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Genre: Comics & Graphic Novels
Author:Simon Furman & Chris Ryall

Synopsis say... Cybertron! A wholly metalic planet populated by robotic beings given life and "spark" by an energized Allspark of unknown origin. These sentient mechanoids existed in a state of peace that was ultimately shattered when one of their own sought to prossess the Allspark for his own sinister purposes. As civil war overtook the planet,robots fought passionately on both sides, seeking either protect or possess the life-giving Allspark. Now, all that stands between the malevolent Megatron and The Allspark is a cadre of six intrepid Autobots...

TransFormers: Official Movie Prequel Comics #1 is a must want to any TransFan who wants to know the bigger picture of the movie before the big screen date of 747. The first issue was mostly mixed plot taken from previous TF comics, but regular Pino TF fans they'll get theidea right away. The art work is was dark and never expected to see Don Figueroa's work to be this different from his previous works.

Simon Furman & Chris Ryall writes the story in planet Cybertron about the war. Major characters in the upcoming film, where fleshed out like Bumble Bee and Megatron. The story where a little bit leaving you puzzled what the war was all about. After reading it for the second time you'll get the idea.

The first few pages are scenes of war where in between them are past conversations with Bumble Bee and Optimus Prime what really is the machine of the six Autobots fighting there life to protect this so called Allspark.

Teletran Reports...

1.) You'll get to know the reason why Bumble Bee plays different kinds of sound in the upcoming film.

2.) All Sparks the life giving is the one everyone wants..

3.) The story tells more about just the action in the upcoming movie.

Overall I'd suggest get this comics imediately while supply last. You'll get the entire idea why there here, and why there war continues in a our world without giving you the whole bacon.

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