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Name: Scorponok
Series: Transformers Movie (Deluxe)
Packaging: Deluxe Carded
Release: 2007
Manufactured By: Hasbro (Takara as MD-04)
Variations: Repackaged in Desert Attack boxed set with Qatar SOCCENT Special Forces mini-figures
Accessories: None
Notes: NA

Toy Review by: chrysophylax

Scorponok, as he appeared in Michael Bay's Transformers movie is a robot scorpion. Scorponok is the only Decepticon in the movie that did not transform although the toy does; the tech specs state that Scorponok prefers his alternate mode. Screenwriter Roberto Orci indicated that this Scorponok is conceptually closer to the Beast Wars character than the original; he does bear a noticeable resemblance to the McDonald's Transmetal Scorponok figure. He is symbiotically related to Blackout.

Alternate Mode:
Robot Scorpion similar to Zoids Death Stinger.

Not much. Just swing legs down, flip face down, swing arms down and stand.

Robot Mode:
Standing robotic scorpion


The scorpion mode is as accurate as you can get without becoming overloaded with detail and sharp edges and small parts which would make transforming an impossibility. The robot mode is obviously a mere afterthought since, after all, this is Transformers so the toy needs to transform. As usual with Hasbro's offerings of late, the toy is cast in dull metallic plastic and does not evoke the realistic die-cast metal feel of Transformers of old. The toy has an action feature that allows it to spin its drill claws like in the movie when the toy is rolled on the ground. Another action feature is the ability to attach to the Voyager class Blackout toy and again, activate the drill caws. The third action feature is the spring loaded stinger at the tip of the tail which allows it to shoot forward as in the movie.

The Score:

Skill Level: 3 Advanced Conversion
Alternate Mode: 3
Robot Mode: 1
Gimmicks: 4

Overall: 4 out of 5 Robot Points

Special thanks to...
My girlfriend JDR who bought this toy for me and helped me with the photos.

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