: TF Toy Review: TF Classics V.2/Universe Sunstreaker


Name: Sunstreaker
Series: Classics V.2/ Universe
Release: July 2008
Manufactured By: Hasbro
Variations: none as of now
Accessories: laser gun, car accessory(dunno what its called) & Instruction manual
Packaging: Carded
Size: Deluxe class

Toy Review by: JayCee

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Sunstreaker was first seen in the Transformers Generation 1 series. He was probably known as 1 of the first Autobots to have crash landed on Earth a million years ago carried by the Ark. He is also a twin brother of Sideswipe

Vehicle Mode:

In vehicle mode he is very astonishing with a Lamborghini like alternate mode. Color is very catchy and well done aside from the chest plate which seem to be having a dirty yellow painting.

Vehicle scale Comparison:

Looks so good with fellow autobots almost all were at the same scale in vehicle mode.


transformation is quite difficult since its car mode is tightly done and well locked. He possesses a simple automorph mechanism which is located in its chest. Rotating the chest in robot mode allows its head to come up.

Robot Mode:

In robot mode………………………..WOW! This is so cool……my HONEST reaction pardon me. Robot mode is really great especially the amount of articulation it was given.

His mufflers turned to be his laser gun and the car accessory(dunno what its called) is attached to its back to give you that nostalgic G1 look.

Thanks to previous other reviews I find a cool toy gimmick which I think will be later on use for his twin brother I guess this proves that they really are twins even though they have different robot mode appearance

Robot scale Comparison:

he outstands when compared to other Classics perhaps a minor miscalculation there. I really do not know how tall he is compared to other autobots. ^_^


for my overall reaction I find it VERY good. I’m not a fan of Hasbro but they really out done it this time and I’m giving my applauses for it. Some may have very loose parts on my part it came to be the car’s door they seem to be too loose in robot form but in general joints are tight.

I’ll be giving him 9 robot points, 1 point less for improvement and that’s all.

Sorry for the poor images I have. please bear with me....

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