Transfans Ph Screenings Rocked!

10.31.2006 - Transformers Philippines known as Transfans PH is back on track with there monthly TF Fan Screenings last October 2nd. There was the expectation low attendance similar to last August, but it turns out we got new faces adding to the fold thanks in part to Reklamo Band's and our very own LC. Inviting his bandmate and friend who are into the fandom.

Special thanks again to Master JoeShred once again accomodating as always at hosting the monthly screenings dubbed Moonbase2 by our main man Azrael who missed the gathering. Thanks again to Russ, Bong with his son Tots, Detrich, our librarian Heer0san, and Victor Velasco for dropping by. To those who wanted to go but could not come, eventhough you guys cant make it like previously we said that there's always a next month. Transfans Philippines always rocked!


TF Toy Review: Bumblebee

10.31.2006 - You've see the little guy on the original Generation One series. After a dozen Transformers series that came to be he is now back.

You can view the rest of Bubmblebee's toy review. The hottest Transformers Classics toyline has now arrived in specialty stores. Would you pick a Bubmble Bee right now? Read the review HERE.


TF Fan Screenings 10.22.2006

TF Fun Screenings returns last October 22nd for another Sunday with the young and the young at heart. Transfans Philippines has showed you the dedication of being a Fan having Fun just being not just a toy collector, but sticking true to our roots of being ourselves. See the awesome photos taken that day...

more photos here


Prime and Starscream TF movie toys in focus

the toys are here ! I just saw the first photo release from and more photos can be seen in ACTOYS The mechs are in their protoform versions before they arrive in Earth.


Warajj reviews The Dodge Ram SRT-10 Optimus Prime

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A toy review of some sort.

Try this one for size. The Dodge Ram SRT-10 Optimus Prime. My first Hasbro-made Alternator Transformer. Makes the Cybertron Prime next to it look puny. But he's like a little brother in my mind. Don't worry lil bro, Big Prime is here. But I even have a BIGGER Prime that I can't wait to open for my birthday. Donna got it for me! :D

read more here in his blog site



Their War. Our world.

Your Words.

Registrants: The voting phase for the TRANSFORMERS - MAKE PRIME SPEAK CONTEST has begun!

Thousands of fans submitted their chance to have Optimus Prime speak their line of dialogue in the upcoming TRANSFORMERS movie, in theatres 7.4.7.

The TOP 100 Submissions are now posted at

The Voting Phase ends on OCTOBER 23rd.

The winning TOP 10 entries will be announced by November 9th.

During the Voting Phase of the contest, it is one vote per person, per email address used during the submission phase.

Users must have submitted a line in order to have your vote count during this phase.

All users are encouraged to check out the finalists, but again – the only votes that will count are from those who submitted a line to the contest.

Thank you, TransFormers Fans !




artwork by:

What: TF FAN SCREENINGS Marathon 2006
When: 22nd October 2006
Time: 2PM to 6PM
Where: #21 Col. Salgado ST. corner #8 Kamias RD, Quezon City.


* TF GENERATIONS FEATURE: more Transformers Victory
* Fanfilm Screening Feature : My Little Transformers!
* Rewind : "Choose the Transformers series you want."
* Re-Run Request : Newbie Gets To Pick!
* Character / Toy Feature of the Month
* Mini-Toy Exihibit / Show & Tell: COMICS THEME
* Plus! Much More Than Meets The Eye!

The venue location can be viewed HERE...

for inquiries email us at
or txt 09179493307



here's an official message that was sent to us by :
Paramount Pictures Corp. 5555 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90038.

also the rules are posted in the official movie website

He is the voice behind one of pop-culture’s most established icons.

The name is Peter Cullen - the voice of TRANSFORMERS’ Optimus Prime.

And now fans will be given the opportunity to put words in the mouth of Optimus with the “MAKE PRIME SPEAK” contest!

Paramount Pictures announces the “MAKE PRIME SPEAK” contest, a bold initiative that will supply what fans demand – Optimus Prime speaking their words. Fans can submit a line of dialogue that they would most like to hear Optimus Prime say in the film.

First place winner will have his/hers phrase spoken by Prime, in the new Transformers movie!

Contest launches on Oct. 2, 2006. “Make Prime Speak” will run from October 2nd to October 23rd, 2006.

The timeline for the contest is as follows:

The "Make Prime Speak" Contest begins on October 2, 2006, and ends at 11:59 p.m. on October 23, 2006.

The Contest Period consists of a submission phase, which begins on October 2, 2006, and ends at 11:59 p.m. on October 12, 2006.

The voting phase begins at 12:00 a.m. on October 16, 2006 and ends at 11:59 p.m. on October 23, 2006.

All times are Pacific Time.


Here’s how you do it:

During the Submission Phase:

1) go to and complete the registration form found on the site, with the information requested, including an original line of dialogue you would like to hear Prime speak, and submit the entry.

2) All contestants who enter a Submission into the Contest will be able to vote by using the email address from their original Submission. Submissions will otherwise not be acknowledged or returned. Limit one entry per person and/or per email address.

3) During the Submission Phase, Sponsor will post Submissions in a scrolling submission box on the Website.

4) Each entry must be no longer than 120 characters.

5) **Users can submit one line per email address. For example: if you have 20 different email addresses, you can submit a chance to Make Prime Speak 20 times.

The determination of Finalists will be based on originality, appropriateness to Prime's character and relevance to the Picture's story.

Submissions are on a first come, first serve basis. Enter early and often.

Up to 100 of the best Submissions will be selected to be posted online for others to view and judge.

At the end of the Voting Phase, up to 30 Finalists who receive the most non-suspect votes will be submitted to the filmmakers, who will determine the winners in their sole discretion.

The Winners will be announced on the Website on or about November 9, 2006.


The filmmakers will select one (1) Grand Prize Winner whose Submission may be spoken by Peter Cullen in the Picture.

The filmmakers will select two (2) Second Prize Winners whose Submissions may be spoken by Peter Cullen and used for mobile ringtones.

The filmmakers will select up to seven (7) Third Prize Winners whose Submissions will be read by Peter Cullen and made available for visitors to listen to on the Website.

All prize winners will receive:

1) a "Transformers" Prize pack that includes a limited edition "Transfomers" T-Shirt (Approximate Retail Value "ARV": $25.00 and a "Transformers" poster signed by Peter Cullen (ARV: $5.00).

TransFormers FANS ! – it is now up to you to Make Prime Speak.

Roll out.



Transformers Philippines REVIEW

"Transformers Philippines is the Vector Sigma of Pinoy TF fandom" - Ruel De Vera,

"Transformers Philippines online forum, the largest and most prominent Transformers-related forum in the country." - Alex Villafania, Hackenslash

"Collectible for the Big Boys" - ANC Dateline

"theyre doing a great job having a site, an egroup, and especially holding screenings." - Jomike Tejido, artist and Kzone Foldabots creator

"They can help remember and, ultimately, relive the days when robots had the ability to control their bodies in order to resemble other objects" - Gadgets Magazine

"The Place where TF is Alive and kicking!!!!" - D.A.R.K. Corp Alliance


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