Optimus Prime contacting us !!!


Yes thats true! and thanks to Shawn of for providing the recorded podcast of this mysterious information sender, calls himself Agent X, which Shawn decoded it by decresing the pitch to 50% level and it reveals that Optimus Prime is the one called Agent X.

just visit here at

and go to the Sector Seven - Agent X is Optimus prime

there are 4 recorded podcast of Optimus Prime having an information campaign about the governments secret
about this character called Megaman (which we know he is Megatron) and Optimus Prime said that many lives have been lost in protecting this kind of secret, I guess that Optimus Prime beaten Megatron during their war here on Earth and trapped Megatron on Ice for good. But my guess is that when the US government retrieved Megatron out of the ice, a terrible danger had come to Earth, as the podcast said, more of its allies will come to Earth in order to destroy our civilazation, and said that other civilization far away from our planet is important too, I think they were refering to Cybertron.

Optimus Prime announces to stop his enemy, he called it Sector seven, im not sure why.
maybe that the decepticons had taken over the Sector Seven and also the US government to retrieve Megatron and help them destroy the Autobots and get the allspark from Optimus Prime **

I dont know how we can help Optimus Prime, but i hope this blog post can help all of us.
we are in grave danger fellow Transfans!

** read prequel movie comics issue 1

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