the Mega!! MEGATRON


its the dawn of new monster robot next year, and as you see below, the mighty leader of the Decepticons resembles pure evil, I guess everyone wont see the gray bad guy turning into a gun. Seeing this design makes all Decepticons one big bad robots. kids might love what will the Autobots look like

the head, it gives me a good memory back then, watching movies like Guyver

having an armor in the head is one good idea, making mighty megs more powerful.
now it looks more creepy.

yup! he turns into an alien jet of some sort, but I hope theres still a big gun attach
or power gun that launches, so that megs image as a powerful gun or canon will still be present

it looks like one scrap metal merged into one another.
I hope the producers can modify more of this design.

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