From Meet-Up to Fan Screenings.


01.10.2007 - For almost four years now TransFormers Philippines has been organizing Transformers Meet-Ups since April 13th in 2003. Month after month the gathering has evolved from the original venue based at the Brash Young Cinema up to the hollowed walls of JoeShred's residence known as Moonbase2.

The New & Improved.

Originally Moonbase2 was named after one of the Autobot's two temporary home bases, while trying to liberate there home planet of Cybertron from the evil Decepticons. The other Moonbase would be named after the original venue in Makati. During those earlier times the gathering was also held out doors namely at Starbucks in Glorietta, and there was one time held at MC's place which was an un-named place known only as sector one.

The FIRST TF MEET-UP --April 13th 2003.

Starting January 2006 the TF MEET-UP was renamed as the Transformers Fan Screenings to appeal to members, that this is mostly a private viewing of Transformers series of old & new. At the same time a mini-toy gallery. Its where you get to play the other member's latest toy aquisitionor have the chance to see the latest toys. Mostly its where the toys reviewed by other members.

The last TF Fan Screening at Moonbase 2.

Today the TransFormers Fan Screenings has been moved to a new venue, which will be announced soon. Plans to return to the original venue might resume hopefully this summer. For now the upcoming monthly gatherings will be held on the 27th of January 2007. We'll be keeping you all posted on the upcoming gathering, which we will also celebrate one of our youngest member's special day.

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