigma of Pinoy TF fandom" - Ruel De Vera,

"Transformers Philippines online forum, the largest and most prominent Transformers-related forum in the country." - Alex Villafania, Hackenslash

"Collectible for the Big Boys" - ANC Dateline

"theyre doing a great job having a site, an egroup, and especially holding screenings." - Jomike Tejido, artist and Kzone Foldabots creator

"They can help remember and, ultimately, relive the days when robots had the ability to control their bodies in order to resemble other objects" - Gadgets Magazine

"The Place where TF is Alive and kicking!!!!" - D.A.R.K. Corp Alliance


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