TF Toy Review: TF Movie Ultimate Bumblebee

review by zaptheman

Name: Ultimate Bumblebee
Series: Transformers Movie - Ultimate Bumblebee
Packaging: Windowed Box with 'Try Me' perforation and 'Flip' feature
Release: Sept 2007
Manufactured By: Hasbro
Accessories: Missile

Standing up to more than 14 inches tall in height, Ultimate Bumblebee is the largest Transformers Movie toy in the market. This represents Bumblebee's New Camaro form. Added-on features can be described as animatronic: Bumblebee reacts with lights, pre-recorded sounds and pre-set moves to sound or the push of a button. Features Devo's "Whip It".

Ultimate Bumblebee does NOT have die-cast parts - of which I'm actually grateful. It's heavy enough now that it's all plastic. The plastic's quality is excellent. The use of heavy plastic instead of die-cast metal is a very good choice. The weight of metal parts might just make the plastic parts suffer (Case-in-point: MP Optimus Prime - the top is just too heavy for the plastic thighs to handle). Just take my word for it - it's all plastic, but it's a very sturdy toy.

In reverence to the G1 Bumblebee, movie producer Don Murphy wanted Bumblebee to be a Volkswagen Beetle, but director Michael Bay rejected it to avoid comparisons with Herbie the Love Bug. Bay chose the Chevrolet Camaro instead, which he described as having a friendly quality. Making Bumblebee a Camaro led a full product placement deal with General Motors, who supplied the alternate modes for the rest of the Autobots as well (Except for Optimus Prime who is a Peterbilt truck).

Voiced by Mark Ryan, Bumblebee is a friendly scout who develops a friendship with humans during his efforts to find the Allspark. He has difficulty speaking after his vocal processors were damaged in battle, and uses soundbites from radio broadcasts to communicate on Earth. Near the end of the movie, Bumblebee regains his ability to talk.

Bumblebee starts as a Second-generation 1977 Chevrolet Camaro in the movie, and later on reverts to a Fifth-generation Camaro - a concept car not slated for release until 2009. For the movie, the '09 model was built from a 2006 Pontiac GTO by Saleen and the body was built from the same molds as the '09 prototypes.

Packaging Text:
Earth's first line of defense against the DECEPTICONS is here! Hidden from his enemies in vehicle mode, BUMBLEBEE waits and watches until he is called upon to protect Sam and any other humans that come under threat from MEGATRON. He is a cunning warrior against evil, and dedicated to those he calls his friends. When danger threatens, he converts to robot mode with his plasma cannon blazing!

The TRANSFORMERS Movie hero “comes to life” at the push of a button! This amazing and ultra-detailed robot figure features an animated head, wings and arms. His cannon automatically “aims” and fires a missile! Convert this awesome machine in to Camaro concept vehicle mode with battle and conversion sounds! Groove to nine different songs, featuring “Whip It” by Devo! You’ll be ready for action with realistic revving engine sounds, screeching brakes and crashing noises – even a car alarm and horn! And with 17 cool phrases like, “Let’s roll out!” and “Take that DECEPTICON!” he's the ultimate interactive action figure powered up, and ready to bring the fight to the DECEPTICONS - or at least your bedroom!

Includes 4 AA batteries

Vehicle Mode:
Ultimate Bumblebee's vehicle mode is a very close representation of Chevrolet's fifth-generation concept Camaro. The paint job is black (stripes) and silver(wiper, door handles, gas intake, tailpipes and Chevrolet logo), with a touch of dark gray (grille, windshields and windows) and gold (Chevrolet logo detail and Autobot insignia) on chrome yellow plastic. The wheels are real rubber, with accurate tread detail on the tires, realistic mags and disc brakes. The headlights, fog lamps and taillights use clear plastic. Two things about the detail stand out for me: 1. the soft rubber side mirrors - the flexibility of the material protects it from breaking off. 2. the chrome-yellow plastic used on the car body - the color looks like real polished car paint. My only gripe is the opaque dark gray windshield and windows. It totally throws off the realistic rendition of the rest of the car.

