TF Classics 2 Pack Edition.

02.25.2007 - The TransFormers Classics toyline has been phenominal with Pinoy Fans that the toys are always sold out almost anywhere. Hasbro has captured the fans nostalgic appreciation for the Generation One series.

Now thanks to Playkit the local distributor of TransFormers here in the Philippines has step up and brought in the Two Pack Edition of TransFormers Classics. You can get them without having difficulty tracking them individually similar to the previous TransFormers Cybertron toyline.

You get Rodimus versus Starscream and Bumblebee versus Astrotrain from the First Wave of the TransFormers Classics toyline. All of them where sighted at SM Megamall's Toy Kingdom. So what are you waiting for? Grab yours today!


Non-Stop Toys Bumblebee Statue.

02.24.2007 - For those who's favorite TransFormers character is Bumblebee who can't get enough about the tough little autobot that could. Add this to your growing Bumblebee Collection. Comic Odyssey proudly brings you BotCon 2006's Non-Stop Toys Exclusive Bumblebee mini-statue limited release of 1000 pieces only.

The statue is as tall as the TF Classics Bumblebee that's been already out in local stores in the Philippines. It has articulated arms for display poses, and the statue has an Autobot symbol base. For more details drop by the Philippine store branches of Comic Odyssey at Robinsons Place Manila or Robinsons Galleria, where this statue is currently on display and available.


John Beatty in Manila

TransFormers Philippines was there to meet and greet comic inker extraordinaire - John Beatty.
John is widely known for inking comics of Marvel's Secret War, Capt. America and DC's Batman and more.

TFPH with John Beatty and Comic Odyssey Owner -Sandy

a surprise gathering from members, its a first time greeting to new members of TFPH

more photos here

and read my commentaries here


Grimlock error box.

02.22.2007 - For those who where fortunate enough to picked up TF Classics Grimlock in local stores we congratulate you. Now would you be surprised to find out if you ever found out, that the Grimlock you got has an error on the back card?

Well as our founding members MC & Azrael, where lucky enough to get two during the recent PSICOM CON 2007. Actually its MC who got the error box showing Astrotrain's name printed beside the Jetfire toy image at the back of the card. So far there is no official news if all the Grimlocks, that came out in department stores had an error. If you have bought one or has sighted a Grimlock with an error just discuss it at our forums right HERE.



// check out the letter sent to us by our friend from

our local carrier for the TransFormers property here in the Philippines. congratulations to all Pinoys and to all who bought the Kiddie Meal of Jollibee, this will be a great result for future toy release in our local fast food, mind you this is exclusive here in the Philippines. Hope they make more of it in the coming months.. Rock and Roll Out !!!! //

Hello everyone! Just want to share this great news with you.

The ground-breaking promotional success of the Transformers Cybertron Robot Blasters of Jollibee have proven to be the most reliable touchstone that reaffirmed the undeniable mass appeal of the classic robot characters in the local market. For the initial week of it’s four-week long promo period, Jollibee reportedly ran out of Transformers premium items leaving their millions of customers asking for more. The promo precursor of Jollibee further validated the better than expected growth to be posted by the merchandising industry should the local manufacturing and promotions players take advantage of this great licensing wave.

Transfomers is indeed one of the hottest if not the hottest properties of the season predicted to break merchandising and promotional figures posted in recent history.

Cheers to all!


Review on Optimus Prime TF Classics

mirror -

download link FLV file -

Here's our review on Optimus Prime from the Transformers Classic toy line, Mark Cerbo and me did a video review for the Classic Toy. Maybe we will put more toy reviews online, this is just an experimental move for everyone to see. We created one for Pinoy fans and since that there are no other pinoy in Youtube who do reviews for toys, so here we are on our very first attempt.

This is our treat to all !
Happy Chinese New Year everyone!


Michael Bay interview in MTV Rough Cut

In Superman, we believe that a man can really fly, This summer we will believe that cars can turn into robots.

check this cool interview of Michael Bay in MTV Rough Cut, with transcription and video.

link is in here

Few figures are as polarizing to movie fans as Michael Bay. He's been knocked for his supposed style-over-substance approach to filmmaking even as his movies have nearly all achieved blockbuster status. From "Bad Boys" to "Armageddon," Bay knows big-time summer entertainment. And this summer, he's back with his most anticipated flick yet — the feature-film version of "Transformers." Do we really need to tell you what it's about? Cool cars turn into giant robots. Got it?

