Revenge is Coming Toy Launch.


05.31.2009 - Revenge is Coming and Toy Kingdom did not disappoint A LOT of Toy Collectors, where as early as 10AM people lined up to be the first. The released toy line based on the upcoming sequel that will be shown on June 26th was launched at SM Megamall in corporation organized by the toy collecting group of Cybertron Philippines.

Toy Collectors bumping and grind with parents, and kids alike to get in first with the most wanted Leader Class Optimus Prime and Megatron.

Most of the events happening in the launch where games, toy displays, and selling of the brand new products. When you say Toy Launch it just caters to The Toys and rarely we see other products being presented as side from handful of shirts being sold for kids sizes.

It sure is a festive event for Toy Collectors but rarely see the fans. A few parents and kids where just having the difficulty never getting, that chance to get the main toys.

I'm sure it will be out all over the places its good see kids having there own Optimus Primes and Megatrons, but once it comes out. As the one on the launch was mostly geared purely for Toy Collector aficionados not entirely for mass appeal.

We just have to wait for the real fans to see it available everywhere, but for your viewing pleasure check out Heer0san's coverage courtesy of Robot Pilipinas right HERE.

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