Transformers movie ring tone and alert tone


Transformers Philippines will be sharing a series of Transformers movie audiblef Optimus Prime that can be used a ring tone or a alert sms tone for your cellphone.

all you have to do is visit this page for the list

or click here to download it, all in WAV files.

the decepticons must be stopped

i am optimus prime

megatron is in my sight

prime roll out


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6 comments to “Transformers movie ring tone and alert tone”
Anonymous said...

Hi guys!

Would you happen to have the transformation sound that they use in the movie?

Not the one in cartoons. IMHO, the movie 'transformation' sound is more modern and easily rcognizable.

thanks!! :D

Anonymous said...

I want that one too. if anyone finds that transforming sound that is a ring tone let me know

hallowcard said...

found transformation sound here guys, eNJOY !

hallowcard said...

Here it is

Anonymous said...

Talking Photos Add movie lines and voice to any Facebook photo and share it with friends. Sure your pictures are already worth a 1000 words but adding a few more couldn't hurt.

Ng Wai Mun said...

I have a transformer ringtone in my blog too. :P


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