Bay recently spoke exclusively to MTV News about his upcoming film, slated for release this July 4. (To watch the director talk truck-smashing stunts and sequels, click here.)

MTV: So you have Steven Spielberg producing a Michael Bay film, a July 4 release — it seems like all the planets are aligned for "Transformers" to be huge. What can we expect from this film?

Michael Bay: It's a magical movie in a lot of ways. There's some awesome action in it. I've done action my whole life. I don't get excited about action anymore, but I'm excited about this. When robots transform at 85 miles an hour, you can do a lot with that. There are some mind-blowing visual effects and we're not even going to show them in the commercials. Normally when they advertise movies they show everything. Steven and I are just going to show a few pieces.

MTV: It's that old Spielberg axiom of never revealing too much.



5 PAGE PREVIEWS ARE UP - G.I.Joe vs. Transformers vol.IV #2

here's an official press release many thanks to Susan Bishop.

Titles in store the week of 2/14/07 :
G.I.Joe vs. Transformers vol.IV #2 (of 2)
by: Tim Seeley & Andrew Wildman

The unbelievable double-sized conclusion! The G.I. Joe team and the
Autobots face the most bizarre and unbelievable threat they’ve ever
faced! Cobra-La strikes, and with them comes the devourer of worlds –
UNICRON! How does Joe Colton fit into all of this? The fate of
millions depends on if Cobra-La's insidious plans can be stopped!
Plus – the unrevealed origin of UNICRON!

Susan Bishop


TFPH member featured in MOBILE MAGAZINE

Featured at Mobile Magazine (February 2007 issue)

Yes! I was featured at the February 2007 issue, Mobile Tech Tribes of Mobile Magazine. The article is about PinoyPSX: Pinoys with that X-factor. Featuring yours truly with the PLAYSTATION 3 and dabbling in the world of PinoyPSX. Cover magazine girl is Iya Villania.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Special thanks to HIP publishing and PinoyPSX group.

Feature Photos

© 2007 Ronald Guanzon. All Rights Reserved.

// Congrats to you RG !!!! our PS3 demo live game gimik really works here! maybe we need to have a repeat performance this coming months in megamall hehhehe //


Preview releases by Paramount in NYC


his evening in New York City Paramount, Michael bay, Dreamworks and Hasbro provided the press an extended preview of the Transformers Movie. They showed 4 clips from the movie, described below, as well as discussed the genesis of the idea for the film and how Michael Bay came to be the Director of the film. ENewsI Was on hand with an exclusive report.

The Transformers Movie Overview

Dreamworks wants "Transformers" to be their franchise line. Th
ey cited other movie franchies such as "The Matrix " and "Jurassic Park" as examples from other companies.

Spielberg really did play with the Transformers toys and is a big fan. He approached Michel Bay about doing the movie. Bay was reported to have decided within 5 seconds that he didn't want to do "a movie based on a toys."

Then 30 seconds later Bay recalled his time working at LucasArts on "Raiders of the Lost Ark" when everyone thought it would would not do well - Except for Steven Spielberg. Thinking to himself that obviously Steven knew what he was doing. He to decided to learn more about their idea. Spielberg and Dreamworks put Bay through a what they call a "Transformers School" of sorts. After showing him clips from the Transformers, Bay decided he really wanted to get on board with the project.

Hasbro talked about the Transform
ers Brand. It was stated that that the Transformers is a $3 Million brand that is the number three ranked toy-line in the action figure demographic after Star Wars and G.I. Joe.

Michael Bay described two challenges in making the film. First he cited the need to make the robots "look real." In addition, he also described having to get the actors to work with a 35 foot tall robot. "it was really challenging because the robots were not really there."

It was stated tonight that this movie will be Dreamworks single biggest event they have done globally. Michael
Bay also stated that it takes them something like 38 hours to render 1 frame of the film with the robots in it.

