Meet The Elite Star Pilots Dash & Chill.

01.31.2007 - Last Sunday was the very first PSICOM Convention 2007. Its also TransFormers Philippines' first public appearance in a convention environment promoting not only the upcoming ToyCon 2007. We bring you The Premier True Filipino TransFormers Nation. Promoting TransFormers Filipino group in other forms of media besides comics, toy, or through animation... But also through music.

That's where the Elite Star Pilots enter. Our friends Dash & Chill dropped by and joined us for some TransFans Fun. They'll be joining us this coming ToyCon 2007 will be rapping and rocking with our friends from Reklamo Band. So stay tuned as The Road To ToyCon 2007 Begins...


TF Classics now on Philippine stores.

01.28.2007 - TransFormers Philippines had an exihibit early today at the Le Pavilion for the PSICOM CON 2007, but the highlight of the day besides getting praises from the organizers of the event. The focus of the attention was the availability of the TransFormers Classics line in Philippine stores. Namely Toy Kingdom.

Mark Cerbo "my collection is complete!!! finally ..Grimlock!"

There was a lot of attention by the assigned group at the booth. Our main man Azrael was very much amazed. The toys went sold out including the much sought after Grimlock, and two of them where on display that lasted less than an hour in the Toy Kingdom booth.

Pretty much a retro return of our famous Generation One characters released for modern times. Reports that people had saw it, and some have already been much of the news on some local message board, which also can be found at our FORUM section. Its where you can report your sightings too


Philippine Toy Convention organizer Vic Yap with Azrael Coladilla co-founder of Transformers Philippines and Toy convention organizer holds the chase fig Grimlock.


TransFormers Philippines featured in Feb 2007 Gadgets Magazine

January-February 2007 Issue.
grab a copy now, for only P125 ($2.60)

grab the latest issue of Gadget Magazine.and check out the Leisure Pursuits in a two page spread article and feature about our Fan group and TransFormers.

Thanks to Michelle Calanta of Gadgets Magazine and Ana Marie Po of Empire Liscensing (official TransFomers liscensor in the Philippines)


TransFormers Screenings Agenda!

01.26.2007 - The TransFormers Screenings first TF Meet up will be this coming Saturday come one... Come all!

What: TF FAN SCREENINGS Marathon 2007
When: 27th January 2007
Time: 1PM to 6PM
Where: #38 Matimpiin St., V. Luna Road, Barangay Pinyahan Quezon City.


* TF GENERATIONS FEATURE: Random Series (Newbies gets to pick first)
* Fanfilm Screening Feature : My Little Transformers!
* Animation EXTRA : TBA
* Rewind : "Choose the Transformers series you want."
* Character / Toy Feature of the Month
* Mini-Toy Exihibit / Show & Tell: Surprise
* Plus! Much More Than Meets The Eye!

Directions to Access Points:

1. Yellow or Black tricycle at Edsa corner Kamias (near 7-11).

2. Yellow tricycle at East Avenue corner V. Luna St. (near Jollibee).

3. White tricycle corner Matalino St. (at Heart Center).

4. White tricycle at Elliptical Road corner Kalayaan Road (at Quezon City Hall).

Access to directions to the the place is now avaialble just click the map to see the enlarge details. We start at 1PM and all the episodes that you missed out just request it a special treat to new members. We will see you all there!


Teaser movie trailer in HI RES

Thanks to Paramount for sending us this HI RES teaser trailer, and choosing us to be one of the many TF fan site to distribute online and promote the teaser trailer of TransFormers Movie.

also the TransFormers movie Fan ART Section has been updated. check the links below to visit the official site of the movie.

Click here to Download the movie in HI RES (Quicktime Format)


Free Comic Book Day.

01.22.2007 - Ever heard of Free Comic Book Day? Your seeing the print what's that meant right? In the US they started this yearly tradition for one day all the publishers came out with there issue, that they meant definitely... For Free. This old Dreamwave published issue was released in May 2003 depicting the print Free Comic Book Day. They held this one day event in the month of May just to give away free comics?!

Free Comic Book Day issue.

Now your talking about just dropping by your favorite shop, and getting this without paying for it. The cover seems it was taken out from a page of a regular issue of TransFormers Armada, but the content is entirely new. Well here in the Philippines comics ain't free, but what we can say probably in the near future we might have that window of opportunity right? Special thanks to the staff of Comic Odyssey for giving us that bit of story.


Wizard's 2007 Movie Preview

01.21.2007 - If your wondering about the year 2007 summer blockbuster. We got something for you to read about it. Everyone knows TransFormers Live Movie is coming up and you've see it all. Well just for those who's into the comic book world better check what's coming this year.

Wizard's 2007 Special Issue.

Wizard has been around toying with there usual casting call article. They sometimes get it, but you'd be surprised what's inside this magazine. If you haven't had the chance to see it drop by Comic Odyssey in two of there branches here in Manila to find out.


The Transformers Are A Gift From God

I just watched another movie by Kevin Smith - The Clerk 2
I laughed all way until the end, coz it reminds me of someone I know who is a big fan of TransFormers...nope..not me...hhahaha one of my co-founder of this club.

I was surprised when the live action movie was mentioned here.

If you haven't seen the movie, the DVD is already out in the market
below is one of the scene from the movie that started the whole TF theme topic

"God createdMan, and Man created the TransFormers.
then, the TransFormers created TransFormers Philippines! "


January TFPH Caption Contest

TF Classic Leader VS. Leader

Optimus Prime: Don't ya dare transform! today is gun ban till June 2007

Create your caption as represented by the image above
it can be funny, serious, wacky and crazy, its up to you

TransFormers Philippines (TFPH) staff will judge who will win the caption contest this month and the winning entry will be featured in our blog website.

winner will receive a TFPH goodie item courtesy of our sponsors

you can post here in our forums, by signing in your registered account.
OR post your entry using the comment box of this blog. (with your entry and email address)
OR email your entry to

You can submit multiple caption entries

Submit your entry now!

