TF Toy Review: TFTM FAB Autobot Ratchet


Review by : magnusjam

Name: Autobot Ratchet
Series: TransFormers The Movie
Packaging: Carded
Level: Deluxe Class
Release: 2007
Manufactured By: Hasbro
Variations: Japanese version by Takara
Accessories: Missile
Notes: Released as part the Wave 2 assortment

Toy Review by: MagnusJam


This is the Fast Action Battlers version of Autobot Ratchet released as Deluxe Class Assortment. The Chief Medical Officer of the Autobots who came from Earth along with Optimus Prime, Autobot Jazz, and Ironhide. When Bumblebee sent a signal to call for help.

Vehicle Mode:

A modified H2 Hummer into a rescue vehicle that Autobot Ratchet has selected to scan colored mostly with lime green. The detailing of the logo of the rescue vehicle is identical to the Voyager Class version.


The the grills and the headlights are molded together compared to the Voyager Class version.


The rims are still black and mostly 95% percent identical to its bigger brother. Its actually a scaled down that took less detail in vehicle mode.


Though what he lacks in detail and accuracy from the Voyager Class. What makes up to his vehicle mode is scale. If you park it side by side with Voyager Class Optimus Prime (Robo Vision) and Deluxe Class Longarm he blends perfectly.


This version of Autobot Ratchet requires less pressure in transforming him to robot mode.

It features also the use of its automorph by rotating the front grill revealing some part folding or splitting automatically in mid-transformation. Compare to the Voyager Class this takes less than five minutes.

Robot Mode:


Mostly his entire body is colored in black with the exception with the arms and legs, which retains the color from the vehicle mode. Head has blue eyes with silver paint application on his face.


The right hand is already fixed to his "scissor" mode, and had a missile launcher molded in-between the cutter. The added guns on his left hand is a nice fit.


Articulation is with the arms and elbows. Limited on not having the knees and joints to perform cool action pose. The legs lacks detail in color as well like it was left to be just a blank lime green colored leg.


Overall its a nifty figure that never got the chance to shine due to others would rather get the Voyager Class version, but I see this one can turn heads if it was presented with fair justice.


In the end of the day if you want your TransFormers Movie toys to scale with the others I recommend this one. Though limited in articulation it makes for the detail that was retained from the Voyager Class version.

As they say... Green is good! ;)

The Score:

Skill Level: 2
Vehicle Mode: 4
Robot Mode: 3
Gimmicks: 4

Overall: 4 out of 5 Robot Points

Special thanks to...

Pilgrim Paladin for getting me the chance to see this figure hands-on.

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TF Toy Review: TFTM FAB Autobot Ratchet

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