Finally, there were four separate clips from the film that were shown. Descriptions of each clip follows:

Blackout at the military base

Extended clip showing Deception helicopter Blackout at the military base. The clip shows the Decepticon attacking the military so that he can break into military computers to get more information on the humans. The classic transforming sound is used in the film when Blackout transforms. This scene is very action oriented with the U.S. being taken by surprise and the desert outpost destroyed.

Sam Witwicky gets his first car

After Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) gets his first car which turns out to be a 70s yellow Camaro. He goes looking for trouble with his friend. After confronting a football jock, he soon has an opportunity to make contact with the hot Mikaela (Megan Fox). Still not aware his new car is an alien robot, Sam is mysteriously aided by his car when it plays sappy music on the radio and then breaks down at what might be described as a make-out spot. The bumblebee air freshener on the mirror and the glitter ball are a nice touch.

Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ironhide, Sam and Mikaela

Optimus Prime (Peter Cullen), Bumblebee and Ironhide along with Sam and Mikaela are on a journey to Sam's house to try and find some object Sam has. This scene is pretty funny as Sam tries to hide the from his dad that he's hanging out with 3 huge robots. Prime nearly steps on a dog who later shows is displeasure by urinating on Irongide who mutters something about lubricants on his foot. Prime speaks in this clip. Cullen's voice sounds good. The Robots are very well animated and look very life-like. Later some government organization who are on the trail of giant robots come to the Witwicky home.

Extended Desert Scene

An Extended Desert Scene was shown of the troops encounter with Scorponok. Having to borrow a cell phone from a bystander so they can call the pentagon while fighting Scoponok, Captain Lennox encounters a not so helpful phone operator who requires a credit card number for a collect call before he will put the call through. Eventually, Lennox makes contact with the Pentagon who send air re-enforcements to help send Scoponok back under ground. This gives the folks at the Pentgon their first look at the robots.

The scenes shown definitely had the feel of a Michael Bay movie with a nice mixture of action, explosions and humor. The special effects were also quite good. If the overall story plot is as good as the action and special effects we saw, then this may be one blockbuster movie that old and new Transformers fans alike will enjoy.

Read More... Contest Name the toys-boxarts

check out some goodie contest from one of our sponsors!

For fun, im running a simple contest for all loyal members of message board.

Photo below is the new logo for the ebay store of, guess the specific toy or box art including scale and manufacturer of the toys shown in the logo.

Please submit your entries via PM to Admin.


Deadline is February 20, 2007. Prices will be announced later this week valued at over 500 pesos each. The top 3 people with the most correct answer wins this contest and can claim thier prize at branches.

Entry Example:

Photos on top from LEFT to RIGHT are:
1. Kotobukiya Star Wars Luke Skywalker Statue
2. Bandai SD Strike Noir

Photos on bottom from LEFT to RIGHT are:


for info visit


The Game

Ronald Guanzon, professional video gamer and promoter shared with us a news about the TransFormers video game. Couple of days ago, I already signed up in the TransFormers Game website and there I sign up and team up with the Decepticons, Im just wondering what if the bad guy wins ???

* There will be an Autobot Game and a Decepticon Game for Nintendo DS, supporting 4 way multi-play.
* The PSP will a version of the game (maybe different from all), but with 4 way Multi-Play.
* Wii will get special Wiimote functions, such as throwing things, steering, etc.
* You can play as 9 Autobots and Decepticons. Unplayable characters are going to be boss characters or other important characters.
* There will be unlockable characters and possibly movie characters that don't appear in the movie (like Wreckage).
* There will be G1 references in the game.
* It has a full interactive environment where you can pick things up and throw it at the enemy...including a Burger King sign.
# Burger King and Pepsi references were in the game, so we know they are sponsors.
# As the robot you can punch, shoot, jump, transform at will and drive/fly around when you are in vehicle mode.
# Autotargeting will be available.
# For game play, it reminded me of Grand Theft Auto, where you can run around the city (perspective was similar to GTA). The steering of the vehicle looked well done, where you could oversteer around turns, etc. If you caused too much ruckus the police would come and the pedestrians would go around screaming, especially if you were in Robot Mode (so being in disguise is important). Pedestrian interaction was not completed yet, but we were hoping you could pick up people and thrown them.