[image] [image] [image] [image]

When set to "ON", the alt mode detects motion of the car. Pressing the Autobot insignia starts off sounds of the engine trying to start up, and eventually with the engine running when stopped and the engine revving when moving. The headlights and fog lights light up at this point, and the revving engine sounds change accordingly to the speed that the car is moving. Stopping motion causes it to make braking sounds - the faster it was moving, the longer the braking sounds. Stopping also causes the tail lights to light up - don't want the rear bumped, now do we? :) When stopped and not touched for an amount of time, it plays a radio soundbite, music, or honks its horns randomly.

Ultimate Bumblebee comes packaged in robot form. According to the packaging, transformation is level 5, the highest in transformation difficulty. This is indeed true, as transformation is very difficult and there are some points that you'll discover on your own that are not referenced in the product manual. A lot of the car panels snap into place using locks similar to LEGO technic bolts. The leg collapses in similar to MP Optimus Prime, and it takes a bit of effort to push the legs in while holding down the buttons on the sides. The car doors are attached to the toy with rubber cables, and you have to push it onto the front side panels - hardly seeing anything - until you hear it snapping into place. When turning back to robot mode, the arms do not simply snap on to the body, there's a D-shaped portion in the joint that you have to align with the socket and it only snaps into place after a few turns of the arm. All in all, transformation to alternate mode and back to robot is difficult but it gets easier with practice. The parts are sturdy enough to handle your first few mistakes in transformation, but you still have to take care to not force anything into place.

Robot Mode:
Ultimate Bumblebee in robot mode is loosely based on the Bumblebee in the movie. Compared to the deluxe Bumblebee, it has more accurate individual parts (with the exception of the chest deformation). The head is very, very close to the movie. It gets a bit too large though, on the car parts - the chest is way too heavy, the car roof is a huge box behind his butt (this encases 4 AA batteries), and the tail section of the car are huge lumps at the back of his legs. This makes the proportions less accurate, and this discrepancy in proportions actually makes the deluxe Bumblebee a better representation of Bumblebee in the movie.

The paint job includes the same colors as in alt mode (the panels of the car that appear in robot mode, plus a few yellow parts on the helmet, arms and legs), with the exception of the appearance of more gray and silver parts. The body features a dry-brushed silver on dark gray, an enhancement that makes up for the largely flat chest when the front of the car isn't yet folded down. Finally, most of the limbs' robot parts are a lighter shade of gray with touches of painted-on yellow. The joints on the ankles feature gold plastic.
[image] [image] [image]

Articulation is very limited for such a large figure. This is primarily because of the animatronic features - the head can't be rotated and the arms can't be moved on the shoulder joints because this is controlled by the internal engines that move those parts when the feature is turned on. The arm with the cannon does not have an elbow. The arm with the hand is excellent though, with a ratcheted elbow, a movable wrist, movable fingers and a ball-socketed opposing thumb. The thighs, legs up to the feet have ratcheted joints on all four points of articulation - which only comes in handy during the transformation process - it doesn't do much to help in posing the legs because the large parts doesn't allow the legs to move too much.

When set to "ON", the robot mode reacts with animatronic sound and motion to button presses as well as voice and sound. It starts with Bumblebee saying "Ready!" and randomly cycles through a myriad of pre-recorded music and voice recordings (I've owned the toy for 3 days and I'm still discovering new voice recordings, sound and music).

Moving animatronic parts include a swiveling head, the door "wings" on the back (doesn't necessary flap, it swings up and down at random angles) and a full range of motion for the shoulder and elbows. Total upper-body work-out. :)

A third yellow button on one side of the body activates "Battle Mode", which basically makes him make hydraulic-machine sounds and/or battle noises. Pushing the button makes him aim his cannon arm and shoot the missile, as well.

