The Foldabots and interview with comic creator Jomike Tejido


Comic Creator and artist Jomike Tejido creates the Foldabots, every issue of K-Zone magazine comes out a free Foldabots character.

"Foldabots are paper robots that can actually transform! This month's Foldabot is Buhawi, who turns into a Philippine Eagle in beast mode! Includes art page, tech specs , pattern sheet and photos of assembled Foldabot! all you need are scissors and glue! Check them out and their Filipino names.. for pinoy transfans " Jomike said.

Here's our interview with the robot designer, Jomike Tejido

TFPH: What's the idea on why you created the Foldabots?

Jomike: I bumped into an old notebook i had in grade two and i saw patterns of robots there. patterns that i forgotto cut and create. and i knew since they had wheels on their arms and wings on their torso, they were my own transformers patterns. so i remembered that ever since i was a kid, i created my own toys after seeing them
on TV.

Now, being a Transfan at age 24, I am able to refine my childhood craft and share FOLDABOTS to more kids.

It was supposed to be a segment in my former show ART IS KOOL. Sadly, the show got cancelled and i had to find another venue to launch FOLDABOTS-- print media.

Powered by manual drawing and Photoshop, i'm able to create multiple patterns, prototypes and designs. I have a whole bin that looks like a junkion scrapyard
(Fellow transfans would picture this perfectly).

TFPH: Did any mainstream robot characters inspired you to create it?

Jomike: Yes. Transformers G1. I only do robots that turn into earth mechanisms, like how TFg1 did back in 1984 to 1987.

TFPH: How many Foldabots character are there?

Jomike:right now, less than 50 there are adult level bots and kid level bots. the kid
level bots are where you see in k-zone. havent figured out how to give the adult level bots (more folding parts) an instructional guide.

TFPH: Any plans in making this into comics?

Jomike: Yes. working on it with a writer and an artist. We work at a very slow pace since we just do it in our spare time. Theyre both transfans too so we end up chatting when we meet up! Watch out for it!

TFPH: What kind of alternate mode they have?

Jomike: Earth mechanisms, plus other pinoy-icons that you should watch out for. :)

TFPH: Buhawi Foldabot is cool, it has an Agimat in his chest that gives life to the Foldabot. Are you sticking into the Pinoy pop culture for giving these Foldabots their character? Why?

Jomike: Based on its storyline, we (the writer and I) merged Filipino culture into it. I want to have a pinoy mark in these bots-- even their names are cool pinoy warrior names-- to retain a sense of nationalism.

TFPH: Have you heard of the TransFormers live action movie?

Jomike: Yes , 4th of july 2007. hope there's an imax version.

TFPH: What can you say about the movie? What do you expect?

Jomike: i'm not so thrilled with the preview i saw in youtube. it looks like a scifi movie. sincei expect it to be all CGI, i assume the robot modes will be thinner and
less massive in terms of humanoid bodyparts. since they all not what 3d models, the parts should really fold up and turn into a car. no more suddenly-disappearing-trailers, or suddenly-diappearing-wheels like we had in the 1984 cartoons.

I expect the best movie for 2007. though i thought stevens pielberg will direct it, michael bay better do a good job!

TFPH: As one of the member of TransFormers Philippines, what is your comment and suggestion about the premiere TransFormers Fan group in the Philippines.

Jomike: theyre doing a great job having a site, an egroup, and especially holding screenings. though i havent really attended any coz of my tight sched, im glad more and more transfans are enjoying their events.

TFPH: Thanks Jomike! and more power to you! Invite us in your next art exhibit and INK Exhibit.

(for wallpaper version of the Foldabots, visit K-zone website at or buy the latest K-zone magazine for the free insert of the Foldabots)

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