Storyline is different based upon if you are an Autobot or a Decepticon, humans are part of the story, but not part of the gameplay. Because of the dual roles the Decepticons can win in this one.

This Activision-published title for the PS3, 360, Wii, PS2, PSP, and NDS is set to land/dock/park on retail stores sometime during the third quarter of this year.

also, RG is promoting a network battle visit his website at


The Golden Spark Awards, TFans Members' Choice 2006 ( TFans Transformers Community )

I just received this in my inbox minutes ago, lets support it guys! is pleased to announce the first annual Golden Spark Awards! This is where you, the fans, can vote and decide what were the best Transformers figures of 2006. Along side the toy categories, you can nominate the best fan art and best fan fiction done by a TFans member in 2006.

We also want your feedback! That's right, we want to hear what you think of TFans and our sister site, TFormers. This is your chance to suggest what you would like to see added to We value your opinion and hope you will enjoy the first annual Golden Spark Awards!

All participants who complete the Golden Spark Awards voting ballot entirely will be entered into a drawing for a Master Piece Megatron Prize Package from HobbyLink Japan that includes the followiing: Mp-05 Master Piece Megatron Action Figure, HobbyLink Japan Hat and HobbyLink Japan T-Shirt.

Check out the details at TFans here:


TFans Transformers Community Statistics:
Registered Users: 6861
Total Posts: 895358
Busiest Time: 550 users were online on 27th June 2005 - 03:35 PM

Handy Links
Board Address:


Toy Appreciation Sunday!

02.12.2007 - These days TransFormers capture not only the fans who grew up with the cartoon, but kids appreciate them too. TransFormers Philippines is not only geared for every Filipino Fan, but we appreaciate seeing kids like them too.

This is the case with our youngest member Deitrich who celebrated his birthday last January 27th. This year's first TF Fan Screenings. He finally got his wish -- Super-Link Roadbuster Wild (Energon Ironhide).

TransFormers or any other toy can be appreaciated by everyone. We might appreaciate in different forms, but here we promote the way it was meant to be. To have fun have & enjoy the hobby as its fullest. See all the images right HERE.


Megan Fox, TF movie star in the pages of FHM US

Megan Fox, one of the actors for the live action movie of Transformers is now in FHM, showed us the pages of FHM US and Megan Fox

(for kids...please don't click the link if you are not 18 years old) has somes of Megan Fox in lingerie, I was hoping that there's any TF item in her photoshoot.


Frenzy in CGI and Iron Hide Art

I just got this info when I logged down from and I was directed again to TFW2005 and saw this new update for the movie

Frenzy in his final CGI render form, this will be its final look and the same one you will see in the big screen. From the looks of it Im starting to compare it with Star Wars' General Grievous, they both have the same stand and also 4 hands, I won't be surprise if Frenzy will have its own lightsaber hahahahaa. but from its form,Frenzy is very sneaky and very bad just like Megatron.

on top is the art for Iron Hide and also a scale version of a human on its side. you can click on the images above to see it in a large version. Iron Hide is very big on its robot form, Im reviewing its part on how it can be so realistic when it changes back to its alternate mode.


TF Spotlight & Gallery: Jetfire!

02.11.2007 - Final installment for the Jetfire Theme for the month of January-February. Special thanks to Pilgrim_Paladin for the Jetfire toys.

The Autobots' resident Air Guardian has been in different incarnation from a fighter plane to a space shuttle and then back again. See the last two featured galleries of Jetfire.

This time we feature the Energon and Armada incarnation before Hasbro released the TF Classics edition based on IDW's Stormbringer series.

See more featured toy galleries HERE.


Ultimate Bumblebee.

Special thanks to our Elite Star Pilot Skyfire210 keeping us posted about the upcoming movie products arriving on June 2nd like the Ultimate Bumblebee read the description...

This fall, Earth’s first line of defense against the DECEPTICONS is here! The ULTIMATE BUMBLEBEE is the most realistic TRANSFORMERS toy ever with amazing detail and special animatronic features that bring the toy to “life.”

