TransFormers movie : REVIEW


reviewed by Mark Cerbo

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Genre: Action & Adventure
TransFormers was never been this bigger on film. Bigger than all the series combined and all the Decepticons put together. Its even bigger than the planet eating Unicron. The franchise has grown full circle it now has a mass appeal that every Filipino would like to see.

I've read the comic books, had a few toys, haven't finished reading the novel, and have eaten for yum burgers just to get the kids meal. This is something different to see...

The story is the conflict between the heroic Autobots and the Evil Decepticons. It been a civil war of epic proportions because their after one thing. The AllSpark.

Its like back to basics for anyone who have seen the Generation One cartoon. In the old school TV series they are after the energy resources to power there home planet of Cybertron. In the big screen live action there after the life giving cube.

But no matter how good the story was written. TransFormers did not have any dull moment. It fast paced high octane Michael Bay action flick, but as they say even this movie ain't no perfect.

Rest assured if your into just watching the movie you won't care to notice it. If I put myself in someone's shoes who doesn't know what the hell is a TransFormer I'm going to definitely want to see it repeatedly.

Teletran Reports...

1.) What's in the name... Devastator? Thought it was Brawl as what the toy was named after.
2.) Anybody knows what happened to Scorponok, Barricade & Starscream in the movie?
3.) Peter Cullen is one guy who gave me the goose bumps, whenever he sounded like Optimus Prime since he started to be the voice actor since the start of the original cartoon.
4.) If you read the bible that's how Optimus Prime & Megatron is related in this movie.
5.) There's a lot of inconsistencies you should try to nitpick, but if this the first time to watch TransFormers just enjoy the ride.

One last thing. Never stand up until the credits have ended, since there are scenes I recommend that you see.

Overall I won't give you any back story or detail on what really happened just one thing I advice to you. Watch and have fun. I gave it four robot points instead of five, because I still want to watch it all over again.

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Comments :

Dave said...

In response to #2 above:

During the end credits, Starscream is shown flying out of Earth's orbit (presumably back to Cybertron). In the comic adaptation, Barricade was killed by Optimus Prime right about the time when Bonecrusher got whacked.

Scorponok just disappeared. He will probably re-appear in one of the sequels.


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