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review by : Mark Cerbo

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Genre: Comics & Graphic Novels
Author:Simon Furman & Don Figueroa

is rich with mythology and science fiction, due to the wide success of the 2007 live action movie. But do you know where the technology com from? Or just take it as you just move along? For those who would be inlcied to be surprise the mythology was not define until Beast Wars was shown in 1996. The series is indeed had dark comedy, action, and mystery connecting them to Generation One.

Some won't understand why Transformers like Beast Wars would change on to animals rather than vehicle forms. To give you a bit of that explanation is that Beast Wars was set four hundred years in the future of Generation One. Technology on Planet Cybertron is so advance, that they can take the form of organic lifeforms. If you haven't seen the 1996 TV series I suggest you do watch the show. It might open your eyes why they crashed on a planet, which they're not aware of is actually rimitive Earth. Its where The Ark crashed and lay dormant.-- Oops I'm already giving you something you should watch.

For those who want a piece of Beast Wars in comics form we take you to The Ascending the second mini-series after IDW Publishing came out with the blockbuster in The Gathering last year. This is the first of four issues that will be released in a few months. Let's break down the first issue written by TransFomers extraordinaire Simon Furman and Filipino artist Don Figueroa!


Spiraling out of the events in Beast Wars: The Gathering... MAGMATRON—now a disembodied entity, existing out of time and space—is witness to CYBERTRON's unchecked descent into chaos and madness, all of which is a prelude to its complete and utter destruction! Powerless to directly affect this terrifying apocalypse, MAGMATRON's last desperate recourse is to try and bring his greatest enemy, RAZORBEAST, together with fellow MAXIMALS LIO CONVOY and THE PACK!

Axalon Reports...

1.) The exclusive Japanese Beast Wars characters became part of the series?

2.) Lio Convoy (The white lion from Japan's Beast Wars II & BW OVA) is leader of The Pack and exist in the same timeline as Optimus Prinal (Beast Convoy in Japan)?

3.) Magmatron still trap in a time displaced reality and for how long?

What and how is The Pax Cybertronia Wars different to The Great War (The ongoing war between Autobots & Decepticons) or are they related events?

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