All in all, this is an EXCELLENT figure. It's more of a display piece, a robot you can put on the shelf and admire, occasionally turn on and have fun with the animatronic features. Once in a while, you'll want to transform it to it's alt mode, which is actually the better-looking mode - but who displays transformers toys in alt mode? Chicks surely dig it. They talk to it like it was a doll. Who couldn't resist the charm of a robot that talks back?

The Score:
Vehicle Mode: 4.9 / 5 - The opaque gray plastic windshield and windows should have brought it down, but the rest of the car is just too cool.
Robot Mode: 4 / 5 - Excellent individual parts, but the proportion is just way off. Give it proportions same as the deluxe figure, and it could have been a 5. Also, they should have done something to compensate for the lack of articulation due to the animatronics feature.
Gimmicks: 5 / 5 - The animatronics feature is the best gimmick in any transformer toy i've seen so far (not quite robo-sapien, but heck, robo-sapien doesn't have an alt mode does he?).

Overall: 4.7 / 5 - Definitely worth the HUGE price tag.

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free downloadable hedkase transformers



just save target as the images and then print it..and then build it

if anyone builds one, try post a pic here ha.


Playing Transformers - The Game for a week

written by :

Yes! it's almost a week now, and the heat keeps on rumbling - and it never stops. I always play this game every night. Last Sunday, I made my whole day for this game, hehehe. ^_^ Okay, Transformers: The Game for the PS3 (PlayStation 3) packs lots of action and impact, especially with the metal gearing and clanging sound effects, plus the movie soundtrack which makes its game play awesome. The graphics is so superb and everything its all in 3D. Imagine that. ^_^

Oh, while I'm playing this game, I was amazed on the game programming. Why? because everything on its environment and object reacts inside the game. It has physics... everything that possibly can be moved, it will moved and also reacts... just like the real thing.

This is an action game based on the blockbuster movie, it has destruction, throwing things, smashing, beating up enemy robots, car chasing, shooting, jumping, etc... its all here. I tell you, for me... this is the only game so far I know that total destruction can be made, thanks to the PlayStation 3.

Still, the game its self is the translation of the movie. There are some scene from the game that are inter connected to the story which you can't seen on the actual movie. Overall, this game is very good. ^_^


CGSociety features Transformers’ Visual Effects Art Director Alex Jaeger

He designed the robot characters for the Transformers movie, he explains also about that why they removed Bumble Bee's horns and replace it with so called emotional fins, he also narrate his story on how he started working as a design artists for movies Star Trek, Star Wars, Pearl Harbor and Transformers.

Bumblebee has the basic design elements of the cartoon with a silver face, yellow helmet, and the Autobot logo on his forehead, as well as shapes like the scoops on the side of his head resembling the ’74 model Camaro headlights. “Michael [Bay] didn’t want to see any stretching metal. He thought that was cheesy, a little too Terminator esque. The idea was we would have all these little mechanical pieces that would slide and move, little tiny pieces that fit together to create a face that you could connect with.”

read more here


TransFormers Botcon 2007 Peter Cullen Panel Optimus Prime

Thank you to eternalrogue who got the chance to be at this year's BotCon 2007. A yearly TransFormers convention held in the US. He was at Peter Cullen's panel of discussion that night and it was a rousing applause for the man who originally voiced Optimus Prime in the G1 cartoon and also in the blockbuster film.

Watch this video of the man we know who voiced Optimus Prime.


