TransFormers Sale Forecast.


10.22.2009 - Transformers toys continues to be on sale for 50% and 30% off. They are getting sold out since Playkit (a local distributor for Hasbro products) had slashed down prices early this year. Mostly due to the arrival of the movie line, and the discontinuation of the Animated series.

The Universe line was also on sale and it has been trending the past months. that the most sought after are now gone from the shelves.

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Most notable are the Deluxe and Voyager Class releases. Recent left overs are repainted from the previous toyline released in the Universe line. The Animated series though not as popular here are starting to pick up on sale bins.

So far the only thing that's not on sale for the Universe toyline is the Combiners. Namely Bruticus and Superion sets, which still carry the SRP tag price.

The movie line was not a big hit with the fans. Most complaint are the character designs, and the engineering of selected key characters. Most often sold are main characters who appeared in the movie. Scalpers mostly feast their eyes on the most wanted characters, but the trending has been slow lately due to the G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra releases.

Lately collectors are mostly silent these days, since there's not much new in TransFormers after Revenge of the Fallen. What we see is the market is there its just waiting for the next big thing on shelves.

The only things that's going for the brand is the expanded characters from the movie. Like the upcoming Voyager Class Bludgeon, and soon to be released deluxe class assortments next year.

If you haven't gone to toy stores or your nearest department stores the Ultra Class assortment of Powerglide, Onslaught, and Silverbolt are now going for PhP 800.00 pesos. The voyager Class assortment most notable want list that you'll rarely see are Leo Prime (retooled/repainted Leo Breaker), Thread Bolt (retooled/repainted Jetfire), Inferno and Vector Prime going for PhP 600.00 pesos.

The Animated series have been moving lately with the deluxe class main characters like Bumblebee, Prowl, Jazz, and Blurr has been gone from the shelves. They can be seen in the secondary market going for the original SRP. Leader class TF Animated Megatron has been slowly disappearing since he's now at PhP 1,000.00 pesos.

Most Voyager class characters has been moving up and about with Shockwave, Skywarp, Grimlock including Optimus Prime almost nearly extinct. But if you know your toy hunting ways you still be able to get a hold of them.

The Animated twin jets Jetstorm & Jetfire has been on sale too just see the tag for PhP 1,000.00 pesos. The Japanese reissue Encore has left Ratchet & Ironhide sleeping in most of the shelves. Poor things have been headless if you didn't get to own one before. This might be your chance to grab both for PhP 500.00 each.

To sum it all up the sale still continues until everything is sold out. Some of those on the shelves are less favorites, but I'm sure some will warm up to you if you know the characters.

I'm sure Decepticon Dropshot would need a new home. He appeared in the 11th issue of All Hail Megatron comic book.

That's for sheer commercialism if you want to grab him though.

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