In car mode, BUMBLEBEE is an approximately 1/14 scale CAMARO concept with realistic car features. By rolling the vehicle you activate headlights and revving engine sounds. Stopping activates taillights and screeching brakes or crashing sounds.

After you manually convert the car to robot mode, BUMBLEBEE stands an impressive 14” tall. With the touch of a button, robotic BUMBLEBEE comes to “life” with speech, music – featuring DEVO’s “Whip It”, battle and conversion sounds and fully animated head, arms and wings. BUMBLEBEE’s sound detection capabilities enable him to respond to noise, and he can also automatically aim and fire a missile.

Look the ULTIMATE BUMBLEBEE at retail this Fall for the suggested retail price of $89.99; Ages 5 & up.

For other movie products go to Hasbro's Official TransFormers website HERE.


Transformers Philippines is the Vector Sigma of Pinoy TF fandom

thanks to Ruel De Vera for putting us up in one of the Philippines top broadsheet, Inquirer.
I was surprised to see our group name in google after I check some linkage and then I saw this article still fresh after Sunday Feb. 3, 2007. We give thanks to all of our readers, fans, TFPH members and non members for supporting us and joining with us giving a shout that TransFormers truly rocks our season this year. ahahhah

TransFormers Philippines in Sunday Inquirer

The list
Last updated 05:31am (Mla time) 01/28/2007


Transform your surfing habits

Long before Michael Bay was prepping his DreamWorks big-robot movie, Transformers—in cartoon and toy form—have been fan favorites. And one group has been keeping the Spark aflame in the Philippines through the dark ages, so to speak.

Transformers Philippines is the Vector Sigma of Pinoy TF fandom, then as now, sending out units to man booths at conventions and face TV cameras, doing whatever it takes to get the word out: Transformers rock. Transform and roll out—all the way to the group’s regularly updated blog ( and give the Autobots and Decepticons their props.

Take the Space Bridge over to the message boards and debate to your processor’s desire. This heavy metal brotherhood of all things Transformers is propelled purely by the Energon of their devotion. It’s a funny and fierce formation of fans—not fanboys—that make Transformers Philippines a prime-time faction.

Ruel S. De Vera

original article here


Final face of Megatron

as they said...
every evil has their own face, with this image we see closely how evil and alien. Megatron is one of the iconic character in the TF movie and having this big scary feature will rock every Mega-fans, Im not referring to Sharon Cuneta the Megastar, but Im referring to the old bad guy in the cartoon version that screams..Decepticon Attack.....and later on.. Retreat..

Im now wondering if Megatron will say Retreat? from the image and face of the CGI character.
the word 'retreat' maybe not listed in its dictionary. The word might be.. Decepticons..Annihilate them! or maybe.. Resistance is Futile.. oppss...wrong show.

thansk to TFW2005 for the CGI pics


Toyfare talks with Hasbro and 1st look to Optimus Prime toy

Thanks to 'Heer0San' for sharing this to our forum, it seems that July 4th is not just a big holiday in the USA, but also a day were aliens will invade the Earth, hmm very familiar with that, remember the movie Independence day, were aliens attacked the Earth but still humans defend theirselves against the hostility of the aliens, but this year's July 4th is a different case, Humans can no longer defend themselves against aliens attackers, we are glad that there are some good guys in them who will protect and save us.

aww geez ...thats so sweet.

If you still dont know, July 4th is the big invasion of robots - TransFormers.
oh yeah

also, June 2 will be another invasion of robot toys in toy stores and I know some of you are saving lots of moolah for these toys.

We haven't seen Optimus Prime with a trailer, in toy mode, leak pic mode, design mode.
my prediction for this movie, Prime's trailer maybe a form of a another Transformer.
hehheh...big bet eh? ok as the guy from Hasbro said, Lets wait for July 4 and see the movie.

‘ToyFare’ talks Transformers with Hasbro and gives you the first look at the movie Optimus Prime toy!

By Zach Oat

Posted February 9, 2007 10:30 AM

July 4, 2007. A day that will always be remembered. Not as the 231st anniversary of the day the U.S. gained its independence, though—it will be remembered because that’s the day the robots came.

