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Last time I had checked, New Line and Dreamworks - and last I'd heard... it was pretty vicious, with both companies really really wanting it. So I decided to check back in with some sources that will talk.

Word has it that New Line lost out to Dreamworks, which intends to further develop and make a live-action TRANSFORMER's movie. The word behind the scenes is that Hasbro was leaning towards New Line, till Dreamworks' 2 Billion Dollar Gorilla, Steven Spielberg got in a plane and flew out to Rhode Island to personally meet with Hasbro's team and to dangle the, if we have this, I may direct it, golden carrot. After which Hasbro agreed to Dreamworks getting the project.


Transformers Energon # 25

review by: Ruel S. De Vera

Well, those Dreamwave folks can really surprise, can't they? Just as I was worried they were falling behind, everything that was late suddenly came out! And so here we begin a virtual series of reviews, just for this week's releases!

I begin with Transformers Energon # 25, simply because it's the simplest and most conventional of the new releases. It's nice to see Energon/Armada reach the 25 milestone and despite its relative weaknesses compared to the other series (especially the new/upcoming ones) it should continue to thrive.

That's because it still has the solid creative team of Simon Furman and Joe Ng. But "Omni-Potent," this issue's story, seems to be a somewhat safe standalone issue. In fact, save for a few key moments, it can even be considered inconsequential.

The whole point of "Omni-Potent" is to show how the newly-activated
Omnicons, new to the planet Earth, seem to sow chaos wherever they go. To prevent any more incidents, Prime basically dumps Signal Flare, Arcee, Skyblast and Strongarm to Base One, off in some polar region to keep them away from trouble. But the moment they arrive, they accidentally start to tear apart Ironhide's contraption. In a fit of frustration, unit leader Hot Shot tells them literally to get lost--and they do just that!

So while Kicker and Hot Shot search for them, the Ominicons accidentally fall into the clutches of the Decepticon Snow Cat. Snow Cat then tries to brainwash them, but the Ominicons (with Mini-con Over-run making a cameo) use their collective consciousness to break free. But Snow Cat is in his environment and it'll take more than just brain power to beat this polar
feline. But just as that little sortie is resolved, Furman throws in a pretty interesting cliff-hanger of an ending, something more exciting than anything else in the entire issue.

All in all, "Omni-Potent" remains pretty typical of the Energon storylines, meaning they're basically linear and still somewhat cartoony. But Furman is still trying to beef up the narrative--good luck. When the TV series is actually still more compelling than the comic series, you know you've still got problems. But art-wise, Ng continues to evolve and here, he adds a whole new dimension of detail to the machines, made much more noticeable amid a starkly white backdrop. This boy can draw! In particular, I like how the Omincons looks formidable instead of wimpy (check out his "Metropolitan"-like take on Arcee and the badass Strongarm), but most of all check out how menacing the monochromatic Snow Cat looks in Ng's hands.

All in all, the issue is just all right, but it continues to underperform, and, amid the invasion of quality Dreamwave material this week, "Omni-Potent" is just not potent enough to keep up with the pack.

Harcore TF tidbits:
1) On the second page, check out how Optimus 4, the submarine, gets some face time. It's been a running joke in TF continuity that the water-based TFs get no love, so this is kinda cute.

2) In an unmistakable nod to the G.I. Joe vehicle of the same name, Snow Cat makes a cool, hehe, debut. But there is nothing mentioned here of his origin--that Snow Cat is actually the new form of the former Decepticon Cyclonus. Whatever happened to that?

3) This isn't exactly a hardcore tidbit, but I want to point out that, of all the comics, it is Energon that always gets the colors right--and here, colorists Jong-Im Lee and Josh Perez actually make the characters looks just as brightly colored as their toy counterparts.

4) And the killer detail this issue (SPOILER!): it's back to Armada! Yes, even though Megatron, as we know from # 22, already has a new form, that is indeed Armada Megatron's head in the middle of the last panel. And in the corner--fresh from his nameless appearance in Armada's Worlds Collide arc--it's G1 Scourge! Hmmm.


