Movie Two Packs Sighted.


10.24.2009 - Though this is old news some won't notice these RoTF movie two packs, that might either save you from looking for two separate figures in your collection. It rare these days that you see two figures bunched up together.

Like the recent sighting of Sideways and a newly repainted Blowpipe (what a name... Hasbro must have ran out of decent ones) based from the Dropkick 2007 figure.

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So far there was no single carded for Blowpipe, but its worth looking into this one. But I won't surely agree if you have already got the Dropkick figure or the red Autobot Scavenger that came out last year, which ended in the sale bin this past month.

The second set is the Ratchet and Grindor two-pack, which will cost more than the first mentioned set, since these are Voyager classs (medium size robots). They are both straight retooled or repaints of the original Ratchet and Blackout figures released in 2007.

Though Grindor has a new head compared to Ratchet, which just had minor color change that might come close to be good for those who still doesn't have the figure from the first movie.

They are all available in stores, but another set that would probably the Hoist and Mix Master set TRU Exclusive. Originals from the Long Arm released in 2007 and Mix Master RoTF in Generation 1 colors found at Comic Alley shops. Funny this set is not available at Toys R' Us, which the store had this as an exclusive.

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