TF Caption Contest will end on January 31, 2006

Contest Caption TFPH Forum

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TransFormers Cybertron Robot Blaster in Jollibee Kids Meal!

01.14.2007 - Well this just in early this afternoon while channel surfing. At first we where skeptical what's with Jollibee's commercial had to do with a kid hiding as a TV set and her sister too. The new TV commercial was quite hilarious when the kids went looking for there mother she transformed from a water dispenser?!

Jollibee's latest Kiddie Meal!

Jollibee the Philippines' fast food chain has late Kids Meal for the kids and the young at heart. The new TransFormers Cybertron Robot Blasters featuring Optimus Prime, Vector Prime, Jetfire and Megatron.

Collect All Four!

Surprisingly ourageous shock we've seen since another fast food company a few years back has ties with releasing these kind of toys. Well it only happens here in the Philippines, that we have new TransFormers toys coming out of local fast food restaurants like Jollibee. Promo runs from January 13th to February 10th 2007. So collect all four now!

You can view all the IMAGES HERE

Discuss this now in our Boards


Lastest Toyfare feature Interviews.

01.13.2007 - If your missing something about the TransFormers Live Movie check out the articles & interviews featured. You won't miss Ghost Rider's flaming head on the cover.

Toy Fare #115 March 2007

Quite a surprise that Toy Fare has been running news and updates since the past issues. I fyou can't keep track of it go to the official movie website HERE. But you won't Peter Cullen's interview as well as the writers also featured in the magazine.

Page 48 & 49 spread.

Page 48 & 49 spread should catch your attention. Get your copy at your nearest magazine and comic shops. There's more than toys than meets ToyFare's eyes.


TF Forum Gallery Features.

01.12.2007 - Additional two new forum galleries has been featured namely TF Classics Megatron and this month's TF SpotLight feature character is Jetfire.

Megatron returns in his original form as a hand gun or shall we say a nerf blaster. The leader of the Decepticons won't stop at nothing to conquer the universe. You can view his forum gallery right HERE.

Do you remember the old days when the original cartoon has a showed a huge white robot named Skyfire? Yes that one where all the Autobots gets to be transported thanks to him. Jetfire in toy version as we know him has returned in his TransFormers Classics look and you can see all the images HERE.


TF Classics Gallery: Optimus Prime.

01.11.2007 - You've seen him in the foreign sightings, but you haven't seen how cool Optimus Prime when he came out in the TransFormers Classics toyline.

I guess this special gallery will make you convince in picking up the hottest & latest TransFormers toyline right now. For more images go directly HERE for the forums gallery.


From Meet-Up to Fan Screenings.

01.10.2007 - For almost four years now TransFormers Philippines has been organizing Transformers Meet-Ups since April 13th in 2003. Month after month the gathering has evolved from the original venue based at the Brash Young Cinema up to the hollowed walls of JoeShred's residence known as Moonbase2.

The New & Improved.

Originally Moonbase2 was named after one of the Autobot's two temporary home bases, while trying to liberate there home planet of Cybertron from the evil Decepticons. The other Moonbase would be named after the original venue in Makati. During those earlier times the gathering was also held out doors namely at Starbucks in Glorietta, and there was one time held at MC's place which was an un-named place known only as sector one.

The FIRST TF MEET-UP --April 13th 2003.

Starting January 2006 the TF MEET-UP was renamed as the Transformers Fan Screenings to appeal to members, that this is mostly a private viewing of Transformers series of old & new. At the same time a mini-toy gallery. Its where you get to play the other member's latest toy aquisitionor have the chance to see the latest toys. Mostly its where the toys reviewed by other members.

The last TF Fan Screening at Moonbase 2.

Today the TransFormers Fan Screenings has been moved to a new venue, which will be announced soon. Plans to return to the original venue might resume hopefully this summer. For now the upcoming monthly gatherings will be held on the 27th of January 2007. We'll be keeping you all posted on the upcoming gathering, which we will also celebrate one of our youngest member's special day.


First Poster Appearance.

01.07.2007 - Late last night on the way home we saw a glimpse of the eye of an Autobot. Gazing a top from other advance screening posters at Gloietta 4 movie houses.

The Poster Up There.

This may be the FIRST appearance of the poster of the up coming Transformers Live Movie in the Philippines, which is about to be shown worldwide on July 4th, 2007. Now the question remains if the teaser trailers have been shown?


TF Classics Jetfire Upclose.

01.02.2007 - After a long absence in the TF toylines Jetfire has finally come full circle. His re-apperance in every toyline beginning from Armada has sparked fan interest in him. Hoping fans will able to have him again as a reissue, but when TF Classics came out in September 2006 they came out flying off the shelves.

Until WAVE 2 line-up was announced that Jetfire will be one of most sought after TF characters, and I guess we where expecting great delight.

If you haven't seen the likes of Jetfire check out our latest toy review for the year 2007 right HERE.



Transformers Philippines REVIEW

"Transformers Philippines is the Vector Sigma of Pinoy TF fandom" - Ruel De Vera,

"Transformers Philippines online forum, the largest and most prominent Transformers-related forum in the country." - Alex Villafania, Hackenslash

"Collectible for the Big Boys" - ANC Dateline

"theyre doing a great job having a site, an egroup, and especially holding screenings." - Jomike Tejido, artist and Kzone Foldabots creator

"They can help remember and, ultimately, relive the days when robots had the ability to control their bodies in order to resemble other objects" - Gadgets Magazine

"The Place where TF is Alive and kicking!!!!" - D.A.R.K. Corp Alliance


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