TF Toy Review: Animated Blurr


Name: Blurr
Series: Transformers Animated
Packaging: Carded
Release: 2008
Manufactured By: Hasbro
Accessories: Car Hood that turns into a Chainsaw

Toy Review by: JayCee


named one of the fastest cartoon characters ever, he first appeared in the G1 series on its 1984 Movie. coming back as a Mach 5 like vehicle in the animated series and as an ELITE GUARD, Blurr also regained his speed talking abilities unlike his Armada character.

Vehicle Mode:
very similar to Speed Racer's Mach-5 and very cartoon accurate to be exact. Vehicle mode is a Cybertronian Car that locks into place PERFECTLY.

the car's hood carries a chainsaw that can be retract by pushing a button close to the Elite Guard Symbol.

Transformation is a bonus. for a deluxe class you get a difficulty of a voyager. parts are lock perfectly to give cartoon accuracy.

Robot Mode:
Blurr stands tall among other deluxe figures. toy possess a great amount of articulation except the hands due to his shoulders.

He can store the Hood/Chainsaw in his back

or carry it as his weapon

Size Comparisons:

as you can see Blurr's height can be compared to a Voyager class figure

Vehicle mode is also scaled to fellow deluxe class cars

probably the first Transformers Animated Figure at home and I'm loving it
its really COOL and you guys must have it. at first I didn't like the Animated Figures but this figure makes me wanna have them all. honestly it looks cool along with other animated toys because you'll find him a little lost once he stands along side other Transformer Toy lines.

The Score:
To all Animated fans this is a great addition to your collection but if you despise the series you will have a hard time loving it. still, give the toy line a chance......FRANKLY I was AMAZED by it and YES!!!! its FREAKIN COOL!

I give him 5 (perfect) robot points for me....maybe I'm a bit biased after all its our first Animated toy at home.

Special thanks to...
Mig-Mig Aranas (little bro) for lending me HIS toy....he likes Animated BTW (I like the G1 )

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