TFU Legends Bumblebee, Beachcomber & Brawn REVIEW


Names: Bumblebee, Beachcomber & Brawn
Series: Transformers Universe
Packaging: Carded
Release: 2008
Manufactured By: Hasbro

Toy Review by: JayCee

The Minibots have played an essential role in the G1 series. such minibots introduced were....


way back in the 80's bumblebee was portrayed as the courageous Autobot who always acts out into battle. he was often seen with spike and in the latest film he was also close to sam

Vehicle Mode:

vehicle mode resembles the Classics Deluxe Bumblebee but without the spoilers


a minibot first introduced in the 80's. little is my knowledge of Beachcomber besides the fact that I always confuse him with the name Seaspray

Vehicle Mode:

he resembles his G1 counterpart but way cooler. he is equipped with a mini turret at the back and an awesome new mold


he seemed to be little but dont be fooled I know he packs a punch. also introduced as a minibot in the G1 series along side with Bumblebee and Beachcomber

Vehicle Mode:

In my opinion I find him as an eye catcher. Hasbro managed to retain his bulkiness as a Jeep and is simply great on my part

Size Comparisons:

Transformation is quite easy and can be easily followed by the instructions written at the back of the card

I dont usually get the Legends class but these figures made me cross the line. HASBRO out done themselves and what a great tribute to the 25 years of Transformers

The Score:
I give these set of toys a 4.5..........after all Bumblebee is a beetle not a hutchback Cool

- jaycee

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