First TransFormers movie review


c/o TFW2005

everyday..things about the movie are heating up~!

i just got this from my inbox..

damn damn damn!!!!
movie review!!!


and It says its awesome robot kicking action.

SPOILER WARNING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the short version:


1) Screw you guys. The flames are cool. Nipples on batman = lame, flames on optimus = cool.

2) The robots in general are OUTSTANDING. I think ILM is doing them right? Whoever it is needs a raise - they look so real in the scenes its unbelievable (except frenzy or soundbyte or whatever he is. I’ll get into that later). They blend with the "real world" stuff so well, its awesome. "


oh yeah!!!

Rock and Roll Out !!!

The transformation is unreal, it looks SO FUCKING COOL! Gears shifting, metal scrapping, pistons doing pistony things and it had the TRANSFORMATION SOUND FROM THE CARTOON! It had a little geek chubby, I couldn't stop smiling.

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