TF Masterpiece Review: Optimus Prime (Bootleg)


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Name: Optimus Prime
Series: Masterpiece
Packaging: Window/Boxed
Release: 2003 & 2006
Manufactured By: Conversion Metals Cars (same company that made the Binaltech replicas)
Variations: 20th Anniversary (2003), MP-01 (2003), 20th Anniversary Movie DVD, & MP-04 (with trailer)
Accessories: Energon axe, Megatron Gun, & Ion Blaster
Notes: The Bootleg version of the exact copy from the original


The Masterpiece series was released in December 2003 by Takara & was released in the US for the 20th Anniversary of Transformers (1984-2004). It was released again in 2006 to celebrate the anniversary of the original animated movie (1986-2006). It was released in the Masterpiece series for the second time with the famous trailer. Variations is noticeable in the four versions that was released. This time around we take a look on the bootleg version... Which basically the exact copy of the 20th Anniversary Animated DVD Movie.

Vehicle Mode:

From the ground up you'll notice that this is the exact copy of the original down to its materials used to build this bootleg. It has diecast parts in the cab part and the part where it transforms into its legs.

But slight color variations if your going to based it in the 2006 Edition (20th Anniversary Animated DVD Movie). The grill and bumper comes more brighter chrome which is nearly blinding if you looked at it. The tail lights are painted orange and there gray parts that you'll notice in robot mode too.

But as you looked to compare it with MP-04 (The only reference that we have here) its exact size, material, and design are close enough to say it can pass as the real thing wit the exception of plastic quality and color of course. The only thing that's missing is the Autobot symbol located in the left side of the cab, and the smoke stack remains short.

So far the truck mode looks the same and its compatible with the MP-04 trailer. The peg though is slightly smaller, that you need to push the trailer down so the pegs can lock together. Unlike the real version where the peg fit in exactly.

The suspensions from the the front and rear are working independently just like the real Masterpiece or the 20th Anniversary Editions. Tires are rubber but no "Formula Desert Dog" engraved in them.


Just like the real thing complexities are the same. You need a little bit of strength to pull out his legs since has more tight joints than the first time opening the the MP-04 Edition. It took more minutes to sweat it out when it was in vehicle conversion unlike to robot mode.

Robot Mode:

The head sculpt is the same with a few noticeable colors that are not in the originals. The mouth piece is chrome silver close enough for your face to show in the reflection.

The mechanism to have the mouth piece move does not work. The eyes are colored in flat blue as to the originals it has shinier eyes compared to this.

The body retains all the aspects of the original. Namely the diecast parts that was described earlier. Same colors from the 25th Anniversary Animated Movie DVD, which is colored in light tomato red. You'll notice that the Autobot insignia located in the left side of the truck cab is not present in robot mode.

One thing that you'll see also is his communicators on both arms. In the original release you see Megatron & Grimlock. But in this one you see both Megatron on his screen. It must be agonizing seeing his arch enemy calling him.

You'll notice also if the truck grills still is the brightest around that you'll notice immediately. The leg part still carries the same diecast material like from the original. But the toes and hands would stay colored in gray just like have a pair of shoes with gloves.

The smoke stack is short since as mentioned before its based on the US released Optimus Primes, where they has castrated to follow US standard child safety laws. Side by side with the MP-04 it mirrors everything exception with quality as the Matrix of Leadership keeps falling off. It also lights up unfortunately I don't have batteries with me to show you.

The weapons like the ion blaster, the energon axe, and Megatron gun are the same with a few nit picking like the color variations.

Namely the axe is a bit pinkish and the there's no Decepticon symbol in the Megatron gun. The ion blaster has slight same color as the original 20th Anniversary Animated Movie DVD Edition.


The same shape design of the box was based from the US released 20th Anniversary Animated DVD Movie packaging.

Window type but with disturbing text printed in the box. Although this is not the original it appears to be close enough copy of the original.


Overall its a rare find that you'll see a bootleg such as this. I thought the bootleg Binaltechs that came out sometime in 2005 was the best. But the same company that made them had to come out and release this bootleg. It would be great for a custom of... Black Convoy perhaps?

Totally this one is difficult to find unless you have to get 2200 points to win it in a video game arcade, but this is surely going to make Hasbro & Takara Tomy noticing this.

The Score: Perfect 10 Robot Points

Special thanks to...

Mach Diesel of SMU Toys for spotting it and Victor Hideo aka Sixshot or Transformers Philippines forums for lending this awesome toy for this review.

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Hahahah.... That was a sweet comment. Anyway, if you guys who are closer to the source could suggest a good place to get these shipped to us knockoff fans in the US at the low Asian prices that'd be super!

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well, i have 1 for sale.

i am form malaysia.

do contact me.

about usd 150.00 (shipping included)


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