Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen news : No Dinobots and the other planet


Just read this article in the website of MTV and the writers just revealed some plot of the story and at last they confirmed that there will no Dinobots in the 2nd movie, and still can't figure it out the basis why will there be Transformers disguising as a dinosaur in a present time.

Also they mentioned the storyline of being far away from home and this time...they are talking about the other home and it looks like the setting of the movie will be in CYBERTRON, the Transformers home planet.

so.. I think they will be dealing with no Megatron in this movie, and battle with the remaining Decepticon who survive the last battle and that will be Starscream, maybe he become a ruler there and now launching a battle plan for the revenge. But, are we seeing an old arch enemy of the Autobots???? anyone here can figure this out?

hello?! TF fan-wikipedia.

Read the MTV news here

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2 comments to “Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen news : No Dinobots and the other planet”
erik said...

i smell galvatron and unicron too.

Anonymous said...

There is a 4-issue comic series currently out in the USA that is part of the movie continuity and is canon to the film which details Starscream's survival from the first movie and how he rises to power among the Decepticons.

I have read articles which clearly state that Prowl will be among the new autobots and there is a strong rumour that Jazz will have a new body built.

Additionally, Soundwave will be present and have accompanied mini bots. He will be some sort of communications wagon.

Megatron is revived by Scorpinok who sacrifices his own "spark" to repair his master and leader.

The Dinobots thing is a no-brainer really.. the 1980s comic book version made a lot of sense, that they were originally a rescue team of autobots sent to Earth who did not crash-land as the others did and adopted local camouflage as the dinosaurs, the cataclysm which killed off the dinosaurs only entombed the dinobots and destroyed their own transformation matrix which would allow them to have new alternate modes.

I'm sure that if they did their homework among the comics that they could come up with something that would work in the third film.


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