The live-action Transformers movie is highly anticipated by fans of the 1980s cartoon, fans of Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg’s films, conspiracy theorists and auto mechanics everywhere, but the hardest of the hardcore are the Transformers toy collectors. Not only does this film represent the culmination of a lifetime of fandom (and a significant monetary investment), it represents the opportunity to get even more awesome Transformers collectibles—in this case, some of the most detailed and unique Transformers ever.

Dying to know what’s coming out from Hasbro for the film, we talked to Director of Marketing Greg Lombardo to find out what went in to creating the movie toy line…and what came out.
ToyFare: What was the process like in designing the Transformers movie toys? Did you work closely with the movie studio?

Greg Lombardo: Hasbro, Paramount and Michael Bay all had the same goal: create a true Transformers movie. What would it really look like if actual cars really turned into giant robots? They wouldn’t be blocky like Generation 1 Transformers…they would be more alien. Our design team, led by Aaron Archer, worked in Los Angeles for two months late in 2005 and early 2006 in an effort to match the movie concept with the rich heritage of the brand. The guys in the studio’s art department are some of the top guys in the business, so yes, there was a very collaborative exchange throughout the entire design process.




Newsarama showed us a teaser for the comic prequel of the movie.

IDW has provided Newsarama with a six page preview of The Transformers Movie Prequel #1, due in stores on February 21st.

The solicitation for the issue reads:

Simon Furman & Chris Ryall (w), Don Figueroa (a & c); Josh Burcham (colors)

Before the live-action Transformers movie spectacularly explodes onto theater screens next summer, read the official beginning of the story right here! In this four-part prequel to the film, “Prime Directive” written by Ryall and Furman and featuring artist Don Figeruoa’s take on the movie characters, travel from CYBERTRON to Earth as we see what momentous events led to the Transformers bringing their war to our world. In issue one, BUMBLEBEE and a cadre of AUTOBOTS experience the lethal battle of Tyger Pax!


Megatron on Ice - studio pic

TFW2005 released a photo of the mighty evil Megatron taken inside the studio.
As you can see in the photo the finished touch paint and also ready to shoot Megatron.
But I believed that this set is shot only for the Military scene were they recovered
Megatron in ice, and yes other Mega images will be seen in CGI only, Im not sure
if they can make a lifesize alternate mode for Megs were people can ride on it
or maybe alternate mode Prime and Megs duke it out in their vehicle form.

I'll be waiting for more pics of it especially lifesize pic of its head.


TF Spotlight & Gallery: StormJet!

02.08.2007 - Get an eye opening look at latest gallery theme featuring StormJet from the Robots in Disguise series. We are currently running the Jetfire theme for the January-February TransFormers spotlight.

See all the StormJet photos as we take a closer look on Jetfire's color scheme used for this non-show character toy. Originally released as a Beast Machines. Get all the images right HERE.


New Image of Megatron in Bondage!

source :

Written by Stephanie Sanchez
Thursday, 01 February 2007

We are just a few months away from the release of the live action Transformers film and more pictures are leaking onto the web.

This time we've been emailed a very revealing shot of the leader of the Decepticons, Megatron in captivity by the U.S. Military. Update! One of our readers has sent in the following note: The picture you have up of Megatron captured, is not from the movie itself, but is the cover of an upcoming book that is based on the movie to be released later this year. The picture has been scanned out of Diamond's Preview Comics Catalog.

// Its a short spoiler for everyone, Megatron has been retrieved by the US Military from an Ice berg.. maybe you know already what will happened next... ... //


TF movie: new production photos



Transformers Philippines REVIEW

"Transformers Philippines is the Vector Sigma of Pinoy TF fandom" - Ruel De Vera,

"Transformers Philippines online forum, the largest and most prominent Transformers-related forum in the country." - Alex Villafania, Hackenslash

"Collectible for the Big Boys" - ANC Dateline

"theyre doing a great job having a site, an egroup, and especially holding screenings." - Jomike Tejido, artist and Kzone Foldabots creator

"They can help remember and, ultimately, relive the days when robots had the ability to control their bodies in order to resemble other objects" - Gadgets Magazine

"The Place where TF is Alive and kicking!!!!" - D.A.R.K. Corp Alliance


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