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Watch the 6th ToyCon HERO TV Special every weekend

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Watch the Hero TV Toycon Special Tonight
Saturday and Sunday at 9pm (whole month of July)

Channel 44 Skycable


New Avengers/ The Transformers: Man and Machine #1

PREVIEW at Comics news I

New Avengers/ The Transformers: Man and Machine #1
From Marvel Comics & IDW

It’s time to Assemble–and Roll Out! What in the world could unite Earth's Mightiest Heroes and the Autobots? Maybe the Decepticons and Dr. Doom know! War is about to break out on the border between Latveria and Symkaria -- unless two unique teams of heroes can unravel a dark mystery… that is, if they don’t destroy each other first! Stuart Moore (WOLVERINE, PUNISHER X-MAS SPECIAL) and Tyler Kirkham (X-MEN: PHOENIX WARSONG) bring together fan-faves like Wolverine, Megatron, Spider-Man and Optimus Prime in this all-new, four-issue, widescreen adventure!

32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99 - On sale NOW.


TransFormers PH video blog - ASAP show movie premiere

The Sunday noontime show ASAP have their own special screening of the Transformers movie at the Trinoma Mall, each celebrity shows their excitement before and after watching the Transformers movie. The Transformers mania have expanded nationwide and everyone are already cramming up to get their own toys, merchandise, video game and fast toys from Jollibee.

So what's next after the hype? we are not sure what will happened to this franchise and I know every kid, teen, adults are fans. So to keep the hype hot and lively, be sure to tune in here in our blog for more surprises and gimiks for all TFPH members and readers


TransFormers PH video blog - TFPH featured in QTV 11's Kids on Q

Here's our TV feature from QTV 11's Kids on Q, focusing on the hype of the Transformers movie, The Transformers merchandise Launch in Megamall, Floro Dery's Exhibit and our TFPH founder.

thanks to Sam and the QTV crew for inviting us as their subject for their topic about Transformers. Too bad that my quality of the video footage was shot using my digital camera and I was at the dentist clinic that time, thats why it is so noisy and the quality is crappy, ahahaha

I will upload soon a much clearer copy after I receive the copy from QTV 11.


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PS3: Transformers - The Game

Ronald Guanzon shares to us his PS3 game

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Yes! I'm very happy today. ^_^ Fedex delivered the package (07.05.207 - 9:37AM) all the way from New York and was bought at Toys R Us, thanks to my sister. ^_^

In my hand it's the "Transformers: The Game" for the PS3 (PlayStation3). It's my 3rd PS3 game that I have and my first US PS3 game.
Here's the tracking report from Fedex on how this game delivered:



Jul 5, 2007 9:37 AM



8:56 AM

On FedEx vehicle for delivery


7:58 AM

At local FedEx facility


5:40 AM

At dest sort facility


3:20 AM

Int'l shipment release


3:05 AM

Departed FedEx location


1:13 AM

Arrived at FedEx location

Jul 3, 2007 12:01 PM

Departed FedEx location


6:44 AM

Arrived at FedEx location


3:33 AM

Departed FedEx location

Jul 2, 2007 11:57 PM

Departed FedEx location


10:39 PM

Arrived at FedEx location


10:30 PM

Left origin


1:40 PM

Picked up


* Notice that July 4 has no record because it's a holiday "Independence Day - 4th of July"

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Inside is the Blu-ray Disc of "Transformers: The Game" for the PlayStation 3. Maximum screen resolution at 1080p for LCD TV monitors. Also included is the instructional manual for controllers navigation and other game details.

(more updates to come...)

> My Games (2007)
at Multiply

hypercopied from


TransFormers movie : REVIEW

reviewed by Mark Cerbo

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Genre: Action & Adventure
TransFormers was never been this bigger on film. Bigger than all the series combined and all the Decepticons put together. Its even bigger than the planet eating Unicron. The franchise has grown full circle it now has a mass appeal that every Filipino would like to see.

I've read the comic books, had a few toys, haven't finished reading the novel, and have eaten for yum burgers just to get the kids meal. This is something different to see...

The story is the conflict between the heroic Autobots and the Evil Decepticons. It been a civil war of epic proportions because their after one thing. The AllSpark.

Its like back to basics for anyone who have seen the Generation One cartoon. In the old school TV series they are after the energy resources to power there home planet of Cybertron. In the big screen live action there after the life giving cube.

