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more of it at TFPH Forums

Here's another teaser... Bumblebee!!!
My thanks to Gold of GT Boards for posting this pic.

It seems Ultra Magnus is not only will be a repaint of Prime but also Skywarp, a repaint of TF Classics Starscream will be in a two-pack set shown below. Thanks to S250 of TFW2005 boards for the news and pic.


Thanks to Might Gaine of TFans, prototypes has surfaced from the Japanese Patent office and these prototypes of what it appears to be TF Classics line. Here are the prototype images of new TF Classics pics:

Ramjet: Retooled of Classics Starscream, wings and a conehead head are new molds, that reminices that of the old Ramjet in G1
Check this out....

Robot mode


Jetfire: This is entirely a new mold. Alt mode is a F-14 Tomcat with a modified nosecone. Check dis....

Robot mode


Here are the final Hasbro toy pics of Classics Grimlock and Mirage.
Pictures courtesy of TFW2005.



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