Insights on Transformers:A Good Example Of Teamwork


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Though I am a fan, I can't afford to watch the movie in cinema either because of no budget or time doesn't permit me. I got to watch it last night. I'm not making a review but I'm drawing out my insights from the Transformers.

Transformers is one good example of a teamwork specifically the Autobots. They are balanced, key players that is crucial in any kind of team.Allow me to evaluate each of them.

Optimus Prime:The leader. He is an ideal leader in any group. He shows compassion like a parent and leads the group with dignity.He is not the leader who bosses around like some leaders.Here's a comparison on bosses and leaders. "The boss says 'do it', the leader says 'let's do it'."

Jazz:A loyal follower.An Autobot who follows duty and willing to sacrifice his life for the cause. Never questions his leader because he trust his leader's judgment.

Ironhide.The brave one.He may be trigger-happy but he shows courage in battle which is an asset to the team.

Ratchet.The counselor:Provides advise to fellow teammates.The conscience of the team which is why an ambulance or any rescue vehicle suits him.

Bumblebee:The bestfriend.Friendship is essential to any type of team.It boost up morale to the team.

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