But no matter how good the story was written. TransFormers did not have any dull moment. It fast paced high octane Michael Bay action flick, but as they say even this movie ain't no perfect.

Rest assured if your into just watching the movie you won't care to notice it. If I put myself in someone's shoes who doesn't know what the hell is a TransFormer I'm going to definitely want to see it repeatedly.

Teletran Reports...

1.) What's in the name... Devastator? Thought it was Brawl as what the toy was named after.
2.) Anybody knows what happened to Scorponok, Barricade & Starscream in the movie?
3.) Peter Cullen is one guy who gave me the goose bumps, whenever he sounded like Optimus Prime since he started to be the voice actor since the start of the original cartoon.
4.) If you read the bible that's how Optimus Prime & Megatron is related in this movie.
5.) There's a lot of inconsistencies you should try to nitpick, but if this the first time to watch TransFormers just enjoy the ride.

One last thing. Never stand up until the credits have ended, since there are scenes I recommend that you see.

Overall I won't give you any back story or detail on what really happened just one thing I advice to you. Watch and have fun. I gave it four robot points instead of five, because I still want to watch it all over again.


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Planet X Comics Shop Grand Opening Day - JULY 7, 2007
located at Trinoma Mall
Level II, M2 S-2140e, EDSA Corner North Ave., Quezon City


Come meet Special Guest Artists:
*Lan Medina - Penciler (Fables, Punisher, Silver Surfer, Spawn, District X, and more)

*Mico Suayan - Penciler (Moon Knight, Trakk Monster Hunter)

*Edgar Tadeo - Inker/Colorist (Wolverine, X-men, Iron Man, Spawn, and more)

*Carlo Pagulayan - Penciler (Incredible Hulk, Elektra, Emma Frost, Fantastic Four, and more)

*Jeff Huet - Inker (Incredible Hulk, Fantastic Four)

*Wilson Tortosa - Penciler (Battle of the Planets, Tomb Raider)

Artists will be signing from 1pm-5pm. The first 50 people in attendance will receive a special print created just for this event. Due to time and space constraints, sketch requests from artists will be limited. Full mechanics on sketch requests to be announced at the grand opening.

For more info, please call 536-8070 or 914-0040.

You can also e-mail us at

TransFormers Philippines Meet up will happened also at the event, for info and schedule of the meet up, visit our FORUMS or email us at | or sms us at 09179493307


Stop motion animation: Powermaster Super Ginrai Masterforce

check out this stop motion animation by Arvin, using his collection as the material for his animation. view more of this in his youtube account

created and directed by:

Arvin Angeles

Stop Motion Animation of Super Ginrai Masterforce.
It is the 1988 Japanese Anime Transformers.

The Model is Transformers Generation I(Commemorative Series II).
It is also known as Autobot Powermaster Optimus Prime.

God Ginrai (Trailer turn to robot) and Hi-Q (driver that transform into an engine)


TransFormers PH video blog - TF event in Megamall whole footage

Here's the video footage that I shot and edited, to catch all the Transformers Ph moments and also it shows how successful the event and how happy the people in there.


TransFormers PH video blog - TF event in Megamall Montage

press play to watch our montage video of the event


Before its too late MTV - by the Goo Goo Dolls

spoiler warning.



Transformers Philippines REVIEW

"Transformers Philippines is the Vector Sigma of Pinoy TF fandom" - Ruel De Vera,

"Transformers Philippines online forum, the largest and most prominent Transformers-related forum in the country." - Alex Villafania, Hackenslash

"Collectible for the Big Boys" - ANC Dateline

"theyre doing a great job having a site, an egroup, and especially holding screenings." - Jomike Tejido, artist and Kzone Foldabots creator

"They can help remember and, ultimately, relive the days when robots had the ability to control their bodies in order to resemble other objects" - Gadgets Magazine

"The Place where TF is Alive and kicking!!!!" - D.A.R.K. Corp Alliance


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