Back Track: Your most memorable episode?


Topic : Post your your most memorable G1 episode in this thread, that you can still recall and give your insight before & now.

Heer0san : Siyempre, my most memorable eps are the 1st apperance of the Dinobots (SOS Dinobots), then Dinobots first fought Devastator (Heavy Metal War)

Soundwave : My Favorite Episode..."The Key to Vector Sigma"

magnusjam : The introduction of the Aerialbots & Stunticons. ;D

This is the part where Megatron stole the key on there way back to Earth, and the only way they could activate Vector Sigma is having Alphatrion "hack" his way.

Unfortunately it cost A3 a price by loosing his physical body, and merging with Vector Sigma himself.

... Thought I recall it in detail but that particular scene I remember.

zaptheman : When they introduced Jetfire / Skyfire.

I guess that episode really stuck because it's the first time you saw someone actually switch sides because of personal conflict.

I wish I had a Classics Jetfire.

RandimuS PrimE : My favorite and very memorable episode would have to be the one where Optimus Prime tumbled the side of a cliff. Then, after that, he had a hard time transforming and I remember him being stubborn and didn't want any help from his fellow Autobots. That was one of the earlier episodes (from season 1 I think....) And it really tells us what kind of a leader Optimus is.

popazrael : introduction of the dinobots ! aahahha

How about you dear blog readers???

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3 comments to “Back Track: Your most memorable episode?”
Anonymous said...

Mine would be the pilot episode if memory serves right,I was 8 at that time and it aired during August/Sept. of 84'(?), 22or 23 after Ninoy's death anniv. I think it aired on a Tuesday 7:30 pm after the evening news, Mike Lakanilaw was still on Channel 2 with Helen Vela as co- anchor.Prior to the pilot the opening sequence was already shown during commercials days before its airing and the animation really caught my attention it was fantastic as a kid robots and computers were the future in those days (Automan, Whizkids on CH4)and kids would surely be awed by those shows. After the Transformers I think it was followed by Incredible hulk and the animation was consistent through out.And I was always fighting with the remote with my lolo because Tha A-team was shown exactly the same time with the transformers on Channel 7.

MC said...
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MagnusJam said...

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