Hugo Weaving as the voice for Megatron


Hugo Weaving as Agent Smith in Warner Brothers' The Matrix
Hugo Weaving as Agent Smith in Warner Brothers' The Matrix - 1999

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the website had finally revealed the voice actor for Megatron, every TF fans had waited for months for the official press about this, but I guess that Frank Welker wont make a show in the movie, I just hope that the protoform version will be Hugo and the Megatron earth form will be Welker. Hugo Weaving is popular in every sci fi and fantasy audience, he acted as Agent Smith for Matrix, Elron for Lord of the Rings, and the V character for V for Vendetta.

Well, Im a little bit curious on how will they pull it off, I guess that the voice will be more different from the cartoons. check out our past post about Optimus Prime radios humans, They've enhanced the robotic voice for Optimus Prime (Peter Cullen) the sound is much more bigger than we know in the Generation 1 series. While we hope that the voice of Megatron will be more alien and evil than Welker's voice.


Hugo Weaving to voice Megatron in Bay's Transformers?

There's a new email available on the website which can be accessed with the password NBETWO. The message alludes to actor Hugo Weaving (Lord of the Rings, The Matrix) being cast as the voice of the evil Decepticon leader Megatron in this summer's upcoming Transformers movie from Michael Bay, Paramount and Dreamworks.


From: S7 Department of Network Security
Subject: Counter-Information Campaign
Date Received: Mar. 23, 2007 21:14(MST)
To: Agent Alexander Powers
CC: Agent W. Snup

Operation: Hungry Dragon 2 continues. As of today, Agent H. Weaving has officially convinced S.S., M.B., R.O., AND A.K. to assign him to oversee the Megaman issue. The recording will commence immediately.

All the years of investment into Agent Weaving's public persona have finally paid off. He will monitor the campaign from the inside and report on its progress free from suspicion.

By this summer, the population will think N.B.E.S. are nothing more than a figment of someone's overactive imagination.

Our power lies in our secrecy.


Hugo Weaving first made it big with his role as Agent Smith in Warner Brother's blockbuster Matrix trilogy starring Keanu Reeves and Hugo Weaving. He also gained further popularity after playing the role of the half-elf Elrond in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy. One of Weaving's most recent roles was that of V in the movie translation of the political V for Vendetta starring Weaving alongside actress Natalie Portman.

The references to Agent Weaving above is a reference to Weaving's role as Agent Smith. "Megaman" is the name the humans give the frozen Megatron in issue #2 of IDW's Transformers Movie prequel comic book series. The abbreviations from the email are as follows:

S.S. (Steven Spielberg)
M.B. (Michael Bay)
R.O. (Roberto Orci)
A.K. (Alex Kurtzman)

It is unknown at the time of this post what the "N.B.E.S." acronym stands for. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

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I hope the new live action movie turns out ok. Am still trying to get used to the new character designs. Thanks for visiting Nostalgia Manila!


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