Where did we get some cool stuff ?


maybe some of you are asking where d heck did we get all these info? images? updates?
well, thanks to Paramount and their webmaster program for adding us as one of the official member to promote the movie in our way.

so here I'll paste their old message from last year.

1) We can post the film site's link on other sites.

2) In terms of the point system: at this time, we have not decided what - if any - special designation the point system will have. As of now, it is just for webmaster internal use. Once - if ever - something more than that is assigned to the point system, we will let ALL webmasters know via a blast. As for now, the point system is just that; there is no "special treatment" in place.

3) New Content: The only approved and available content is that which is currently offered on the site. As new materials come forward - i.e., character bios, short synopsis, posters, video, etc. - webmasters will be made aware via a blast. We would add new materials if we had them, and when said materials are ready, word will be sent. Thank you.

4) INTERNATIONAL RELEASE DATES will be made available once they are determined. With the film almost a year away, those dates have yet to be 100% confirmed. Once they are, please see the site for that info or look for a blast in your inbox. Thank you.

5) Is there anything (specific) we can do to help the movie in any way? Either in person, or as fan site? ANSWER: CONTINUE TO SUPPORT THE FILM AS YOU ARE.

Thank you.

Site Administrator
Tuesday, July 25, 2006

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