Transformers G1 # 6

Review by Ruel S. De Vera

I'm sorry, Dreamwave, I know I complained that Sunssome of the characters were getting way too much face time, but did you really have to go on and do that? Anyway, just read this issue to find out exactly what I'm talking about.

After a delay, Transformers Generation 1's most protracted storyarc
concludes this issue with "Atonement." Incidentally, the writer previously known as Brad Mick (G1, MTMTE) now appears under his full name of James McDonough. Adam Patyk is still Adam Patyk and the incredibly talented Don Figueroa is, thankfully, still present and himself.

After the events of last issue, Prowl meets with the Autobots for a possible return of their forces to Earth following their discovery of Sunstorm's flight to Earth. Prowl wants to set up more of their forces on the planet. Meanwhile, Warpath and Bumper, together with the inert bodies of Jazz and company, remain in the custody of the Earth Defense Force, presumably in the same underground base where the remains of the Constructicons are being

But the big bash is the final throwdown between Sunstorm, Jetfire, Bumblebee and the ever-deceitful Starscream underground. Here, where more TF secrets are set to be uncovered, two characters will emerge somewhat functional and two others will not. It is, by all measure, a mighty surprise and a rabbit punch by the writers. After all the robotic violence of the last few issues, the violence and detsurction actually is ratcheted up in this one. The last few panels, a quiet reqiuem for a fallen warrior, will stay in your heads for a long time.

I know I complained about how long this arc was going but damn what an ending. Take a bow guys. But did you really have to... Aw, well. Pay homage to the fall of G1 gladiators with "Atonement," a great issue from a great creative team.

Hardcore TF tidbits:

1) In the fourth page is a whole buncha TF winks. In the first panel, you can clearly see Cybertron's two moons, yes, yet to be devoured by Unicron as per movie continuity (which of course, is no longer applicable, but still it's a fun fact).

2) Same page, second panel. On the tower in the middle of the panel can be reconigzed (in the pseudo-English Cybertronian sigils favored by War Within) the fan-favorite Tf website named "TFW2005,"

3) Same page, same panel: Inside the room with a view on the right, two G2 Autobots can be seen at the table, Volt and Electro. I'm not sure but I surmise that the red and black 'bot to the the left is Gunrunner, the Japanese Roadhandler repaint which came with the Takara Groundshaker tank. Anyone have a clue who the two bots to the right are?

4) In the meeting between the Autobots, once again we see the traditional characterization brought back itno focus: Bluestreak is brash but wants to return to Earth. Gears and Huffer don't want to, and Mirage is depicted pretty much as a prissy aristocrat--which he is.

5) Just my little preference, but I love the conversation between
Cliffjumper and Omega Supreme. I mean, they actually wind up agreeing--and I've often wondered what a conversation with OS would be like. I guess this is as good as it gets.

6) The constant side-switching done by Starscream may be confusing, but it is certainly true to character. And his act of doing something he clearly doesn't want to do but does anyway (saving somebody) reminds me of those scenes in the TV series where he would whine but comply anyway.

7) Just have to say. That last page. Four panels. Two words. "The end." Wow.



Transformers Philippines REVIEW

"Transformers Philippines is the Vector Sigma of Pinoy TF fandom" - Ruel De Vera,

"Transformers Philippines online forum, the largest and most prominent Transformers-related forum in the country." - Alex Villafania, Hackenslash

"Collectible for the Big Boys" - ANC Dateline

"theyre doing a great job having a site, an egroup, and especially holding screenings." - Jomike Tejido, artist and Kzone Foldabots creator

"They can help remember and, ultimately, relive the days when robots had the ability to control their bodies in order to resemble other objects" - Gadgets Magazine

"The Place where TF is Alive and kicking!!!!" - D.A.R.K. Corp Alliance


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